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Treasured Souls



Oh, but we have lost–

such treasured souls,

at immeasurable costs.


Oh, but we do moan and cry–

such treasured souls,

no tangible, useable reasons why.


Oh, but we who’s hearts do bleed–

such treasured souls,

we feel no soothing sacred creed.


Oh, but we do startle awake from restless sleep–

such treasured souls,

dreamland holds tight; tries to help us keep.


Oh, but we struggle to remember their voices—

such treasured souls,

memory steals them away, we have no choice.


Oh, but we close our eyes to see their faces—

such treasured souls,

memory leaves only blurry, faded traces.


Oh, but we do measure the cost—

such treasured souls,

counting only the sorrowful trails of our loss,

such treasured souls.


for Paul, Michaela, Tommy, Tiven



Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

3 thoughts on “Treasured Souls

  1. Keep writing Patti. It is simultaneously difficult and joyful for me to read your innermost thoughts and feelings right now. Keep writing Patti as this is your closest friend for a season. In time, when you’re ready to step out of your cave, we’ll all be here waiting.

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