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Writing Journal; Does Gardening Count?



Sunset fire with pelicans heading home on Half-Moon Bay, Westport, WA


Secret garden

We have water! The little waterfall is flowing and Greg (neighbor friend) also put in a head that sprays a bell-shape of water in the pond. He has been placing beautiful chunks of petrified wood to camouflage the edge of the pond. I hope to do the plantings tomorrow. The sound of flowing water is so wonderful! Greg will work on lighting soon, although I have some pretty little metal tea light holders that I’m going to add tomorrow. We have a long way to go, but getting the water flowing was a great motivator :>)

Writing…or not

I’ve done some book reviews on Goodreads here and Amazon here. I posted a lengthy response on Georgia’s blog about JK Rowling using a male name for her latest book here. I’ve also been active on Facebook here. I did a word cloud challenge from Zoe’s site  here.  The result, below, was written with ONLY the words from a specific “cloud” of words:

Stolen Breath

I swear, at present, I know fifteen ladies,
been living on the run, on the road, for years.
Not trying for truth or gods,
but breath.

Maybe you believe there was a stolen car,
a robbed bank,
but you would be at fault; wrong!

Truth is, maybe fifteen ladies
had a chap that robbed that breath…


What haven’t I done? You would ask! I haven’t worked on the memoir, or the postcards book. I haven’t posted my new features for writers and caregivers. I’ve written the first couple of them and they sit and wait for me in the drafts folder. I just seem a little emotionally hungover from August and, well, stalled.

So there you have it. Hope you stop in and say hi, maybe tell me what you’ve been up to. Tamed any lions lately?


Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

25 thoughts on “Writing Journal; Does Gardening Count?

  1. You’ve been very busy indeed! That is one great sunset too! How about entering it to Bastet’s Pixelventures over at We Drink Because We’re Poets…this week the prompt is sunsets 😉

  2. How lovely that you got the water feature flowing, and may this be a symbol for your own flow returning as we stretch into September. I look forward to reading your new features when they feel ready to fly out of their draft folder nest:-) Until then, I congratulate you on all the connections you are nurturing in other areas of this wonderful worldwide web…lovely to catch up with you. Love and blessings, Harula xxxxxx

    • Thank you so much, Harula. You are so nurturing and encouraging. I like the symbolic flowing water connected to my stalled writing…I will see it that way now.
      Glad to “see” you and warm hugs. I will go over and see how you are doing.

  3. It will come back to you when you are ready! Glad to see the water garden is coming along nicely. So much fun !

  4. You’re living! And there is nothing to write if you aren’t living your stories. I try to keep a balance and fail repeatedly. There is always more to do around the writing goals and never enough time. I’m choosing the garden, long walks, and good friends more. I doubt at my death bed that I’ll regret that I didn’t spend enough time on FB. When my husband died, his oh-so-important books felt still important, but not nearly as important as the love of his sons, friends, and me, meetings with spiritual teachers, the beauty he had created on our land, and the compassion in his heart. For me, gardening implies trust in life. And you are a writer, so you will write.

  5. How timely for me to read this post! I have been in a deep funk all August, only slightly emerging now and with a long list of overdue writing goals. And of course that list is part of why the funk is so slow to dissipate. Gardening is hard hard work so you should feel very good about that. Sometimes we just need to do something completely different. I want to write but I also want to have fun doing it. Whenever it stops feeling like fun, it’s time to focus on something else for awhile (in my case, knitting). Enjoy your hiatus from writing. It will still be there when you’re ready to resume :). Lots of big hugs. Love your photo too!

    • Thanks, Marie. I’m trying to remember where my knotting basket is…learned in the hospital, but will prob have to re-learn. Maybe this winter when gardening is out…

    • I love your philosophy and try to make this my approach, too. It’s easier to win the lottery than to make lots of money with writing and that has never been my goal. So if I’m not having fun doing it, and interacting with others who love reading and writing, then something is wrong with my choices. Thanks for reminding me.

  6. That’s ok. We all need a breather from our big project–for regeneration and renewal. Or because we’re unfocused, which is my problem lately–too much stuff going on around me lately! We’ll do better when we’re ready . . . .

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