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midnight musings…

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Okay, it is actually much later than midnight, but “2:45 a.m. musings” just doesn’t slide over the lips as smoothly. A west coast tempest is brewing outside. I tried to sleep awhile ago, but a few pesky lines to an unwritten poem wouldn’t release me until I released them. Fumbled around in the dark until I found pad and pen. Set the words free,  now I can try that sleep thing again after I have a soothing cup of tea. I’ll work on the poem tomorrow.

This wordpress blog/site experiment takes a lot of my time, but I am catching on. I left my first comment on someone else’s site. No longer a comment virgin. Smile. It looks like I have a couple of “followers” here on my site. Are they techno stalkers? Probably not, I know for sure one of them is my mom.

Tags, that’s what I keep trying to remember. I need to go to the tag tutorial tomorrow. Do I really need to hang tags off each post? Don’t people get awfully disappointed when my “writer” tag sends them to the other 2.5 trillion writers in the blog world? I’m obviously still a tag virgin. Smile.

And how are virgin blog  folks like me going to know how/when/why to “follow” and “like” and “comment”? Smile. I’m scaring myself. It may be 2050 before I get this down.

And another thing (I think I got the caffeinated tea), how exactly is this helping my writing? And why is it called a Gravatar, instead of a flippin’ profile picture? That is what it is isn’t it? Right?

Okay, I’m outa here! My Oracle is Wikipedia, and I refuse to use things called emoticons. Smile.

Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

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  1. Are by sure it doesn’t say avatar? That’s what they call your little person you in video games.

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