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Writer’s Journal and New Photo Site and Anticipation


Anticipation! Blackberries Phall Photo 2013

Phall Photo 2013

I finally did what I said I would and created a site for my photos. It is still new and challenging, but I hope you like it, you can find it here.  You can borrow or print my photos, just let me know in the comment section and attach my site address to any photo you take. I hope you have fun watching me progress as I get more experience. Still adding a photo with most posts here.

Don’t tell anyone, because its not official yet, but I finished at Camp National Novel Writing Month! Don’t get too excited; I am still a long way from publishing. There is a lot more material to sort through, edit and edit again. Let’s not hold our breath on this one. Mom, it will happen, but great things take time:>)  (Said with much more confidence than I actually feel.)

I’m going to add a feature to my little home here and would like your help. I visit many blog sites each day to keep up with my new writing and photography friends, and I thought of something that would help new visitors.  I’m going to add a side bar feature for those who want to check out my site real quick, just to see if they want to follow it. I’ll call it something like,

“If You’re In A Hurry, Here’s the Best of Patti’s Site”

That’s why I need your help. Can  Will you take a few minutes and copy & paste, or just type a post title that you think best shows what I’m doing here? Or even your favorite post or page. Next to the title at the top of the main page, are “BIO” & such, and those are pages. So far, it looks like my bio and “Welcome to the Neighborhood” pages are the most popular. But you guys have been here awhile and know what would bring you back if you were new.

On a personal note (is anything personal these days? I mean, I saw my son in the hospital on Facebook!), yesterday my son swerved to avoid a head-on collision and ended up crashed into a river. He was alone and the car was totaled. Some passersby helped him get out and the ambulance was called. My daughter was near and rushed to his side and kept me informed. He is okay, as far as all the tests show. Banged up, a seat belt rash on his neck, a sore neck and back, but okay. It was a tense day, to say the least, which I will.

Stayed tuned for the next post…a fairy tale for bloggers/writers, but hopefully, amusing to the rest of you. I also owe you a new installment of the serialized memoir…also on its way.

Thanks for hanging in here with me—you are great! I think I have almost 600 followers and nearly 3000 hits. Not bad for the new girl on the block (who is clueless to how this all works).


Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

29 thoughts on “Writer’s Journal and New Photo Site and Anticipation

  1. Patti, sending hugs to you and yours along with admiration. Keep us posted on your son. My kids are returning from a lengthy camping trip and eager to hear when they return home safely. What’s a mom to do, right? We pray a lot!

  2. Will hop over to the photo site next! Sending healing prayers to your son! Blessings…

  3. I especially like the post about Mr. I.V. Pooley. It talks about your struggles with coping with life in the hospital, but puts the twist humor. I think you also had a postcard on that post…if not…I would put one of those up. There is faith, helpfulness and humor conveyed in those. Hope your son is recovering well. It is such a shock to Mom when something like this happens. Prayers and positive thoughts your way 🙂

  4. Oh yeah. Your book review method of a post on the side is way cool (of course I would say that)!

  5. Looks “lovely,” Patti! Your photographs are amazing and your writing is inspiring, delightful, and from the heart. I am pleased to read that your son is safe and “on the mend.”

  6. RE: a title~ The Brave Girl Writes, Girl-Hero, Life Journeys, Following My Heart, Wise Woman, Wisdom Woman… Let me keep playing with ideas!

  7. OMG Patti! I’m so glad your son is OK. Hahaha! Hospital Facebook pictures 😛 What will the world think of next 😛
    Camp w hat did you say? LOL! I’ve been AWOL.
    I’ll go on to the photo blog later this evening!

  8. Photo blog looks great! I will enjoy exploring it. Best of luck on your writing projects. What would a brother do without a sister? Glad your son is ok!

  9. Nice photo blog, where is the follow by email button and also why can I not see a place to leave a comment. I talk too much. Good evil plan you hatched there. 🙂

  10. Wow, what a packed post. I’m so glad your son is ok!! Scary . . . . The other stuff is all exciting. I’ll check out the photos and think of a post. What a good idea–“the best of”–I might have to steal that idea ;).

  11. So sorry to hear about your son, but grateful that it wasn’t worse for him.
    I love that you have a special place for your photos. I’ll make a visit as soon as I can. As far as “Best of Patti” posts, I think your Souvenirs of the Heart series could be included. I think there is actually a widget on WP that will list your best posts (meaning the ones that get the most likes and visits, I think). I haven’t used it but I’ve seen it on other blogs. I think you’re doing great on WP. You’re just more honest about how confusing it can be 😉

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