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42 thoughts on “Just The Way Things Go Sometimes

  1. Patti, first off I like your banner. Secondly, this post rang true – I often feel sabotage nipping at my writing. I usually throw my hands up and say to myself ‘take a break’. I admire your resolution to work through the chaos. It was worth it. Keep writing!

  2. I can relate, especially today. After a rigorous 2 weeks of traveling, coming home and doing all those things you need to do to catch up, writing 2 posts, yada yada–today I was going to really make a dent.

    First of all, I have a sore throat, then the contacts I was going to send a group message to got all scrambled in my address book and I’ve spent over an hour trying to send something that should take 15 minutes at the most. I’m not sure I should have worked through the chaos as I did because I think it may have been a Comcast server error. Sometimes, as Elisabeth says, I must just take a break. I like your forthright manner today: You go, girl!

    • Thank you, Marian. I agree. I had been putting it off so long and was very very determined:>)
      You got all that out of the way, so the rest of the day will be a gift. I’m just sure of it.

  3. The image is beautiful, Patti! It reminds me of images of heaven, cherubs,…! “Like” the cloud heart and the little, white dove of Peace and Love, soaring upwards. So-ooo calming and beautiful.

    • Thank you, Lynne. Glad you like it. I had this in my mind a long time before I discovered it on my website templates. The original was set up for travel agencies, so there were Eiffel Tower and other tourist bldgs in the center.

  4. I love the cloud, ocean heart template (it’s you) and I love even more your forward momentum on publishing your writing!!
    I watched the short video in the link above (Harlan Ellis sure is angry and rightly so). I agree with him and you. Writers should get paid for their writing, without having to fight for it. Enjoy the process Patti, you’re getting closer.

  5. I love the image you want for your book cover. The discipline needed for writing in my WIP doesn’t come easy to me. I would rather write on my blog and play with facebook, but the writing has to get don’t or I won’t begin to feel satisfied. Good luck to you.

  6. The image looks good…the determination to face-off with “Murphy”, can go either way…
    You, of course know my stance on getting you up to speed with the professional writing/publishing…perhaps I was over-zealous in trying to nudge you that way earlier…I of course, do know that you’ve had much to contend with…I’m not without sympathy, empathy, understanding, nor patience…I just see much of your potential!

    I don’t know if you’ll legally be allowed to use that template for your own publishing…check to see what restrictions may be on that particular one. If I can get back to my graphics editing machine…I’ll try to get going on a similar re-work for your book cover…that will be in a “SVG” (Scalable Vector Graphics) that will be crisp and clear at any size (within range of one’s vision capabilities)…as this is where I went awry when working pamphlets and business cards a few years ago (not being ‘SVG’)…or at least give me some ideas on what you might desire/have in mind for a logo…

    I’d like to help…
    Let me know!

  7. The hyper Harlan Ellis makes you look extremely calm about this issue, Patti.

    I edited my husband’s three books and helped him promote them. He was a professor, a powerful speaker and workshop leader, and a professional writer. His first and last book sold decently, but he never made enough from his books (all still in print) to pay for the time he spent writing and promoting them. He felt they were his gifts to the world. I’m grateful he had a good day job.

    I agree with you and Harlan; and I don’t. I consider myself a professional writer but don’t equate being paid with being professional. I have no trouble disciplining myself to do the work. The trickster who lives in my computer has been around often lately, but I don’t let him stop me even if he makes me hysterical. Writing is my soul work. I choose to write for the Hospice newsletter and website, but don’t get paid or expect to be. Neither do I get paid for my weekly blog and the consistent effort I make so that they are beautiful and worthwhile ( I don’t get paid for my pieces at, although they offered to put me on staff, but Alzheimer’s is not my primary interest, so I choose not to feel obliged to meet their once a week request. Instead, I send an article when I have one. I didn’t get paid by the elephant journal or Shambhala SunSpace for pieces posted there, but gained a lot including exposure.

    As my book moves closer toward her publisher, I’m not sure I’ll ever make back the money it took to learn how to be a decent, sometimes good writer, get help with social media, and prepare the manuscript and proposal for submission. I’ll feel lucky if I break even. But I believe in my book ‘After Loss Comes Life.’ It’s a tribute to my marriage, my spiritual life, the healing power of Nature, and the power of grief to guide us to new beginnings. My book will help others, just as the hospice support groups I lead (for free and participants don’t pay) help others who have lost partners and spouses.

    Yes, I’m lucky. I am not wealthy, but don’t depend on writing income to buy groceries. I don’t see many writers who aren’t already famous, well-connected, or working in the publishing industry make a bundle with their books or articles This is a lousy fact for reasons laid out by Mr. Ellis and others. There are always exceptions, but only a few strike it rich. I will write anyway and love the contribution I can make.

    I imagine you will keep writing because you love it and have much to offer, and I will share a link to your post on FB–for free. And I hope you’ll someday be paid more than a pittance for the work you love. And I’ll enjoy watching you grow and create and hopefully make some money. Hey, this rant is long enough to be a blog of its own.

    • Yes it is a blog of its own. Thank you, Elaine, my guest blogger:>) As always you have valid points that humble me and remind me to continue to take stock.
      You remind me (even if you didn’t say it) to take a look at my own humanity.

  8. Gotta love Murphy – NOT! His or her job is strictly to make others peeved or miserable or challenged.
    Sometimes a good thing (we realize with a fair bit of hind site) and sometimes a bad (during the thick of the experience). Oy!

    • Yes, I have to remind myself to think about what message Murphy may be sending. Is he making a point to disrupt in order to make me work harder for my goals, or to make me realign them? Hmmm
      Thank you for joining in.

  9. I agree that the logo is “you” — and you should roll with it. Writing can be a business, when it is run like one. Taking paying jobs, meeting deadlines, surveying what is needed and wanted and then producing that in quantity. There is a huge demand for well written material, and people pay for it. However, you may find yourself writing about plumbing, chiropractic adjustment, environmental issues, and health insurance (just a sample of my latest gigs) to get paid. And you will either enjoy coming up with a way to make the subject fresh and interesting, all the while polishing your ability to write — or you will resent the time it is taking away from the writing you COULD be doing. I could make a living writing. But it would be working just as hard — for someone else — as I did before I retired. I have decided I am now writing for ME — writing those things I feel called to write. Now, finding an appreciative audience and marketing to them can be a full-time job, too. But at least it is communicating with like-minded souls. Instead of adding to the mountain of sports injury articles that show up weekly on the web. Not everyone is in a position where they can write “for love” full time. The solution, I think, is to learn from what you do write, and be thrilled that you are making a living writing, even it is about tankless water heaters.

    • How did you know that a tankless water heater was at the top of my wish list, Susan? Those 3-minute showers are not all that fun:>)
      Thank you for your thoughts. These comments are helping me align my goals more clearly. I feel a mission statement coming, although that sounds pretty “corporate” to me.
      My intention is to edit and publish that 30-year back log of writing that most of us have. I want to sell what I can (and freely share some) in order to raise my meager financial existence a bit.

  10. Ok Patti, that was good! I don’t suppose you read my article last week…..’My three days off….Or was it?’ Murphy has been living in my life for the past two weeks, I didn’t even get as explicit about as you because he had sucked up so much of my time already:) Perhaps he has relatives or is as big as God but he certainly gets around! xo P.S. please see my latest blog as I have nominated you for Liebster Award. 🙂

  11. I’m with you. If we give away our work, no writer will be able to earn a living. Of course, I did technical writing to make a living and nobody does that for free. Still, I understand that many writers are so hungry for a byline, they’ll do it naked in a snowdrift, but I prefer a check. Or cash 🙂

    Murphy and God are indistinguishable around here.

  12. I like it…it’s nice…
    For a girl!

  13. You go, girl! And know you’re not alone when Murphy stops by and stays too long. It happens to all of us, especially we want to get something done and now. 🙂 I like the heart image up there . . . says this is Patti Hall’s story straight from the heart, she’s sharing souvenirs and memories with you.

  14. You and me both, girlfriend. I am down to posting here once a week as I am trying to get back to my “real” (hahaha) writing.

  15. A once a week blog post works for me, too, Luanne, but others have to find their own rhythm. With more, I spend all my time writing blogs and none getting articles out to new readers and places that pay. My focus on bereavement and grief is a hard sell unless the writer is famous or writes about someone famous–neither true in my case. A good friend has many readers and three books, one fairly recent. After years of twice weekly posts, she took the summer off. Occasionally she posted an old popular blog on FB from her storehouse, but not often and nothing new. Guess what? Forty new subscribers found her during her break and signed up! Hmmm…

  16. I did notice the heart shaped clouds with the title inside. It caught my eye right off. I love it. I enjoyed the rant of the writer on utube too. Your Murphy day was similar to some experiences I have had. Glad you didn’t let a little opposition stop you. Keep your eye on the goal! Also haven’t gotten any email updates lately. Hope things are progressing there.

  17. I love the logo. I replied or commented before, not sure if it posted. Enjoyed Harlen Ellis’s rant too. Murphy days, we all have them. Glad you didn’t give in. Vickie

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  18. I loved this post! It has pretty much summed up my past three weeks. Anything that could have gone wrong, did–in addition to some other unexpected things. At least things are somewhat back to ‘normal’ now. Prepping for NaNo now. It’s going to be a rough month. Hugs, Lily

  19. I love the banner, Patti. Very ethereal.

    Great writing!

  20. Thanks for following my blog. I will follow yours as well. beebeesworld

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