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Okay, someone needs to stop me…

I woke up this morning, well it was really almost 11. Anyway, I was looking around and my eye caught on some star wands that I need to give my granddaughters, from a mutual friend. Soon I had a story rumbling in my head and I was off.

I have been writing and editing all damn day long, and half the night! I made some coffee, finally ate a snack, packed some things for my move tomorrow and wrote like crazy. I completed a children’s story of 10 words shy of 4000 words. Crazy. It just came out. Does it happen like that for you? And, hey I have no illusions that this could get whittled in half by a real editor, but I’m good with that.

It is the process that is so…gripping, so addictive. Also the thrill my grands will have when they get this for their birthdays, when they get to go on the same adventure as the girls I wrote about. I hope I can wait for July! I’m actually pretty sure I will find an excuse to make it earlier.

I had problems with tenses, about who was doing the narrating, and a few glitches with this can’t happen yet, that has to happen first, but otherwise it flowed from my poor tired fingers. Did I mention that I am so not a typist. My sister had an idea that maybe I could find a high school or college student to type my piles of writing for me. Hmmm that sure sounds good, but it didn’t save me today.

Thanks for stopping by, (oh & please note that I’ve figured out “tags”)


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My Internet has been down for these past days, but I have manged to get a lot of writing, editing and organizing done. Computer writing files were a mess, and now are neat and tidy. Used my writer notebook to keep track of where I am with each project, be it a poem, story or book, and what I need to do next. Feel pretty good about my progress….

Wrote more but lost it when net died in process…will try again later.

Thanks for checking in!

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midnight musings…

Okay, it is actually much later than midnight, but “2:45 a.m. musings” just doesn’t slide over the lips as smoothly. A west coast tempest is brewing outside. I tried to sleep awhile ago, but a few pesky lines to an unwritten poem wouldn’t release me until I released them. Fumbled around in the dark until I found pad and pen. Set the words free,  now I can try that sleep thing again after I have a soothing cup of tea. I’ll work on the poem tomorrow.

This wordpress blog/site experiment takes a lot of my time, but I am catching on. I left my first comment on someone else’s site. No longer a comment virgin. Smile. It looks like I have a couple of “followers” here on my site. Are they techno stalkers? Probably not, I know for sure one of them is my mom.

Tags, that’s what I keep trying to remember. I need to go to the tag tutorial tomorrow. Do I really need to hang tags off each post? Don’t people get awfully disappointed when my “writer” tag sends them to the other 2.5 trillion writers in the blog world? I’m obviously still a tag virgin. Smile.

And how are virgin blog  folks like me going to know how/when/why to “follow” and “like” and “comment”? Smile. I’m scaring myself. It may be 2050 before I get this down.

And another thing (I think I got the caffeinated tea), how exactly is this helping my writing? And why is it called a Gravatar, instead of a flippin’ profile picture? That is what it is isn’t it? Right?

Okay, I’m outa here! My Oracle is Wikipedia, and I refuse to use things called emoticons. Smile.

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Children’s Book Synopsis

 This is a children’s tale that begins with a poem, centers on a riddle, and weaves songs throughout the narrative.  It is an adventurous tale of 9-year-old Queen Velveena Ester S. Brookings, who wants desperately to be a beautiful princess.  Veena’s yearnings are set aside to save a boy who is locked in a deserted castle by a magician’s evil spell.

Our solar system’s constellations are main characters, especially “Queen” Cassiopeia.  An evil king, Veena’s parents, the boy, and other humans are mere shadow characters, if present at all.  We don’t even meet the boy that our girl/queen/hero sets out to save, until the very last page.

This is Veena’s story all the way. She knows her weaknesses, yet manages to overcome them to do the right thing. She also knows her strengths, but will only shine a light on them in order to solve the riddle and save the boy.

© Patti Hall and, 2013.

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Finished typing children’s story!

This was a hand written story I wrote for my children in 1996. The two kids in the story are named after mine and the girl is the hero! Almost 2500 typed words and six pages. Wow. Needs one more edit, then I think it will be ready to find a home.

I don’t fool myself and think I can keep up this pace, but I’m getting so much done, and hopefully it will lead to publication and a break? Hah!

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Mission complete!

Just finished typing and editing all 14 Keeper stories! I know I have a long way to go, but this is a big one for me.  Next I have to deal with the even harder job of getting them published. While I work on that, and I’m in the Keeper mode, I’m going over old notes of started stories and ideas for other Keepers…I think there are at least 8 or 10 others that are waiting for stories.


Keepers Book Synopsis

Season’s Keepers & Nature’s Wonders

14/15 March 2013

Book Synopsis

In the mid-90’s, while raising her two children, Patti Hall and a friend joined forces to create a small home business. Her friend crafted exquisite nature-spun “Keepers” out of a block of wood, felt, raw wool, sparkles and pieces gathered in the gardens and woods around their homes. Little robed creatures emerged. Their only facial feature was a dab of a nose that showed between a long floppy hat and woolly hair or beards. Patti crafted the stories for each Keeper, sometimes before it was created, sometimes after. She has gathered the stories to present them for the enjoyment of a wider audience.

It happened like this:

One day Mother Nature, the mother of all things natural & wondrous, called her people together to choose special Keepers for each season, for all weather, for heavenly bodies and for other earthly and unearthly wonders.

Each Keeper has a sweet name, a specific story, and even some magic help from Mother Nature herself. Her first gift to each Keeper was a bell to let children of all ages know that a Keeper was somewhere near. The second gift was a licorice root stick for healing powers.

© Patti Hall and, 2013.

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Our Precious #5

Our Precious Number Five

February 2012/2013

We Hall kids…

We were a seven-chapter book held together by our parents, as our sturdy cover.

Michaela was our precious five of seven; a chapter in our book suddenly torn away.

That vital chapter is missing now, an empty space in the former number seven.

The book no longer makes any sense; the spine is loose, and the sturdy cover shakes, as we cling to one another.

One year later…

Michaela’s chapter slowly fills with happy pictures and loving memories, but what we still want, what we still need is for her own precious energy and life, to once again fill her chapter pages.

© Patti Hall and, 2013.


For mom


29 Sept. 1994/17 March 2013

Seven little faces staring up at you, and you know just why they’ve come.

For a bedtime story, for sweet dreams of Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

You animate the words you say. You see their little minds astir.

For who was better than the other, the Walrus or the Carpenter?

Not many moms found the time to read aloud like you ,

and jolly friends you’ve given us,  like Christopher Robin and Pooh.

You’ve given much more than food, much more than shelter from the cold.

Where there’s a mom, where there’s a child, there’s a story to be told.

Now there are two little faces staring up at me, I know just why they’ve come,

a bedtime story, for sweet dreams of Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

You may wonder why I’m writing about this, after 40 plus years have gone by?

I just need to let you know what joyous memories you gave—that’s why!

Oh, look! Now I’m a Grani with five little faces staring up at me,

and I know just why they’ve come,

for a bedtime story and sweet dreams of Tweedledee & Tweedledum.

© Patti Hall and, 2013.