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Flying Readers Found In A Tree and On A Bed


Nephew Graeson reading in a tree house he helped his dad build. GHALL PHOTO 2013

Nephew Graeson reading in a tree house he helped his dad build last year.

From down on a bed, to up in a tree, every reader has a favorite place to read.  My mother and my nephew are just two of the avid readers in our family.  My favorite place is a rocking chair; my aunt sits up in a hard-back chair at the kitchen table. Mom likes to read in bed before she goes to sleep.

Mom reading, Hawaii Island cottage. 2012

Mom reading in Hawaii Island cottage. 2012

My daughter reads a snippet at a time (between mothering duties) on the front porch. When she was younger, she read in a big field next to our house. My nephew reads in a tree or on the couch.  I almost always have a book in my truck, to read whenever I have to wait for something or someone.

Mom, my oldest sis and I read on vacation, but I’m not sure about the others. My youngest sis has a bulging bookshelf waiting for the day she is done with college and work. The house I raised my children in had no walls in the large main room; I divided areas with book shelves filled to capacity. I have since weeded them down to about 12 small boxes. They patiently wait for a space in my daughter’s home (in between the children).  My oldest sis saves up her favorite author’s newest books for her and Captain Honey’s long vacation in Costa Rica every year. That takes some serious will power.

There are not many male readers in the family, but a few. All of my best girlfriends are readers; none of my boyfriends or husbands were. Sometimes I think about all the people who don’t have the means, ability or opportunity to read. Then I wonder how those who do have the means, ability and opportunity to read, can choose not to.  It would be like having wings to fly, but choosing to walk everywhere. If I were Queen, everyone would read and everyone would keep a journal. The world would be a better place, I’m sure of it.

What about your family? How do books and reading fit into your lives? Share your family’s book and reading stories and photos in an email to me and I will post them next Monday. 1writeplace dot wordpress at gmail dot com   If not, feel free to leave a comment instead.

Meanwhile, check out Marilyn Armstrong’s blog post on the subject here, which inspired me to write this post.

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Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

41 thoughts on “Flying Readers Found In A Tree and On A Bed

  1. As the only female in a house full of men, I read to escape, lol. Although my husband would say I read to escape the washing up, the ironing, the cooking and the polishing, but I don’t believe him 😉

  2. I will send you a pic of my husband in his housecoat at “HIS” place at the kitchen counter where he sits for hours on end, escaping to another world after work every evening without fail. he reads two or three books each week. i don’t see how he does it.

  3. As a child, I loved reading in the swing on the front porch right before a storm. Now, my very favorite place to read is on the beach, but if I can’t have that, I’ve enjoyed our covered outdoor patio during this mild summer – the weather has been great! I’m the lone female in my male dominated house and, for the most part, the only reading they do is Sports Illustrated.

  4. Initially, I wondered if an eReader could ever match the magic of turning pages to devour a story. I found out the ease of having a Kindle app on my iTouch made it my favorite way to read. I can have a LIBRARY in my pocket, and take it out and enjoy, anytime, anywhere. I read the scriptures every morning for 1/2 hour in bed, before I do anything else. My husband and I read aloud to each other every evening when we were first married (34 years ago), and after our first daughter came. We alternated chapters, and introduced each other to the writers we loved. My husband enjoyed reading aloud to our whole family as the girls were growing up. Now that they are out of the “nest,” Marc and I still read to each other, sharing “the good parts.” And both of us read avidly, silently to ourselves. Wherever we want to.

    • Thank you, Susan..okay to add part of this to Mon post?

    • Susan, my husband and I also read ‘the good parts’ to each other. And, at holiday time, he reads A Child’s Christmas in Wales (D. Thomas) at the annual family gathering. Wonderful way to bond and share. Think we’ve created a tradition with our kids and grandkids.

  5. What a wonderful image – a boy reading in a tree house! Better than video games. I read in bed every night or read while I am waiting for someone or something.

  6. my son hides in the bathroom to read…lol my hubby reads on the couch and I like to read outside or in bed..I cant wait to hold your book in my hands with a cup of coffee and sit outside and read it. 🙂 along with a big box of kleenex.

  7. well Ive been trying to get him to come to the office to look at the computer….but he has been in his “office” reading ..LOL This boy like his dad devour books, like you many of the woman in our family.

  8. ok.. he really likes the picture and he had to read everything on your post… he is a happy camper! thank you for making him part of this awesome journey 🙂

  9. I mostly read on vacation – or when I’m not writing, it can also be called. I read on the sofa. My husband and I have a date-nap day and read fairytales to each other.
    It’s amazing the number of adults who can’t read. I used to volunteer ‘Each One Teach One’ tutoring adults to read. Most of them wanted to be able to read a story to their young childrn.

    • I agree it is sad. I used to teach ESL- English as a 2nd language at my college. I taught adults who were trying to take the basic classes.
      Ok to use your comment in my Mon post? Wish you’d send me a reading pic:>) I know you won’t, but a girl can dream:>)

  10. I read in an old leather armchair or in the bath tub or on the bike at the gym. My son claims that he reads on the train to work. My mother is a voracious reader and it is to her credit, that I read as much as I do. As a teacher, I read aloud to children several times a day, highlighting books through Author Studies, themes. Like you, I keep a book in the car to read while I wait …

  11. I would have KILLED for a treehouse when I was a kid. A place to read, a place to dream … and the ultimate place to escape.

  12. Love the tree house and the fact that it’s an inspiring place to read. Boys seem to be more reluctant readers than girls, but I think e-readers play their part in encouraging them, as they tend to be into electronics. I have a pic of my daughter reading on top of a big snow mound in Bulgaria if you’d like it?

  13. What fabulous photos! The tree house! And the bed nook! I like to read by lying on the couch, propped up on pillows, a tote bag full of books and reading material on the floor at my side. I’d like one of those magical places like you show above!

  14. Patti, love this post. Love that tree house and like others, wish I had one now. When I was a kids, the tree at the end of the gravel driveway next to our white frame house has a rope swing. I remember with great fondness sitting there, reading a Nancy Drew mystery on a sweltering hot rust belt summer day–humidity seemed to just ooze through the ground. Gasping for breath both from Nancy’s adventure (oh my….. what else could possibly happen) to feeling I’d absolutely melt from the heat before a breeze came wafting by.

    At a family reunion last weekend, my niece showed the award winning book by her first grade daughter (she’s in the young author’s program at her school). It was filled with great narrative and drawings of last year’s gathering–it also pointed out how much our family likes to talk, talk talk and eat, eat, eat! That’s what she wrote! Loved it.

  15. As a child I loved to read under the Weeping Willow in a neighbor’s yard (no pictures). These days I tend to read in bed before I go to sleep. I would love a tree house like your nephew has, a place with no distractions. That’s the biggest problem for me these days. I feel constantly distracted. I feel sentimental about the reading I used to do when I was young(er) and a college student. I always thought it was wonderful to have a novel as a reading assignment. Those were the days …

    • I missed this! Sorry, I wasn’t ignoring you! For me the only distraction is the computer! I’m either writing or working on my site…social media, etc
      Thanks for hanging out here and commenting.

      • No problem, Patti! I’m the same way. It’s a challenge for me to get work done on the computer because it is it’s own distraction as well 🙂

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  17. Great! We love people who celebrate reading! Whether up a tree or on a bed reading takes you places other media cannot reach!

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