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This One Is For Leslee; The Silk Ribbons of Friendship


Fall = Pumpkins and Corn=Leslee Phall Photo 2013

Fall = Pumpkins and Corn and…
Phall Photo 2013

Fall’s magic and joy

shines from her heart to her eyes

corn stalks and pumpkins

Of all the people on this planet that I know, no one brings the magic and joy of each holiday to life, as Leslee does. Halloween and Christmas are her yearly pedestal projects, but oh, her Valentine and birthday creations are also grand. She beckons the inner child from anyone in her orbit, and sings the fairies from their hiding places.

Sadly, Leslee has been out of my orbit for too many years. She’s getting closer though, and once I knew that she was back in…I began to feel a girlish giggle and a fairy’s impish grin emerge from somewhere deep within. They swim up through the pain and loss that I have experienced in her absence. What wonders will now be unleashed?

Within about 18 months, 25 years ago, I met four incredibly strong and supportive women. Leslee was one of them. The other three, Gwen, Vickie and Roxanne, each have special ribbons that bond us together. If I had to pick one word for the ribbon that connects me to each, it would be humor for Gwen, strength for Vickie, and spirit for Roxanne. Of course, they are all a mixture of those, and many other beautiful silk ribbons.

This writing inspires me to remind us all to write a love/friendship letter to those that we share that special ribbon with. Have I ever told Gwen how much her laughter means to me, or Vickie, how her steadfast strength has always helped keep my feet on the ground, or Roxanne, how her gentle spirit soothes me like a babe in arms? And Leslee, how the fairies welcome me into their circle when she is in my life? She sets my imagination free.



Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

10 thoughts on “This One Is For Leslee; The Silk Ribbons of Friendship

  1. What a wonderful tribute to steadfast friends. It sounds like you’ve visited every hell possible Patti and still managed to survive each probably thanks to the support from these special people. Don’t forget though that the ribbon you hold with each of them, they also hold with you so perhaps you’d be described as Inner Strength too.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. Wonderful idea and great post! Thanks for sharing it 🙂

  3. Deep enduring friendships get us through the hardest and best of times. I’ve been close to many of my women friends and a few male friends since the 1970s. We’ve shared it all–births, deaths, illnesses, joyful surprises, huge losses, weddings, divorces, new husbands, creative pursuits and jobs. I’m blessed with friendship and I’m glad you are, too, Patti. Thanks for sharing your love.

  4. You’re so fortunate – in so many regards…
    Beautiful photo

    • I am. And I try to remember that every day. I just bought some beautiful cards to follow through on my gratitude letters. Huge thing for me…It is so hard to write when you are crying, as I am sure you know. HUGS!!!!

  5. Vickie commented to this post, on a photo, and it didn’t show up here. I’m just going to cut and paste it here…
    “I am awed by how well you put your grief to words. Love the photo’ s. That ‘s quite the secret pond. And Leslee is back! I’m happy to hear that and wondering how she is. The comment about the ribbon going through you too and you represent strength and soul and fun to us as well, was spot on. I hope this comment posts. I have been having trouble getting this site to let me post a comment.”
    And here is my reply to her comment:
    “Weird things happening on WordPress lately. I had to go into admin to reply to this and hopefully that will add it to comments.(DIDN”T)It looks like you added your comment to a photo of Cora & Nola…maybe that is why it was hard? Not sure.
    Thanks for your loving reply. Taking pictures is my other therapy, when words won’t come, I can still see. So glad you enjoy them! We are plodding along with the secret garden, got 2 more of the bigger plants in, but Greg is making another change to barrel that empties into pond, so I can’t plant around it yet.
    Yes, David says some incredible things.Thank you for adding to that!
    Love you!”

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