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Will You Overcome Grief?

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This is the best thing I have read yet about grief.

Journeys Through Grief

by Jack Cain

Ten steps that form the basis for
finding a path out of grief

#9 Do Unto Others

Reach out and help someone else who’s in need. Giving of yourself, helping others who are somehow in pain, getting beyond the “me” orientation will help you enormously.

#8 Crowd Out Negatives

You are devloping a habit that is so full of “now” that it crowds out the negative past and the feared future. There is less and less room for the thoughts that bring you down.

#7 Start Practicing Now

Begin by living in the now for two minutes at a time, then five minutes, then ten, then twenty, then thirty. Be aware of the positive around you, notice and nurture your resilience and your interests, a little bit at a time. After awhile, you will see yourself doing this in all of your daily life.

#6 Examine the Present

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Author: Patti Hall

Writer, daughter, sister, mom, niece, grani, and friend. Works-in-progress; 3 children's books, some poetry and a memoir series, "Souvenirs from My Heart." Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the beach, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy. I am a widow (2009), lost my sis in 2012, my aunt and a precious grandson in 2013.

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