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New Features and Reflections of Memoir and August


Tan steerette

From my country drive a few weeks ago here. Tan Furry Steerette (not official species name). Maybe it’s the teats, maybe that soulful look, but I love her. Cannot have steerette where I live. I’m so glad that she has that awesome rack (horns not teats) to keep those bad boys away…when necessary:>) I was very sad when we had to leave these new friends behind. I wish they had internet.

New Features & Reflections of Memoir

I have not received enough reader photos here and here to keep that feature going, so I am working on 2 new features that I hope will be more popular and useful. One is for caregivers and the other is for writers. Both of my new features are written as “Postcards” since that seems to be in keeping with my “Souvenirs from My Heart” memoir series. I intend on carrying that theme through all my writing, as it is such a big part of my former and current life.

I wanted to get the memoir postcard series here published this month, but this has been a rough month for me. As you might imagine, my emotions are pretty raw, and time spent on the memoir has been ripping off old scabs. I hope that the caregiver and writer postcard series will give me a short break and allow me step back and breathe for a short time. Both of those series are meant to help others, and that helps me get out of my own emotional way.

Reflections of August

Tomorrow, the 27th, is the anniversary date that Paul and I celebrated our new life together. He would always tease me about my bold, “Why don’t you call me sometime” gesture at the pig roast in 2005 where we were re-acquainted. The 28th was the day of his memorial. What a day. I raged in my journal about how that day was supposed to offer some “closure,” but all it did for me was make my grief worse, because it made Paul’s death so real and so final.

I will certainly be glad when August is over! With Paul’s deathday, birthday, our anniversary and his memorial in the same month, it is always hard. Leaving our home  and gardens for the last time, this past week, added more to my heaping pile of emotions.

The bright side could be, that it is all over in one month of the year. I (with lots of help) am building a new “secret garden” that Paul would love, from what I salvaged from our old garden. This year I also have my wordpress family to add to my supporting and loving circle of family and friends in “real” life. Thank you all.

Heaps of Goodness

Please continue to send all sorts of goodness to my WP friends, Ionia, Belinda and Marilyn, and my real world f/f’s who face serious health issues. For those in my circle facing emotional issues, maybe try what helps me most; give true and loving support to others:>)

I just got word that I did not win the last contest. A BIG thank you for those who took the time to read and vote on my story, “Love, Laughter and Loss” I did not win, but had the most, by 20!, facebook likes:>) Here is how the stories were judged. (I think I only had one person write to the judges.)
Again, thank you!

See you soon,


Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

14 thoughts on “New Features and Reflections of Memoir and August

  1. You had at least two people write to the judges in ‘closing-arguments’…regrettably, mine was either tardy, or simply not compelling enough to be counted. I apologize, for the effects from my delays…It simply could not be helped.

    In other news …wow! I hadn’t viewed these photos, until today!

  2. Good to catch up with you and, for your sake, I’m glad August is nearly over, and will hold you in my heart and thoughts over the next couple of days as you move through remembering the milestones again…take care. You’re right, second place isn’t bad! And I look forward to your new features when the right time comes – and may they serve as a blessed and enjoyable distraction, for you and those who participate. Blessings in abundance, Harula xxxxx

  3. Your humor is shining through today, Patti. “Not official species name.” Glad you qualified the comment about her rack….

  4. You sure sound like your going through it. AS a new friend I will send you light and love and hope better days to come! I’m also glad to say your holding on to laughter through this time. It’s the only thing that saves me some days. Take care and hope better times find you soon!

  5. I like reading your stories and getting to know you, Patti. Nice website. I look forward to exploring more. Sorry you didn’t win the contest. Disappointing. I keep knocking on doors. Many stay closed. A few open. I walk through them to see what happens next. Still walking.

    • I would like to move onto selling articles, rather than contests. Like most of us, I am still fine tuning and figuring out those next steps. Thanks for stopping by!
      Happy knocking to both of us :>)

      • My ambition for now is publishing articles, rather than selling them. Many acquisitions editors praise my book, writing style, and book proposal, but say no to publishing because my platform is shaky and small. I’ve heard this too many times now. “Breaks my heart not to be able to publish this book…” was the last rejection lead in. So, I’m building, building, building. Have only paid others so far and haven’t been paid for a thing. May that change. Knock, knock, knock. That’s my hammer knocking on your door.

      • And you have no interest in self publishing?
        I hear you knocking.

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