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Publishing Closer; Children’s Book Out to First Readers


I recently took the plunge and sent one of my children’s books out to a handful of readers. First reactions are coming in and I am even more encouraged to get it published. I will post their reactions when I have them all in.

The next step is deciding on the route of publication. I have spent many hours researching both routes–self publishing e-books and hard copies, or standard publishing–and I am still undecided. Self publishing is a daunting task, yet it can happen much quicker and I have total control over the outcome of the book. I will set my sights to writing a pro-con article and that will help me make a decision.

I do know that if I self publish I can choose my own illustrator, a choice I lose if I go the other route. I have several artist in my circle of family and friends, and may just send the book out to them and see what the interest is there.

Either way, a whole new ride begins as soon as I make this important decision.

I hope you stay for the ride.


Here is the synopsis from an earlier post:

This is a children’s tale that begins with a poem, centers on a riddle, and weaves songs throughout the narrative.  It is an adventurous tale of 9-year-old Queen Velveena S. Brookings, who wants desperately to be a beautiful princess.  Veena’s yearnings are set aside to save a boy who is locked in a deserted castle by a magician’s evil spell.

Our solar system’s constellations are main characters, especially “Queen” Cassiopeia.  An evil king, Veena’s parents, the boy, and other humans are mere shadow characters, if present at all.  We don’t even meet the boy that our girl/queen/hero sets out to save, until the very last page.

This is Veena’s story all the way. She knows her weaknesses, yet manages to overcome them to do the right thing. She also knows her strengths, but will only shine a light on them in order to solve the riddle and save the boy.

© Patti Hall and, 2013.

Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

2 thoughts on “Publishing Closer; Children’s Book Out to First Readers

  1. Ohhh!!! How wonderful! I’ll look through your blog – don’t recall if there are any excerpts here. I’d love to read some! Hoping all is well…

  2. Just came home after being gone a week. I have mentioned that I’m not getting the notices of posts on your blog. Well look here I have found a months worth of them hiding in my inbox. I don’t come to my main computer often anymore. Rick got me an Ipad so I sit down stairs with him. Me on my ipad he on his laptop. But for some reason my ipad doesn’t give me these posts. I will have to figure out how to get them on it so I can spend my lunch hours catching up.

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