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Writer’s Journal; Memoir, Camp NaNoWriMo, and Writing Space


Preparation for writing the first book in my memoir series at the online Camp NaNoWriMo is moving along. So am I. A few months ago I downsized my writing space to make a room for company, and to ultimately, remodel the room when the damn rain stopped. With this month-long 1600-words-a-day challenge coming up in a week, I decided to return the room to it’s former use as my writing space. There’s just no comparison between the dark 3′ X 5′ area I was using and this heaven with 3 windows and about 8′ X 8′ of open space. I know, still a laughably small space, but I also know how to count my blessings where they hatch!

With the move out of the way, I now have the memoir series title, the titles of all three books, a draft of the synopsis of the first book, and working titles for all the chapters in that book. This is huge. Every step forward is worth a celebration in my mind, though. Being the wild loner that I am, I celebrate by writing you an update. I really need to calm the hell down.

I will post the synopsis and titles in the next few days, maybe even tonight if I have time. Meanwhile, I need to finish reading a friend’s preview copy of her book, and writing up my notes about it. I may get really nutty and do some laundry and house cleaning. Nah, I’ll give it another day. I have awesome priorities. I should write a book about them.

Here’s my pitiful plea for you to stop long enough to add a comment, and please…”like” me. Isn’t that pathetic?



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11 thoughts on “Writer’s Journal; Memoir, Camp NaNoWriMo, and Writing Space

  1. That’s a huge office space! And a busy month coming up…Of course, I’m following your progress. Looking forward to the synopsis and titles. *Hugs*

    • It won’t be for long…I have to get out all the journals, hospital papers, etc to use while writing the memoir. Having all that on hand is going to be a challenge.
      thanks for coming along on my journey.
      Hugs back,

  2. I don’t envy you trying to keep all those papers organized in the days to come! Remember to get out and see people once in a while, wild loner, and get a decent meal. This is going to be really fun.
    Love Gwen

  3. Now there’s my mother! Thanks, mom. xoxoxox

  4. Like like like!!!! And so it begins! Can’t imagine all your journals and papers in your ‘huge’ working space. Love you !

  5. Well, of course I “like” you but better than that I love your writing! and the fact that you are moving ahead with it at a very fast clip. love you bunches, ant

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