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My Favorite Writer Resource Sites, What are Yours?


The moon from my porch a few nights ago.  Click on this and be amazed. I was! PHALL PHOTO 2013

The moon from my porch a few nights ago. Click on this and be amazed. I was!

Add your great writer links and we will soon have a comprehensive community-built list! I think the value of this is sharing resources that we are using ourselves. Putting this list together gave me motivation to visit some of these resources more often, to make better use of what they offer. It’s always hard for me to maintain a healthy balance between researching and actually writing. How about you? Do you get carried away with researching and learning more about the craft of writing?


Here is my list of great sites for writers. Please leave a comment to add other great sites to this list. Also, if you find some that are right up your alley, don’t forget to check out their other social media homes; FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, etc.  Freelance writers can look here for job leads, writing tips and more.  Look on the resource page for helpful writer links from a published author.  From Hope Clark’s site, “This website has been awarded as a Best Writing Website. Sponsored by Writer’s Digest,Writer’s MarketWriter’s Digest University & Writer’s Digest Shop. Selected for the last 13 years in a row.” Hope is another no-nonsense writer’s friend who has valuable resources to share.  Rachelle says about her site, “My passion is partnering with authors to bring worthwhile books to publication. I started this blog as a way to create a community of writers, both published and seeking publication. I write about a wide variety of topics of interest to writers, and I consider the reader comments even more important than my own posts.”  Anne’s is another well-known Best Writing Website. I get her newsletter and it is always helpful and engaging.  Kris is a prolific (I mean really prolific!) author and has very cut and dried writing business advise, along with other helpful writing tips. Her newsletters are very wordy, but worth every minute spent reading them. There are no pretty pictures of fluffy fill, she just gets her point across.  Writing contests, free and otherwise. Regularly updated with reliable contest information.  I love this place. I’ll use their own words to explain who they are, “We hope that everything we do benefits publishers, editors, and writers. We are concerned for the well-being and preservation of literary magazines and small publishers. Writing and editing is a business, but it is also a passion. Here we hope to promote both the well-being and community of writers, editors, and publishers. Everything on our site is a free public service.”  Elisabeth Zguta’s Indie Review list. She is friendly and has many other resources for writers.  EditMinion is a robotic copy editor to help you refine your writing by finding common mistakes. You just cut and paste a sample of your writing.   A community where you can share your writing, connect with other readers, and discover new stories and authors. Whatever you’re into, from sonnets to mysteries, from sci-fi stories to cell phone novels, you can find it all here.   Jane has an article for every writer’s interest. She is up-to-date on all things writing, publishing, and editing. She’s big, but I did find a number of broken links. No worries, because there are always more links about the same topic.  The blog is filled with great articles by a list of professionals in the business. Here’s part of their long, but worthy story, “Grub Street is the second largest independent center for creative writing in the United States. Our mission is to be an innovative, rigorous, and welcoming community for writers who together create their best work, find audience, and elevate the literary arts for all. We accomplish this by offering the highest quality classes and services for writers at all stages of development, by educating writers through the entire writing process from inspiration to publication and promotion, by putting a premium on teaching excellence, by welcoming as many writers as possible through generous scholarships and free outreach programming, by creating fulfilling employment for writers, by connecting people and ideas through writing, and by empowering writers to fully embrace new opportunities ushered in by the digital age.”  Speaking of the former listing, these folks at BTM came from Grub Street. Here’s a bit of what they are up to, “A blog, a sounding board, a daily dose of insight. It offers essays on the craft of writing and the business of publishing. There are tips on creating memorable scenes and great dialogue. Interviews with authors, editors and agents. Humorous pokes at the craft, the industry and at ourselves. Think literary magazine run amok.”   Among the best and most well-known writer’s helper on the web.   Tons of good info here. In my top three best sites for writers. As a matter of fact, many of the people on my list are contributors on this site. Okay, and all of the people I missed are also on this site! When you are done exploring the general contents, start at the top and work your way down the list of contributors on the right-hand side of the main page. See ya in a few years :>)  Preditors & Editors. A guide to publishers, and publishing services for serious writers since 1997. All writers should get familiar with this site.  Jill has some very good advice, and free or inexpensive downloads, and specifically;

Please let me know if you have issues with any of these sites.



Author: Patti Singleton

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24 thoughts on “My Favorite Writer Resource Sites, What are Yours?

  1. Thanks Patti for your vote of confidence. Privileged to be on this list of great sites with resources for writers.

  2. You already named my favorite resource: Swenson Book Development. It’s a goldmine if you go back through her blogs. And there she is responding to you. Go Jill.

    I’m also enjoying the Writer’s Digest website and the briefs they send when you subscribe to the magazine: Guess who recommended this one? Jill Swenson.

    I haven’t seen many of the sites you recommend, so I’ll explore–after I take 6 breaths and have lunch and make a few bereavement calls. How do I keep myself so busy? (You don’t have to answer that one.)

    • I have gone back and back again. That’s why I added a couple specific links to her site.
      I used to subscribe to WD for years. I love a couple of their regular writers, but I detest all the advertising they send to my email. They have tons of good info though.
      Have fun exploring in your “spare” time:>)

  3. Here’s one that I discovered today on Shirley Hershey Showalter’s blog:

    http://the by Denis Ledoux, who will be discussing these topics during the month of October: action, character development, establishing setting, and conveying theme.

  4. Sorry: The link won’t work with a space. Try # 2 –

  5. Other than Amazon and Goodreads, I go to individuals authors’ site. Also, my readers tend to give me suggestions about authors I might like. Almost 100% good advice 🙂 I can give you my individuals authors, but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for.

  6. has a lot of help for writers — especially marketing tools for people who want to make a living writing.

  7. Great idea, Patti! I would add Victoria Grefer’s blog at She provides a lot of great writing tips and support. She also recently self-published a writer’s manual based on her blog.

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  10. What a goldmine – thanks for this Patti! I don’t have any additions right now, but will let you know if I come across anyone useful:-) Blessings, H xxx

  11. Please add Katharine Grubb’s post to your resource list:
    She’s funny and helpful!

    • Thank you Patti! Feeling rather humbled to be in such illustrious company!

      • I think it is important that we share resources that we know are great. I don’t like those glaring lists of links that don’t include some indication about what they are. We are building better lists. I think they are more like a conversation…
        Glad to have found your place, welcome to mine:>)

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