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4 Days of a Caregiver, Writer on Hold




Friday & Saturday

Friday was busy and full of smiles and hugs from Sara & Jon and the little grands. I am so glad that it worked out that I could watch the my gr’daughters get their awards before I headed to Oregon.

It was a beautiful fall drive from Washington to Oregon, and my truck remembered how to get back to the nursing home just fine. I spent some time with Mrs. M at the nursing home, and then I followed her gr’daughter over to Mrs. M’s duplex. It is a 2 bedroom in a little community near Gresham. After the gr’daughter left, I unpacked and did a little freshening up around the place, then went to explore the area in my truck.

Yes, I did get lost once, but it was worth it. I now have a better idea of where I am and where most of the places that we may need to go are. Mrs. M doesn’t drive, and I know that it’s hard for me to get to know a place if I am a passenger. I bought a map:>)

I made it back over to the nursing home the next morning with no wrong turns. Mrs. M was ready to go, after fond farewells with her roommate and the staff. It was obvious that she was well-liked there. I packed her up, and when her gr’daughter got there, we left. By Saturday afternoon, Mrs. M and I were as settled in as two strangers could be. She seems to take well to changes and is amiable about the big and little things. Ahhh, that makes things easy for both of us.

White Picket Red Berry Gate Wood Village, OR PHALL PHOTO 2013

White Picket Red Berry Gate
Wood Village, OR

Sunday & Monday

Mrs. M and I had an exciting day and evening yesterday. The nursing home sent a nurse to look over the meds and check her vitals. We should also have visits from physical therapists in the next few days. We were sitting here filling out some papers after the nurse left, and we heard a loud boom; the electricity went out. With Mrs. M’s directions, I found the flash lights and batteries, but didn’t have the right batteries for the radio. We still don’t know what happened, but we were in the dark for only an hour or so.

Once the power came back on, I turned the thermostat up to get us warm. I smelled something burning and got up and looked around. It was coming from the wall heater, so I turned it back off. Then 3 smoke alarms started screaming out. I turned those off and Mrs. M called the landlord; he got here pretty quickly. It turns out that dust build-up inside the heater caught fire. As he was testing the heater in my bedroom, it started smoking too and set the alarms off again.

Please vacuum out your heaters for winter use. Might as well check your flash lights and emergency radio for batteries while you are at it.



That was our crazy Sunday. Yesterday I took a long walk around the neighborhood. I had my camera and found some of the season’s last flowers and some other great colors and textures to take photos of. We had a big plan to go get groceries, but at the last minute, Mrs. M’s back pain flared. She called the gr’daughter to come over while I ran our errands. Yep, got the batteries. It was nice to be back in Oregon, where an attendant pumps your gas. Everything else feels pretty much the same as Washington.

My little grandson, Tiven has been gone almost 6 months, and November 3rd would have been his 4th birthday. I have been fighting tears for several days, but yesterday I was able to get away and let them come as they wanted to. I miss my little guy every single day. That’s all for now.

Autumn Rose for Tiven. 3 Nov 2009-26 Apr 2013 PHALL PHOTO 2013

Autumn Rose for Tiven.
3 Nov 2009-26 Apr 2013


Let me know how things are going with you. Still getting our routine down here, so I haven’t got back to editing the memoir postcards. Not online much either.



Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

15 thoughts on “4 Days of a Caregiver, Writer on Hold

  1. The photos are stunning!

  2. Hey there, Patti! Sounds like you and Mrs. M are having some exciting times with power outages, batteries, smoking wall heaters and the like. All is well here, except I’m trying to rethink how much time to spend on social media vs. getting some serious writing on the memoir done. I think the memoir is going to win out. I’d really like to complete the first draft sooner than later. When things settle and you and Mrs. M feel OK with you getting out for coffee or lunch, let me know (you’ve got the number!) and we’ll figure out some place to meet halfway between. Thinking of you daily as you settle into your caregiver role. Sending you prayers and hugs for your missing your little grandson. How hard that must have been!



    • Thank you, Sherrey, for all your well wishes and kind words. Yes, it has been interesting with these extra challenges thrown it.
      It will probably be next week before we can meet, but I do look forward to it.
      I also agree about the social media vs writing. I think many of us are still learning our stride and just what it takes to do the thing we want most, which is to write and publish:>)
      See you soon,

  3. Oh! You’re sort of back! Welcome back, sort of 😛 Such a beautiful vine – looks like a passion flower vine? All is going good for us….I think I’ve missed an entry somewhere about Mrs. M! I’ll go find it.

  4. What kind of flower is that? Sounds like you are digging right in. Sorry about the heater fire. So glad she wasn’t there alone. I hope that’s the most excitement u get and that un get to keep walking and taking photos. I’m glad u were able to shed some tears and think on Tiven’s birthday. Still such a sad tragic loss. Hugs and love to u.

  5. Grateful that the writer isn’t entirely on hold and the photographer not at all. Beautiful images, Patti. No power, smoke, fire alarms! Scary night in your new world, but glad it wasn’t a disaster after all. A belated Halloween party. And Sunday sounded like healing balm. Thinking of you and know you’ll get settled, take more photos, and write more. Somehow we get used to things and make it work. Mrs. M is one lucky woman to have you on the spot.

  6. Hi Patti, always a great read coming here. Photos are lovely and I have to ask….did you take that ‘Murphy’ character with you on this journey? lol. If so, dump him on the way back! 🙂

  7. Always happy to come here and your other blog and hear about what you are up to and enjoy the photos. You are such a talent.

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