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1984 With a Twist; Corporations Not Government

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Yes, 1984 with a twist: it is corporations, not government taking over our lives. Former Google chief, Eric Schmidt and Google Idea think tank member, Jared Cohen wrote the book on it and it comes out Tuesday. It’s no surprise to many of us that they predict a time that all of our online information will be merged into one big profile. Here’s a link to the AP story:

As part of a writer challenge that I’m taking from Robert Lee Brewer’s site, I have spent the weekend signing on to several social media sites.

Later I went to look something up on BING, and guess what? There’s my profile picture and mini profile info from Facebook. But it came up on top, asking if I want to tag myself, to be used across the board on other media.  Sheesh, I’m in deep now!

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