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Alley Tales In Art-Graffiti and Blog Updates


Aberdeen, WA Alley PHALL PHOTO 2013

Aberdeen, WA Alley

Aberdeen, WA Alley PHALL PHOTO 2013

Aberdeen, WA Alley

More on my photo blog here. Including a link to an article about the graffiti.

Crazy changes around here. I moved blogger awards up to their own page above header photo. There is a post there that tells more, but I have stopped accepting the blog awards, so I can get down to business:>) I had a lot of fun with them and am so grateful for those who thought so kindly of me to give me one. It seems the longer we are blogging, the more of us are choosing to let the newest members participate in the blogger awards.

I ran into some glitches, such as the right hand column text being so small you can barely read it! Working on it…

You can now go to my photo blog by clicking on the link on the right (at least on a full screen computer).

Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

10 thoughts on “Alley Tales In Art-Graffiti and Blog Updates

  1. I love the mural. Helped me remember there are some things I DO miss about Los Angeles. We don’t have graffiti in Pocatello, Idaho. Wait, I’m wrong. We have lots of freight trains — traveling graffiti galleries.

    • Yes, I have some train graffiti photos too. Seems the alley is a “legal” graffiti place. Still no info about the murals, but I’ll find out.
      Thanks for the comment and visit.

  2. Love these images, Patti, especially the first one. Crazy characters would make good writing sparks for someone who writes fiction. Not me! But what is that woman at the top of the ladder going to do to the guy coming up? The kid isn’t excited. Reminds me of art I’ve seen in Santa Monica, CA and on Venice Beach.

    Nice to see the world through your eye and your words.

    • Thank you, Elaine. I am at a loss for answers, but I do agree they would make good fiction food for thought.
      It is wonderful to be appreciated.
      I always feel calmer when you are around.

      • What a sweet response, Patti. I go to a weekly writing class (plus a twice a month memoir group where we go through each other’s writing with a fine-tooth comb, four pages at a time). In my other writing class, I work on new pieces. The terrific teacher Ellen Schmidt (I’ve written two blogs about her and she’s in my book because I started writing about my experience less than a year after Vic’s death, one small piece at a time in her class “Writing through the Rough Spots,” sobbing my way through my stories of Vic’s illness and death and struggles to get on my feet–ok, back to the real sentence)… Ellen gives writing prompts or sparks, one to use during class and one for home. We can ignore them, but I find them creative ways to approach whatever I want to write about. I thought of these images as writing prompts. Such an imaginative and well-done mural. Colors so perfect on that wall.

        The lengthy discussion about the awards that, as far as I can tell, are recognition that we’re actually doing our writing work rather than contested awards was interesting. I hadn’t heard of this sort of award before, but you seem to have tapped into that stream. You did something creative and masterful with your reflections, as you always seem to do.

      • Thank you, Elaine! I was attempting to walk a fine line. I just don’t want my choice about the awards to be seen as a judgement of others.
        There is a big uproar about authors who are paying for book reviews and fake awards that they list as credentials on their book covers, web sites, etc. These blogger awards are clearly not that.
        Yes, I’ve been “investigating” the fake award scheme and a mutual friend has dealt with it a bit as well.
        Thank you again, for your thoughtful comments.

  3. Lol, Patti, no sooner did I nominate you for an award, I found this post. So, sorry my friend but you were nominated so you may just add it up top to your lovely collection. Just know that I thought of you. xo 🙂

    • I thank you and will add your name to the one Marie gave me:>)

      • Your welcome and I know it is very touching to be nominated as I have received two in the last month but right now I am also inundated with book publication and I think it’s great to share with those who never received. 🙂

      • I agree and that was the original intent of the Leibster. Some versions still say to pass it on to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. That is great, because if you get the award, you don’t have many followers yet, and that gets you to go to the WP reader and find new blogger “friends.” Benefits at both ends:>)
        Thanks for stopping in again.

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