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Last Day, “Love, Laughter and Loss”


Snapped this at the local espresso stand. Makes me smile every time I see it. PHALL PHOTO 2013

Snapped this at the local espresso stand. Makes me smile every time I see it.

Closes Sunday! is hosting a contest, which my short story, Love, Laughter & Loss, is entered in. If you’ve followed the Souvenirs from My Heart Postcards, or my other memoir posts, you’ll want to know how the story of Patti & Paul began. Won’t you?

There’s one comment below the story that seems pretty negative…am I being too sensitive?…what do you think? The only way to counter it, is if folks in our community add their own comments.

Judges count the facebook likes, so please hit that button after you read the story.



Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

26 thoughts on “Last Day, “Love, Laughter and Loss”

  1. I see where it could be taken, as negative…but, by and large…I believe that it remains objective, as opposed to subjective…

    The question posed, or implied…seems to direct toward more ‘creative-pursuits’ as compared to emotional-pursuits…is there a difference?

    If I had to guess (and I do)…I would suggest that the specific commenter is left with more of a utilitarian feeling of your expression…who wishes to be carried into your experiences…who wishes to feel as compelled to love Paul, and fortify allegiance with you…

    It may be difficult, if not impossible for you to imagine…anything short of what you experienced…as provocative to all of the senses…and for you, and those of us who experienced in first, and second-hand encounters…and those, the plight alone delivers…we can feel, and sympathize, your message of endurance, and dedication…

    Apparently some wish for more, without denouncing the perils, and triumphs of your story…

    I wager…merely a guess…”the realism of the recollections” is true….can you take an uninformed ‘stranger’ on the ‘ride’….as you?

    Perhaps this is where the seeming discrepancy lies…. and you may interpret the term “lies” in any way that you wish…

    Are you ready for your hair and makeup…touch-up??

    With love, respect, and admiration…

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts…no thanks on the makeover.
      I thought it interesting that the woman didn’t realize that all the stories in the contests there are non-fiction.
      Her comment was perfectly fair, just seeing what you all thought…

      • I don’t know…I didn’t know whether that site was specifically fiction, or non…and assumed that you wouldn’t have put RL experience in a fiction only zone (even if it seemed fictional to you)… o_0

        ‘My’ reading…and writing…are largely relegated to this format alone…though I am thinking of taking up interviewing…

        I do not have facebook, or the likes either…and they didn’t include a WP “like” function…how do I vote for you, in this situation?

      • Likes are only one aspect of the judging. Hang on, I will cut and paste from my WP article to tell you what to do.

      • Facebook “likes” count a lot in the final judging. So, please click the Facebook link at the bottom of my story—it looks like a thumbs up.
        Please leave one of your thoughtful comments at the end of the story. Comments count for judging, only if they are more than a quick, “Great story!” What emotions, memories, thoughts came up when you read it? What did you think about the quality of writing? Was it descriptive enough? Logical beginning, middle & end?
        Please go to “Closing Arguments” (at the top of each page, in the header) and convince the judges which story should win this week and why. I usually copy and paste my comment from the story I want to win, then make it stronger for the judges.
        For you to “qualify” to give the judges your opinion in the “Closing Arguments” you have to click a box that says that you have read at least 3 of the stories.

  2. I don’t have facebook 😦 but am on my way to read.
    What a beautiful picture!

  3. I didn’t see a negative review 😦 Let me review the story again. I’m wondering if you are talking about the comment ‘flaws’? Let’s see what that’s about. I’m just getting home from toddler sitting and doing chores. ***hugs***

    • Thanks, Ellespeth. Wasn’t really negative, just insinuated my story was not creative. That’s okay, I’m over it:>)
      Glad you like the photo…makes me smile.
      Busy lady!

      • Creative is a very vague word…this wasn’t fiction, after all.
        Can you believe I just bought a friggin vacuum at Target and it sounds like a huge elf is blowing a party horn in the engine. I have to walk BACK to Target and pick out a new brand. I’d vent a cuss more but I’ll save that just in case the newer new vacuum is a piece of s hite too 😦

      • Might I suggest that you use the internet to find out the best one at the best price? Make noise a top priority…Just saying…
        Good luck!

  4. facebook demands that I log into my account…I don’t have an account, nor do I wish one…I’ll have to do the best I can with my words in comments, and closing arguments…and I read all five short-stories… off we go!

  5. Loved reading this story. I love the way you wrote after knowing it as it happened. Or T least kind of as it happened. I’m a little miffed that Gwen gets to be your best friend in it! The comments about it might be true and that compensated for some of the flawed writing were made by someone who didn’t seem to get it. Did she think it was a fiction only contest?

    • Glad you loved it, Vic! I’m usually more careful and say “a best friend” or “one of my best friends.”
      You know what you are to me. You are both my best friends dammit :>) As I told Cora (you know, the 7-year-old) you can have more than one BFF :>) It makes me feel so special to be in this position, you know?
      I love you so much! Thank you once more for being there and supporting me.

  6. Patti, I love your story! I hope you didn’t think my comment was negative! I couldn’t find the negative one. Yikes! I had a couple negative ones on mine, and ultimately that didn’t count. I felt that my truly negative one (based on my dwelling on things haha) was written by the friend of another writer who was dissing the other pieces on purpose. But I didn’t see a negative on yours at all, so I really hope it wasn’t mine!!! xoxo

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  8. I thought the story was wonderful, and so beautifully and honestly and openly written. The warmth just shone through! I haven’t worked out how to navigate Facebook yet but I clicked google+ so hopefully they count those as well. 🙂

    • Thank you for participating. It seems a lot to ask of readers…but we’ll see. I know the system will keep some of my f/f’s who are not very computer savvy away from participating.
      Thank you, again.

  9. I read all 5 stories and I Really liked your story the best. I even clicked on Closing Arguments and told the judges why they should vote for Love, Laughter and Loss. I hope you win:)

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