to find Patti Singleton these days.

Did You Vote? Runaway Writer Found on Beach, Heart Broken, but Alive!



On my beach 2013

Read and vote, please Voting is quick and simple.

I had my days mixed up, a shockingly rare occurrence—not! Without my name tag, I don’t usually know my name:>) I thought yesterday was last day to vote:>(

As of 12:43 Pacific time the voting is 47-51. My main competitor has made this a fun race…we’ve been dueling with feathers on facebook. Thanks, peeps!


Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

22 thoughts on “Did You Vote? Runaway Writer Found on Beach, Heart Broken, but Alive!

  1. Reblogged this on mybrandofgenius and commented:
    Patti need your Votes!!! You don’t have to comment, just vote in the poll. She is pulling a close second place with her story and needs votes!!!

  2. Reblogged this on Year 'Round Thanksgiving Project and commented:
    Vote for Patti please – it only takes a minute to vote – but once you read her story, you will be changed for a lifetime.

  3. We have you up to 51 and Sharon is at 59. katie and some others were wondering how long the contest is on for so maybe we could do posts about it tomorrow. Several folks have reblogged my reblog.

    • Cool! I think it is just til tonight, midnight, Pac time.
      Thank you, I saw some reblogs…never happened to me before.

      • Should have let us know sooner!!! Next time! We will do posts and have time to get others interested.

      • Yep, I blew that one! The next one is the 19th and pays $50.
        I did post it on my blog earlier, but then put most efforts into FB.
        Such a learning curve…

      • There is so much that I am still learning. I can’t even figure out how to get a reader audience genre for a book that is both fiction and non-fiction. I have been all over the Amazon categories looking for the right place to land. I am having the best luck with Historical fiction…so I might just leave it there.

      • Thanks but they don’t have that category. There used to be more categories on Amazon, but they slimmed them down. You can only choose two from very limited choices. It really isn’t a Romance, even though thee is a brief but pertinent romance in it, and I would not want to disappoint romance readers. That is a sure fire way to get bad reviews. Non-Fiction novels (faction) were very popular in the 1970s, and they are trying to make a comeback, but until more writers fill that category, Amazon won’t replace it. it is tough to be on the cutting edge.

      • Yes, I see the dilemma.I strongly dislike limited choices…my answer almost always fall outside the coices :>(

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