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What Will Superman Do Now? Garden Shift from Woods to Beach


Dead Phone Booth, Westport, WA Phall Photo 2013

Dead Phone Booth, Westport, WA
Phall Photo 2013

Do you have any phone booth memories? I took this photo in Westport, WA a few days ago and it actually made me sad to see this moldy decrepit phone booth.  It is one more ending of things that we have grown used to in our lives. Remember the fad in the 70’s; college kids stuffing themselves into a phone booth? How about all the books and movies with phone booths as props, or even as main characters? RIP phone booths everywhere, I’ll miss you.

Speaking of missing…I have barely been online for the last few days and I miss you all!  You have become part of my routine since late March and it was tough being away. I’ve spent the time well, saying goodbye to another loved place. I’ve been doing hard labor, with the help of two friends. We’ve been moving what was left of my garden from the home that my late husband and I shared.

As most of you know, I ran away from home over 3 years ago. We had a beautiful yard and garden when Paul was diagnosed with leukemia in July 2009. We had a load of fresh topsoil and were beginning to remove the grass and fill the yard with trails and flowers. We had healed in some of the perennials. There is now a huge tree in their place. Grass and thistles 3-4 feet high. Three saplings grow in my raised bed garden. Much of our yard art was stolen.  Over 4  years of abandonment.

The first day was mainly clearing paths and discovering what was left to salvage. Elephant bamboo, blackberries, and ivy were taking over and the grape arbor was completely hidden. It took a chain saw to get to the pond and my shade garden in the back corner, where I had been making a memorial garden for my husband’s late wife. She was a wonderful person who died of cancer in the mid-80’s; I wanted Paul and his adult children to have a special place to “visit” her. I almost cried when I found a tiny yellow plant that smells delicious. It survived! My wild ginger still struggled on, my mondo grass and a hosta. It was like finding treasure in a sunken ship, while mourning the loss of the ship and some of the passengers.

Everything we salvaged went to a friend’s house, where I am building a new garden. I live in my little Maggie home on the property, so it isn’t my land, but I will be outside creating a magical space, and I will enjoy it until I settle into a home of my own.  So much was lost, yet I can take what’s left and make a spot of beauty near my beach.

August is a difficult month and I hope this garden project will make it easier; hard work usually does. Paul was born in August and he died in August, 11 days before his birthday. We celebrated our anniversary of meeting again in August.  His memorial was also in August. The bright side shines too. Ever since I ran away to the beach and met Mermaid Carol, she hovers over me in August, taking tender care of me. One of my best friend’s, Gwen, was born in August, and last, but in no way least, I gave birth to a wonderful red-headed boy 24 years ago in August.

Here’s hoping that the sun shines on the best side of your life this month:>)



Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

13 thoughts on “What Will Superman Do Now? Garden Shift from Woods to Beach

  1. The gardening will be both grounding and healing from Mother Earth. May it be a joyous August for you! (I’m an August baby too)

  2. Whatever will Superman do now? It is sort melancholy, these things so familiar passing away.

    • I know, huh? That phone booth is just a pitiful sight! thanks for visiting again. As soon as I get a sec, I’m putting your book review on the bk review page…just so you don’t think I deleted it. Hope you are doing well with it!

  3. Is it the end of a book, or the beginning of a new chapter…

  4. This post has the flood gates opened for me. I won’t forget that wonderful porch with the porch swing over looking that grape arbor. The racoons clinging to the vines getting grapes after dark. All the bird feeders and potted plants on the porch, more of a deck really. Right on the other side of the slider Paul sat watching those tv shows you could do with out. And you calling out Paul look at this, look at that, and he would come share the discovery. What those selfish princesses stole away treating you like an outsider, when you were building them a memory garden for their mother, along with trying to make sure there were family gatherings and photo ops to remember their dad by. The steam rolls out of my ears. I am soooo happy you got some of your plants and have a place to put them. Will you dig them up again when Maggie has given up the ghost or you find a stick house to live in?
    The phone booth is a bit lonely isn’t it. I thought phone booth stuffing was more a50’s thing though.

  5. I have learned – as you have – that so many things are difficult to leave behind. But the people – the lovers and the loved…where do we plant them?
    This was beautiful! I’m happy that nature chose what would live on in your garden and I wonder why those plants were chosen.
    Laterz and hugs ~

    • Thanks, friend. I was wondering the same thing as I was digging around in the dirt making my discoveries. The most delicate plant I had, survived, as well as the most unusual one. The tiny lilac twig that I transplanted from Janet’s huge lilac, lived and grew a foot!
      Those we lost are planted in our hearts…nowhere else could contain them and our memories of them. It has been an emotional few days…bittersweet.

  6. What a beautiful. moving piece. Yes, nature is filled with unconditional life/growth/spirit…it stops for nothing and no one and is an incredible mirror when we take the time to look and see in her reflected something from our own inner garden. A very challenging no doubt, but also healing thing to have done…and to watch those plants grow again, nurtured and loved, in a new place…this brings tears to my eyes. May you grow and be nurtured too, and may you always be surrounded by the love and support of friends who walk the difficult parts of the path at your side…blessings, Harula xxxx

    • Harula,
      Thank you for the kind comments. I am very fortunate for the circle I have and the new ones, like you, that I am gaining here. I welcome your blessings with open arms:>)

  7. My phone booth memories are Superman and Doctor Who…

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