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6 Places I Go To Write Online and A Writer’s Poem


Writing All Alone?

Yes, writing is a solitary endeavor,

we lock the doors to write forever.

Close the curtains so they think we’re gone,

fingers ache when the muse is on.

Cell phone switched to silent mode,

so, what do we do in our lonely abode?

Facebook, Twitter, Likedin and blog,

we talk about writing and the hours we log!

copyright 2013 Patti Hall

That’s just the way it is with the writers I know in these techy days we live in. However, I am also logging hours by submitting my writing to fellow writers to comment on or critique. Below are the main places I go to write. Try them yourself, you’ll see what I mean. Most of these require you to submit author bio and writing sample to join.
The Memoir Writing Society  Still finding my place here.
She Writes, I am also a member of several groups here. An incredibly friendly, large group of writers. I’ve submitted poetry for a contest here, but lots of resources and opportunities to submit.
The Writer’s Journey Roadmap  Not a critique group, just a bunch of us writing personal essays & poetry from weekly writing prompts. This is a warm cozy place.
writers camp starts in July, goal: 50,000 words and a  finished work. Am I nervous? You betcha’!
A writer’s group where I submit writing and comment on other’s writing. Huge inspiration for me. Many well-published authors here, along with newbies like me.

Where do you go to write online? Questions, answers and comments welcome. Please take a moment to say hello.

See you soon,


Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

7 thoughts on “6 Places I Go To Write Online and A Writer’s Poem

  1. Oh Patti! I like the poem 🙂 I dread for the phone to ring while I’m writing!
    Thanks for all of these writing resources – my gosh! I’m wondering exactly what I’m going to do when himself is gone for three weeks this summer. These will be a great help. Till later…

    • You could write a book! Or just have fun doing a lot of writing with your writing friends.
      Glad you can use them. I’ll keep adding as I get more, but I think my cup is full of writing commitments right now. Thanks for hanging out at my place for awhile.
      Take Care,

  2. I like your poem (it’s so true) and thanks for the list of online writing places. I’m a member of, but the site requires you to review five stories for every story you submit. While I appreciate the forced reciprocity, it discourages me since reading and reviewing five for my one sucks up a lot of time 🙂

    • They don’t force it at Fictionaut, but I get a lot out of reading the other authors and commenting. Of course, then I do get carried away and stay there longer than I should. I will try to add Zoetrope at the end of summer—too much going on until then (writing projects).

  3. Love the perspective you give here. I am reading a book called “The Truth About Butterflies” It was a free on from BookBub they have ebooks for free or next to nothing. Different offerings everyday. The Butterfly book is a true story about a woman who’s daughter past away and how she is coping with the loss.

  4. This is a great poem. I love to see you getting back in to your writing.

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