to find Patti Singleton these days.

9 thoughts on “Every Damned Day December

  1. You are your own worst enemy 😉 I saw the post too but managed to stop myself from signing up. I’m trying to cut back and focus more on my novel(s). (And, yeah, I know, “good luck with that”) 🙂

  2. It’s a great idea (perhaps “not”). I couldn’t even keep up with the NaNoBloMo daily posts! I began to believe that all I wrote could be summed up as, blah, blah, blah! That being written, I am trying to post twice per week during December and I am determined to keep the posts joyous and inspiring! You~ my bloggessa friend, need to rest and relax!

    • I did and I am so over that:>) I am looking forward to getting some writing done this month. The blues can wait. Seriously, I needed a good writing goal to keep my mind busy this month.
      You always seem to be joyous and inspiring, but it is a great goal. Let’s keep checking in w/each other. xx

  3. Hi Patti,
    No daily blogs for this woman. My goal is to write (or work on) two pieces a week, one for my blog and one for submitting elsewhere. It’s a stretch to write two pieces a week that matter to me. Maybe I’m just slow.

    I’m working with my publisher and getting the zillions of details and deadlines sorted out, so this takes away from writing time. And of course there will be new edits and acknowledgements to write–and an epilogue has been requested since the book ends three years ago and there has been much positive change in my life since then.

    Finally, when anyone sends constant daily blogs, I feel overwhelmed and stop paying attention. Even twice a week can be too much if I want to read and respond with care. Perhaps this is ungenerous of me and I’m missing something, but it’s my gut reaction. Am I excited to read a new blog post or do I groan that I’m getting yet another piece written in a hurry that I don’t have time to read?

    I’ll be watching, interested to see how this unfolds. Maybe I’ll have to change my opinion.
    Glad you’re home and hope you have endless uninterrupted time to write.
    With love and curiosity,

    • I’m curious too, Elaine. The writing challenge drew me in and we shall see if I can keep up with a quality to match the handful of my friends here who are so generous with their feedback and comments. You are the ones who make me pause and look at things in other ways, because I value your time and opinion.

      I’m excited about your book and love hearing about the steps you are going through.
      Feel free to groan or pass if you need to. I will have you and a few others on my shoulder as I try to maintain a quality to keep your interest. Sheesh! What a task. All I can do is try, if nothing else I will try to keep them very short:>)
      Looking forward,

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