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THE READER PLACE; Our Reading Habits and Places 2



My son reading to his son:>) Jon & Hunter


What a cozy reading spot! Luanne already knows I’m going to tease her about the hat :>)

Here’s what some of our other friends have to say about reading, from comments on original post here.

As the only female in a house full of men, I read to escape, lol. Although my husband would say I read to escape the washing up, the ironing, the cooking and the polishing, but I don’t believe him


As a child, I loved reading in the swing on the front porch right before a storm. Now, my very favorite place to read is on the beach, but if I can’t have that, I’ve enjoyed our covered outdoor patio during this mild summer – the weather has been great! I’m the lone female in my male dominated house and, for the most part, the only reading they do is Sports Illustrated.

Susan Call Hutchison
Initially, I wondered if an eReader could ever match the magic of turning pages to devour a story. I found out the ease of having a Kindle app on my iTouch made it my favorite way to read. I can have a LIBRARY in my pocket, and take it out and enjoy, anytime, anywhere. I read the scriptures every morning for 1/2 hour in bed, before I do anything else. My husband and I read aloud to each other every evening when we were first married (34 years ago), and after our first daughter came. We alternated chapters, and introduced each other to the writers we loved. My husband enjoyed reading aloud to our whole family as the girls were growing up. Now that they are out of the “nest,” Marc and I still read to each other, sharing “the good parts.” And both of us read avidly, silently to ourselves. Wherever we want to.


Susan, my husband and I also read ‘the good parts’ to each other. And, at holiday time, he reads A Child’s Christmas in Wales (D. Thomas) at the annual family gathering. Wonderful way to bond and share. Think we’ve created a tradition with our kids and grand kids.


What a wonderful image – a boy reading in a tree house! Better than video games. I read in bed every night or read while I am waiting for someone or something.


My son hides in the bathroom to read…lol my hubby reads on the couch and I like to read outside or in bed..I cant wait to hold your book in my hands with a cup of coffee and sit outside and read it.  along with a big box of Kleenex.

Thank you all for participating and please keep sending them in!  1writeplacewordpress at gmail dot com I need them by Sunday. Add a link if you have a business or book you want us to visit. I’m still looking for some that Paul took of me reading…

Thanks Peeps,


Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

14 thoughts on “THE READER PLACE; Our Reading Habits and Places 2

  1. I am glad that you did not show anyone reading in the loo…we actually keep reading material in there just in case.

  2. I sort of read all over the place. I just got off my bike trainer. And now I am lying on the floor next to my pooch. (No worries, I took a shower;)

    • So…you going to send me a photo of you reading??
      Thanks for hanging out here and not sweating on the pooch :>)

      • Uh, if the pooch could take a picture she would. I have no one here. My younger son will he with me this weekend (he spends half his life with dad and the other with me). I can have a photo shoot – on the bike- on the floor. These are my two favorite spots. Lying on my back with Pees haunch as a pillow. Quite comfy until she changes position.

      • Cool, I look forward to it:>) The plan is to have this feature every Monday, if the interest is there…

  3. Since I’m the picture taker usually, it’s hard to catch me at home, reading … especially since I almost always rea at night. In bed. I write about reading a lot. Does that count? And I have lots of pictures of my books. And my book. And even some of me. Mostly, taking pictures, which is when Garry gets inspired. He spends more time taking pictures of my fat butt than of the beautiful river. Oof. I have one of two of me signing books, but that was five years ago. Or was it six?

  4. I have a special reading chair in the living room. It’s a big easy chair for 1.5 people or 1 person and 2 cats. I do most of my writing and editing there, too. It’s right next to a picture window that overlooks the back yard of our land. One of the cats usually sits on the top level of the chair; the other next to me or on the wicker foot rest. My other favorite place to read is on the back deck, and when I have time off – we drive to the beach. Sunset Beach, North Carolina is my favorite place to read. And the Kindred Spirit Bench is my place of choice to read all the lovely thoughts people have left in the journals.

  5. I always wanted to be famous as the crazy old lady in the hat (with all the cats and in tennis shoes). Thanks to you I’ve achieved it. By the way, that is a faux fur cover which I bought for my daughter’s high school production of Sweet Charity. It seemed to go with the hat hahaha. Just thought I’d make fun of the hat before you did!

  6. Again, it’s great to see people reading – Let’s celebrate reading!
    Curious about people’s habits regarding ‘bookmarks’ do people use them? What do they use? Do they become attached to them?

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