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Time To Renew My Welcome. Please Enter Through The Garden Gate


garden, Alaska

Mom’s Garden. Last summer I took care of mom when she was badly injured. Caring for mom meant caring for her garden…what a pleasure:>)

Apparently, some (old and new) visitors are missing my tabs at the top of the home page. I’ve combined “BIO” and “Welcome To The Neighborhood” in this post in hopes that everyone knows a little about me and where to find this info in the future.

Also, I thank you all for your votes and am happy with 2nd place and to be gearing up for a new contest that begins Monday…details this weekend. Congrats to my new friend, Sharon Cook Leaf who got 1st place! We had a fun race:>)

Without further ado…

I am a writer, daughter, sister, mom, grani, niece, aunt & friend. I strive to do the best that I can in each of these roles, while staying focused on writing and publishing. I live near the beach in Washington State and enjoy my solitude. I spend my time on the beach, writing, reading, gardening, taking photos, traveling and digging into family history.

My name is Patti Hall, nice to meet you! Please introduce yourself in the “comment” section of any post on this blog.

I was born (3 of 7) in Oklahoma City, while dad was in the Air Force; we left when I was two. I spent the next 14 years living with my family on O’Malley Road, just outside of Anchorage. I spent some wandering years and ended up settling? in Centralia, WA, surrounded by my aunt, uncle and cousins.

I raised 2 incredible children in Lewis County, WA and they paid me back with a bunch of precocious, lively little grands. My Grani role is my favorite role yet. Oh, the freedom and delight!

In 2005 I moved in with an old friend, who became my new best friend and love. It was everything that we both needed and wanted. We just fell into happiness and left heartaches behind. Then he got sick.

Part of who I am today is defined by the recent losses in my life. I lost (still looking for him) my perfect fit by way of leukemia in 2009, my feline pal since 1997, in 2010, my fun and loving sis in 2012, and one of my precious grands (age 3) in April 2013. One of the reasons I’m writing is to find my way through this heavy load of grief.

Today I’m a 54 year veteran of this life. I ran away from  home, in the winter of 2010, to a little fishing/tourist/beach town on the Washington Coast. This is where I am…content for now.

And here you’ve found me at “The Write Place to build a community.” I brought along my friends and family and we welcome you and yours to come along with us on this journey. It’s sometimes sad here, mixed with my own brand of humor, and always a place of truth, stories and beauty (I play at photography).

Of course, I do swish the truth around a little in my poetry and children’s adventure stories.

I take everyone here with me as I get my writing act together and start publishing. On the site, I include worldly news, a bit of my daily grind, and writerly tips as I find them. Sometimes I join one of WordPresses’ daily prompts and post the results on the site.

So, welcome, and I hope you stay awhile.


Frivolous odds & ends about me…

  1. I love the sound of chimes; I even have some hanging on a curtain that I brush past regularly.
  2. I love smelling like camp fire.
  3. I sleep with a blanket, sheet or pillow over my head.
  4. I sing, talk, shout and memorize poetry while beach combing.
  5. I don’t watch or have a TV.
  6. I love to fish, especially in Katchemak Bay, Alaska.
  7. I love to free-style dance to jazz and blues.
  8. I swerve to miss frogs on rainy days and nights (watch out!).
  9. Our family raised a pet raccoon, Ricky, who retired to the Alaska Children’s Zoo.
  10. I have been in every state in the U.S., including Hawaii.
  11. I have email subscriptions to Hawaiian and Greek newspapers (written in English!)

Author Bio

Patti Hall’s current writing includes poetry, blogging, fiction (essays, stories, children’s books), and non-fiction (memoir and journals). My main writing focus is a 3-part memoir, Souvenirs from My Heart, about love, illness and loss. I am 3/4 of the way through the “illness” book, The Patient Patient Advocate.

Writing Background 1989-2010: Patti wrote online articles and a weekly column for the now defunct “She’s Got” network. Her site, Rising Writers, for aspiring young writers was voted Top 101 Writers Web Sites in Writer’s Digest for 2000. Patti was contributing editor to an online home school newsletter, and her poetry and essays  have won several awards and honors. While attending The Evergreen State College Patti presented her women’s anthology, “Finding Our Voices” at an out of state college symposium. She was editor of the Centralia College newspaper and, as assistant Public Information Officer for the college, wrote articles for the local newspaper.  Patti taught  a writing class for inmates at a women’s prison and another for parents and children at a homeschooling conference. She has composed newsletters for communities and businesses, and has always been the go-to writer for her friends, family & community.

Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

11 thoughts on “Time To Renew My Welcome. Please Enter Through The Garden Gate

  1. I so very much relate. You probably know that. Unfortunately, the losses never stop and the world keeps shrinking. I think if I couldn’t write, I’d probably slide into darkness. I wish I could run away, too but no matter how heavy the losses, the responsibilities remain. Thanks for the glimpse into another world. We all do the best we can with what we’ve got. Yesterday my daughter in law looked at me and she said “Doesn’t it ever end?”

    “Only when we’re dead,” I said.

    On the up side, if we are around to suffer, we are still money ahead. We are, after all, still breathing. Today was the funeral of a woman I have known who has been fighting cancer for fifteen years. She lost the battle three days ago. She was 46. It made me feel less sorry for me.

    • Yes, perspective slaps me upside the head now and then.
      Shortly after our little Tiven died I read about a woman who lost her husband and children in a small airplane crash that she was supposed to have been on. She started back to work 2 weeks later. I hated her for a awhile, now I realize that we all have to do what we have to do…
      Take care and thank you for being part of this.

  2. Thank you for the new welcome! I love the garden!!! And some of these details about you I didn’t know. Congrats again on your story this week, Patti! xo

  3. Nice to see this all in one post, and I also love your mom’s garden. I could be very happy there for a long time 🙂 Stay strong.

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