to find Patti Singleton these days.

2 thoughts on “017

  1. I am awed by how well you put your grief to words. Love the photo’ s. That ‘s quite the secret pond. And Leslee is back! I’m happy to hear that and wondering how she is. The comment about the ribbon going through you too and you represent strength and soul and fun to us as well, was spot on. I hope this comment posts. I have been having trouble getting this site to let me post a comment.

    • Weird things happening on WordPress lately. I had to go into admin to reply to this and hopefully that will add it to comments.It looks like you added your comment to a photo of Cora & Nola…maybe that is why it was hard? No t sure.
      Thank your loving reply. Taking picture is my other therapy, when words won’t come, I can still see. So glad you enjoy them! We are plodding along with the secret garden, got 2 more of the bigger plants in, but Greg is making another change to barrel that empties into pond, so I can’t plant around it yet.
      Yes, David says some incredible things.Thank you for adding to that!
      Love you!

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