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Writer’s Journal with Updates on Memoir Page and Pic


Souvenirs from My Heart temp pic for cover

Souvenirs from My Heart temp pic for cover

I collected some of my hearts and souvenirs to make a display to photograph. I’m using it for a temp cover of the memoir series on a book site that I am building. I know, it is a little busy, but it is just temporary and, hopefully, gets the point across. What do you think, does this pic say, “Souvenirs from My Heart” ?  Just don’t ask me to take off the blue bracelet (my late sister’s) or the…well, you get the idea that this was a very tearful task. And I do have a larger corner shelf I’m going to move the things onto.

Thanks to a comment from malikoma, I’ve mastered one of the many skills on my to-do list. If you would like to see all the memoir info in one place, go to this page (linking to other posts is my new skill) and it is all there.

I am working on a page for the children’s books, but until then, you can look that up in search or topics on my main page.

Up to 16,080 words at Camp N. Have made a template of book, from copyright page to contact end page, and plugging pieces in as I complete them. Not complete, like finish, but complete like ready for 1st edit. By the end of the month I hope to have it all together and ready for 1st edit. Just so you know, that will be a (put in your own expletive) miracle, but goals are good, right?

Here’s where I grovel for comments and ask everyone to click the “LIKE” button at the bottom of this post. I’m trying to get “them” to make a “LOVE” button and a “Nothing to Write Home About” button.

Take care, peeps,



Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

24 thoughts on “Writer’s Journal with Updates on Memoir Page and Pic

  1. I guess you know what my expletive is………….. have yet to be able to click a “like” button and there isnt one at the end of this. Your picture is very interesting, would like it to be bigger so I could study each item….you could start with a few items and tell about them, then add a couple each time and tell about them….you probably dont have enough to write about?
    For having been at this writers camp trying to reach ? 50000 words for only 5 days, you are really doing great. Keep up the great work! ant

    • like buttons on each post you read. I’d make an eye joke but others might not think it funny:>) You can click on it and make it bigger. I am using a doc of almost 200k and cutting and pasting trying to make it follow the chapter titles. And I still have journals, hospital notes, etc to blend it. Not an easy job, but I am enjoying the challenge.
      Love you,

      • When there is a place to “like” it wants me to log in to “W”, a bird or “F”…..eye am dense????

      • Huh? Maybe its just a WP thing. Weird, I will check it out and let you know. That’s just wrong.
        Have no idea what the rest of your comment means…it looks like a secret code…I like secret codes.

  2. Patti, what software package are you using to put this all together. Just curious. Love your work. Marlene

    • Marlene, Thank you for visiting and welcome! I will go visit your site too. I’m not sure what you mean about software pkg? Sorry, I can be thick as mud sometimes.
      I’m happy to share whatever I know.
      Thank you,

      • I mean what program do you use to organize your writing into a book format. Just curious.

      • The DIY program :>) Just made the pages in word, then plug in the info from rough draft into it.
        I have trial version of Scrivener, but got it the night before camp and it takes a bit of study to learn. Friends rave about it,

  3. Picture definitely says “Souvenirs from My Heart”. Makes me want to look closer, and hear the story of every one.

    • Funny that’s what my “Ant” said. she wants me to write about each item…maybe after camp. You can click on pic and it will open to full size.
      Thanks for visiting again, Susan!

  4. This is a great collection but I think you need some paper – pictures, postcards, love notes, etc. to add some softness. The corner shelf is a great idea. I like the busy-ness.

    • Holy crow you nag a lot. Seriously, I agree completely but didn’t have time. How ’bout the wedding card the nurses made, and all of them signed for us?
      I kinda like it too. It is in the bathroom…not a lot of unspoken for corners here. I do have another in my bed cave.

  5. I’ll take a dive into “a bit more constructively critical” …it’s a bit too utilitarian, and though it does get much larger…the light and resolution/focus…is lost.

    I wouldn’t ask you to remove anything…not from your heart!

    It is a literal, and symbolic array…I think it more fitting to do the ‘PITA’-thing, and set up something a bit more ethereal…on what else, but the beach… After all…isn’t that where your heart rests?? …and mends, and pretty much does everything?… 😉

    Many thanks ‘your Grace’ for the links in the Memoir…

    • I love the PITA idea! Brilliant, I can picture it. Much more creative and so worth the “pain”.
      Are you my BFF and I don’t even know it?
      Don’t tell Gwen or Vickie or Rox, they’ve been know to fight over who’s first on my speed dial :>) I shoulda listed their names alphabetically to stay out of trouble.
      Thanks for joining us here.

  6. p.p.s ‘Nix’ the time-stamp, or frame your shot where you can reasonably crop it out…


  8. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was (and try not to hit me for this next time you see me) where the heck did she find the space for this shelf in her place. Okay that thought out of the way I love the idea, and the photo. I like Malikoma’s idea about putting it on the beach. She surely has captured your hearts favorite place there, even if she can’t possibly be your bff. Not with the 3 others you mentioned still around. Forget alphabetical, seniority should rule, but Gwen and I have to fight over who met you first. I know Rox has that honor between the 3 of us but I think I met you before Gwen. Oh dear I didn’t mean to spend so much time on that subject. I am sooooooo proud of you for getting this done. What’s the PITA you guys are talking about?

    • “PITA” is an acronym, not to be confused with a particular ‘flat’ bread…it stands for Pain In The A$$! 😀

      As far as the race/competition, who knew who first goes…regarding my emerging ‘reveal’; I am relatively new. I believe however, that I can site 1987, as the approximate introductory period to “1writeplace”! I am amongst you… -Size-one…Shhh! 😉

    • HAHAHAHA see what I mean, you guys?
      Thanks, Vic, you are awesome!

  9. One more photo-technical comment…at least for now…

    If unlike me, you [u]can[/u] see the viewfinder-image on your camera…clearly…
    …turn off the auto-focus feature, and use manual focus. The reason for this, until you have means to get the inside debris off the lens area…your auto focus may be incorporating the debris too, causing the loss of focus/detail on the intended subject.

    I had forgot that you were gifted a newer, higher-end camera…this should be a good work-a-round, until better comes along…


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