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Birthdays; Cherished Memories Revisited


Paul swinging in the sunshine. PHALL PHOTO 2008

Paul swinging in the sunshine.

I originally posted this just after I started my blog, and again in 2013, but I wanted re-post it in honor of Paul’s birth date this year. Paul loved celebration, surprises and family. I remember this last birthday before he was diagnosed with leukemia. We lined our merged five grand daughters up on the couch and took pictures. We so loved our little girlies :>)

Paul is/was a Leo and loved being in the lime light on his special day, okay, on any day. He was very quiet about his pride of place, but if you knew him well, loved him, you could see the glow of it in his bright blue eyes and that smile…

I gave him this 3-D NASCAR card that he kept next to his chair for months; he’d never seen anything like it and I think he loved it better than his actual gift. He loved getting gifts, but that was nothing compared to how he loved finding the perfect thing for someone special. He was very into the drama of giving gifts.

We went out to eat with friends 3 times a week and one of the places was at the local casino. While waiting in line, you pass the gift shop. We’d often have our friends hold our place in line, while we looked in the display cases. I’d oooh and ah over the pretty, shiny things, then we’d move back into the line waiting to get in for dinner.

That Christmas, I had a lot of gifts in all sorts of shapes and sizes. By the time all the gifts were opened, I saw what he had done. He used his casino points and bought me every piece of jewelry I had made noise about at the gift shop during the past year! Crazy guy. Thankfully, he also bought me a jewelry armoir to put it all in.


A Piece of Our Story in Poetry

This is a piece of our story; the man I knew. This was written for his birthday, 11 months before cancer entered our lives.

20 Aug 2007

Paul teased me about writing a book for him, instead I wrote this poem for his 60th birthday.

Book of Paul…

He is everything wonderful that I ever needed,

handsomely wrapped up in one big tender man.

His rolling laughter leads to coughing fits;

spitting up water and vitamins,

and then falling off the bed!

A prankster to his core,

full of special surprises for all.

A memory-maker, his camera always within reach,

he records the Kodak moments of our lives.

His cards & gifts & little notes come from the heart,

and always meet their target.

He loves easily and deeply…

his children, grandchildren, his friends & me!

He would love to be a millionaire,

but he lives well, and is generous with what he has.

His tastes and beliefs are “traditional”,

yet he has an open mind and can embrace the non-traditional,

except food, of course!

He loves Taco Time, NASCAR, animal shows,

Funniest Videos, Cops and bad sci-fi movies.

Every day he says and does funny or special things for me,

he can calm me with only a look, or a touch.

He wants us together, no matter what,

and turns every errand into a “date”.

He acts crabby sometimes,

but just below the surface is a joke or a prank or a smile.

He notices the little things,

and always says “thank you”.

For a T-shirt and jeans guy,

he sure is a clothes horse!

He gives hugs and touches often,

he sings seriously and dances with a laugh.

Happy Birthday… With All My Love,


Sorry about the quality of this photo. I snapped it on my way out the door. This is Paul’s part of a little alter I have in my beach cave, for all those we’ve lost the last few years.


Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

21 thoughts on “Birthdays; Cherished Memories Revisited

  1. I loved this poem, Patti 🙂 It’s so joy-felt. Be gentle with yourself today…

  2. I left out the ***huggies****

  3. What a GREAT book, that book of Paul!
    Love and hugs Patti.

  4. Patti, I’m cheating, using my sisters computer when I should be sleeping – but I figure if I break nominations rules – well – why stop when it works for me. This is beautiful and made me very emotional. Love in purity and acceptance. I am sending a warm embrace and a message to let you know I’m thinking of you. Belinda xo

  5. I have it on good authority that Pauls are wonderful guys

  6. Wonderful tribute I have nominated you for the WordPress Family Award. Go here for details;

  7. What a lovely tribute. You are honoring Paul in the best way possible: words that evoke memories.

  8. That is a beautiful tribute. Well done.

  9. What a wonderful poem, Patti. Thank you for sharing it. I practically feel like I know Paul. He sounds like a great man … and I can see why you miss him. Losing someone you love is so hard. I’ve only learned that within the last year … like you, I’m writing my way through it.

  10. This was such a “feel good” story Patti. I enjoyed it immensely. The poem is also a bright and happy high in your relationship with Paul. These are the sort of positive experiences that will lift the hearts of your readers 🙂

  11. So beautiful, Patti. “He sings seriously and dances with a laugh.” I’m going to remember that line!

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