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Writer’s Journal; Missing Alaska, My Home Away From Home


Calm evening, Peterson Bay, Homer, Alaska PHALL PHOTO 2011

Calm, cloudy evening, Peterson Bay, Homer, Alaska

A soothing place for a morning cup of coffee. The Peterson Bay home of sis Sharon & Captain Honey.
A soothing place for a morning cup of coffee.
The Peterson Bay blueberry haven of sis Sharon & Captain Honey. PHALL PHOTO 2011

Homesick for Alaska and my peeps there.

I am writing! Get off me:>) If FB was never invented I would be writing more, but I am writing.

* Shared children’s stories w/new blog friend and we cross-edited. Done

* Read blog friend’s published book and will write up review this week.

*Promoting my blog site and “gutsy story” all over social media. Ongoing.

*Wrote essay for Chicken Soup submission. Being edited by two friends. Re-Write in progress.

*Socially involved with an incredible group of writers on WP blogs and commenting on many others.

*In the itchy-finger stage of writing for pay, on a site I was invited to join.

*Oh, yay, and 11 days left of Camp NNWM and am confident I will finish, although need to work harder at the shaping.

* Posting serial of Postcards on this site.

* My head is overflowing with stories, poetry and ideas for memoir series.

*Mr. I.V. Poley immortalized by inclusion in a story here:

There must be more, but I need a nap now.

Stay tuned,


Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

32 thoughts on “Writer’s Journal; Missing Alaska, My Home Away From Home

  1. It’s all creative 🙂 Plus you had a busy week. Love the photos – as usual. You’re so busy, geez!

  2. that made me tired just reading it. Well good on ya! Love to see you’re anxiously engaged in good works. Enjoy the journey. And Mr. Poley got a good part in the story

    • Me too! That’s why I needed a nap.
      There are so many options for writers and I am weeding out the ones that don’t work for me.
      Thanks for hanging in here with me.

  3. Wow! What a gorgeous place. Would love to take a summer off and go there just to write.

    • Since Paul’s death, I have made it up every summer, and family crisis have had me up there twice during the winter. It is such a special place.
      Can’t do it this year. Need to be close to my son and my family here.
      Have a good day. Better get myself to bed…maybe:>)
      Oh, there’s a big writer’s conference in Homer every summer.

  4. Patti, you are my 3rd Alaska-in-the-heart person in the last two years. I’ve never been :(. It looks beautiful.

  5. Wow, I think you may have (almost) as many writing projects as me! 🙂

  6. Keep up the good work mom i love you.

  7. Since one of my major mottos is ‘simplicity’, I don’t have a list as long as you. Otherwise, I would be too stressed at my young age (67). You are in demand, so weed out and prioritize and enjoy the journey. I wish you smooth sailing and oceans of blessings.

  8. I would be homesick, too, if my home looked like that 😉 Well, actually, upstate New York can be pretty darn beautiful but I only go up every couple of years. You are a busy woman … putting me to shame … but you are also inspiring 🙂

  9. Patti, Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for posting them. Greatly admire your talent and discipline. I’m stalled again on writing….have a shoe box full of story ideas…..and a long list of relative names to add to Family Tree as well as writing narratives. Weather here by Lake Michigan is finally delightful so no reason not to find a park bench and write, right? Enjoy the week and sending hugs your way. Judy

    • Thank you. I have some new ones I am excited to post, with birds diving for dinner and elks grazing. To accept your admiration…I will just thank you and let my denial slip away. I do know that the writing and photos are good for my heart.
      Since you have all that writing tucked away…much better than some, who only have the desire & nothing to begin with. We have been socked in here with the marine layer, but have seen a few sunny days.
      I think genealogy will have to be my winter project, so busy now.
      take care & WRITE! (please)

  10. Such a clever post we can relate to so well!

  11. A beautiful location. My dream is to spend a Summer in Alaska. All the photos were amazing.

    • Summer is short, but beautiful. A place that feels like wilderness even in Anchorage. It just feels big and wild to me. Off I go, when a simple thank you would do.
      Thank you,

  12. Wow, Patti! You’ve got a lot going on. Pretty darn impressive. You’re one of my new inspirations.

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