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Writer’s Journal; Thanks, Writer’s Group, Gutsy, Memoir


Kite Festival on a marine layer morn. Grayland Beach, WA Phall Photo 2013

Kite Festival on a marine layer morn. Grayland Beach, WA
Phall Photo 2013

Photo has nothing whatsoever to do with this post :>) I just wanted some color.

Things are moving along so quickly. You know the sayings, “feast or famine,” and “when it rains, it pours”? That’s the situation I am in right now—a soaking wet feast of activity. There are umbrellas in that antique coat rack by the door; better grab one :<) Sure it’s raining in here, but coffee, tea, cookies and fruit are on the buffet by the window, help yourself.

Kudos to You!

You, my old and new friends, are the best and have been incredibly responsive in this little community at The Write Place. So many connections are being made, and friendships being forged here. You are not just supporting me, but you are spreading that support to each other, all over the web. Thank you.

South Beach Writer’s Group (WA not CA, silly)

I just got back from the monthly writer’s meeting at the local library. Our group is called South Beach Writer’s Group and I’m going to do my part by building a website for us. Yes, I know, I’m new at this. I do have the time though (sort of), and that’s a prized commodity in any group. Okay, so you think they’re just desperate? No, no, no, no, I volunteered to do it in order to build our group. Win/win (they hope).

Today I presented my poster-board mind map. I’m using it to stay focused on what goes where as I put together my memoir. Then I passed around my original mind map from my writer’s journal. Gwen would have been proud; see my previous mind map post here. I was amazed that only one of them had heard of mind maps, but that made for a lot of questions and a productive conversation.

I also talked about our community here at The Write Place, and building a writer’s platform. The rest of the meeting was spent listening to each other’s latest work, critiquing and commenting. We have folks from all different age groups (from seniors in high school to seniors in life). We are writing across many genres, with a variety of writing goals. It was a well-spent two hours. Here is a link to one site that helps you find or form local groups of all kinds. These are in-person groups and the topics include any reason under the sun that people want to meet in a group.

Finally, the Exciting News

My “Gutsy Story” about running away to the beach is being posted on a very popular and busy site Monday!

Every Monday, Sonia Marsh chooses and posts one story on her site Gutsy Living. At the end of each month people come to the site and vote for the best of the four stories. Sonia has some great writing- related sponsors who award a prize to the winner. She also spreads the news of each author, resulting in more visitors to the author’s web site and social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).

She has compiled a wonderful anthology of “gutsy” stories that I have been reading to write a review on. She also wrote a book about her incredible family’s “gutsy” story.  My hope is that you will go to the site here on Monday, read my story and vote at the end of the month. (For me, please)

Odds and Ends

I am doing more book reviews and WIP (work-in-progress) readings for writers I have met through The Write Place. One of them just finished a critique for one of my children’s story. As soon as I finish them, I will add the reviews to the review page here.

New serial posts from part of my memoir draft starting Monday morning.  I will post short pieces, in order, until the whole section is complete.

Again, thank you, peeps,


Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

19 thoughts on “Writer’s Journal; Thanks, Writer’s Group, Gutsy, Memoir

  1. Hi, Patti! Your photograph is beautiful and yes, you found colour! I shall visit the blog and I will vote for you and your “Gutsy Story”! Good luck! What’s going on with all of the rain south of here? It’s sunny and warm north of you. Thanks for “liking” my Daily Prompt post.

    • Lynne,
      The sun did come out, but it has been a strange summer in most places that I’ve heard about. I was down here in rain and clouds and my family in Alaska were having a heat wave.
      Welcome for the like:>)
      Thank you,

  2. Are you friends with Ionia Martin , Charles Yallowitz or Green Embers (Bradley) over at The Community Story Board ? Those three have been most supportive to me and to other writers. Also, with the Technical stuff Chris McMullen This group has been supportive like family to me and I love how actively they support other folk. There are many in that writing/reading group and I feel honored to be associated with them. If you haven’t already, check them out and join us. They are honest and humorous, sometimes it takes a tough skin, but they are wonderful 🙂

    • Thank you, I will move that direction as I am able. I’ve only been to com storyboard once, just tonight to read one of Marie’s stories (1writeway).

      • I know Marie very well. She is an angel. She just did a guest post on the D/A Dialogs site. It was funny. We would love to have you join us. I must admit though, sometimes we have so much fun in the comments that I forget that I am supposed to be writing in my WIP. I have to turn off wordpress just to get my work accomplished.

      • Yes, I read it and laughed like a crazy woman. We are in Camp NaNo together in a cabin, but she’s always off working, while I just play with words and fish all day :>)
        We have Ellespeth with us too.

      • LOL….I bet that is great fun! I love Ellespeth also. She is a sweetheart. Sounds like such fun. I would love to do that.

      • Just do it. :>)
        The one in November is a bit more rigid with rules, from what I understand.

      • That’s probably what I need.

  3. Oh I left out Green Embers’s site. it is Some really good people to follow.

    • I’ve been out visiting those sites all night. Every one of them were great and I’m following them all. Thank you so much. Funny, because I had been to all of them before, but just didn’t take the time to get comfortable.

      • They are all very supportive people and The Community Story Board has been Freshly Pressed a couple of times with folks entries. I think you will like them. You can see from comments that it is an engaging group of folk, not passive at all.

      • Yes, I’ll jump in soon. I’m going to visit kids and grands, then I will have more time. Exciting day for me too–getting published on a busy site I’m hoping to meet lots of new people and just get my memoir-related writing out there.
        Have a good day,

  4. Thanks for the like for one of my posts. i will follow your blog as I like “The Write Place.”

  5. I am excited for you Patti !! looks like things are moving in the right direction for you.I will look tomorrow. mom

  6. Don’t know why I just found your blog, it is terrific. Wait I do know..thanks for following mine. I am following you as well.

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