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Daily Prompt: The Power of Touch


Wynochee 173 Wynochee 175

It looked like a miracle. The contrast of bright green new growth, caught in winter’s first shock of frozen air, thrilled the nature lover and the photographer in me. The plants were only a few feet apart, but the frost dealt with them very differently. I so wanted to touch the velvety layer of frost on the first plant, as well as the plant with all its leaves meticulously outlined in crystal spikes. Of course, I didn’t.  I took these photos 2 days ago near the Wynoochee River in the Olympic National Forest in Western Washington.

The prompt, “Textures are everywhere: The rough edges of a stone wall. The smooth innocence of a baby’s cheek. The sense of touch brings back memories for us. What texture is particularly evocative to you?Photographers, artists, poets: show us TEXTURE.”

When I first read this prompt, funny bittersweet memories about touch and texture came to mind. My late husband had the most wonderful sense of play. It was quite a surprise for us to learn that we both loved to touch things while shopping…you know; soft blankets on the store shelves, throw pillows with soft fuzzy covers, and smooth satin or furry slippers.

At first, a person with this inclination does their feeling on the sly; what will people think if they see you rubbing the corner of a comforter on your cheek? It wasn’t long before we discovered our mutual secret, and made almost a game out of it. Who can find the softest material on an otherwise boring shopping errand? Even if we were just running in to get some paint or something for the office, one of us (usually me) would make a bee-line to a display of a potentially soft item.

We were quite discerning too, not just any soft thing would do, and we booed when something looked really soft, but just didn’t meet our standards. If it was good we’d pass it to the other one, “Oh, feel this one, it’s softer than that red one…” That usually started us on a roll of comparing softness, from one department to another. What did we come in for?

I admit, my addiction was worse than his, but we both loved all the new textures coming out. We’d still try to do our feeling on the sly, and sometimes pretend shock when we saw the other one sinking their fingers into a plush throw pillow. “Weirdo,” he or I would whisper. That would cause a round of laughter between us. Shopping was always fun with Paul, because we made it fun. Together, we had a knack for that.

After losing Paul to leukemia 4 years ago, it’s nice to be able to share some stories of our strange fun with others. And I see you rolling your eyes, but I bet you have some strange couple-only habits. Right? Go ahead, we’d love to hear them (the PG ones!).

Peace Out,


For more photos from my Wynoochee trip, visit my photo blog here

Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

40 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Power of Touch

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  2. Those photos are awesome! I can’t think of any couples-only habits that my husband and I have … not right now anyway. After 20+ years, I’m sure we have a few 🙂 But as far as texture in general, it’s one of the reasons why I knit. I love the texture of yarn and of the fabric that I create with my needles.

    • Marie,
      My WP notification thingy is not working properly and so I am going back to old posts to see who I’ve missed. So sorry, I missed your comment.
      Glad you enjoyed the frosty plant photos.
      After 20 years you probably don’t even notice your couples only habits!
      Knitting also attracts me because of the colors…I love colors almost as much as I love texture:>) Hope you are getting in some knitting time. I’m saving it until I’m really old:>)

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  4. I love your version of strange fun. Sorry, I don’t have any PG ones to share. Your photos look 3-dimensional today!

  5. Patty, this is lovely writing and photography. BTB: where do the prompts come from?

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  7. I would think that demonstrates you shared a deep and meaningful sensuality. Funny, my husband and I both smell things when we are shopping, fruit, clothes, plastics…don’t rightly know what that demonstrates…lol As usual, your pictures are lovely.

    • Thanks you, Susan. I think the sense of smell is connected to sensuality too!
      The only time in my life I ever enjoyed shopping was while Paul and I were together. I’m back to my old shopping curmudgeon ways:>) I go in and I never get everything I need because I’m overwhelmed and just want out!

  8. I bet the two of you were a real ‘hoot’ in the TP section 😉 “please don’t squeeze the Charmin!”… 🙂

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  11. Glad I didn’t miss this one, dear Patti. Those sweet secrets we know about the ones we love the most. Vic loved what he called “soft covers.” He hated scratchy fabric and loved fleece. He hated wool pants when he was a child and loved wearing sweats at home. I shrouded him in white sheets in the hospital, but knew I would see his body the next day. My son drove me to a department store with quality blankets, and I bought the softest white blanket in the place. This was Vic’s final shroud in his cremation box. A soft cover for my honey’s journey.

    • Oh, Elaine, I’m so glad you didn’t miss it either! What a touching way to honor him…
      …And he left knowing that he was 1/2 of a love that would know his every desire as she sent him on.
      On a lighter note, I hope the guys get to hang out and compare the softness of the clouds and silky angel wings.
      (I do enjoy my fantasy afterlife visions:>)
      Thank you so much for adding this to our little cyber world here. You are a special addition.
      Warm Hugs,

  12. You are torturing me with jealousy for all your great photos lately!!!!!!!

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  15. Love the photos and your story. If touching soft things was the worst obsession any couples every had, the world would be a better, softer place!! 🙂


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  17. Sweet – I love textures and softness too, and the intricacy of that crystal like ice frame on those plants is just mesmerizing. Nature is such an artist, and you capture her work beautifully:-) Lovely image, picturing the two of you turning the boring overwhelming humdrum of shopping into a game. I touch plants and trees and leaves a lot as I walk past them…not quite so touchy feely when I shop, but I’m gonna try that one:-) Love and blessings, Harula xxxx

    • Looks like I found another one of your comments that I missed. Sheesh, you must think I’m ignoring you. I am so not! You are one of my favorite people here. I have found more missed comments in almost every post, so I guess that is my work today:>)
      Those frosted plants mesmerized me too. I just wanted to stay there and look at them. I always think I have seen the best, and then Mother Nature amazes me with the next astounding thing. I am grateful that my life is such that I can get out and see (and share) these amazements.
      let me know if you try the shopping and touching experiment.
      Hugs and much love,

      • Oh Patti, of course I don’t think that – you must have been thinking I’m ignoring you! I’ve not had a lot of reading time recently, but that doesn’t mean you’re not in my thoughts. Thanks for the reminder, sure, I’ll let you know if I try out the shopping and feeling experiment:-) Love and blessings, Harula xxxxxxx

      • You are in my thoughts too. Warm wishes your way and hope your folks are doing well. xx

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  20. Such lovely images. I laughed the whole way through the story because I do that too! Leaves of plants hanging over the fence get a little pat as I walk by, sometimes I have to jump up to reach the leaves on trees, I bend down to touch inviting patches of grass, even the tree bark gets my attention, that’s in addition to all the quirky shopping antics, which sadly I have never shared with another living soul. Reading your story, there is hope for me yet!

  21. Touch can mean so many things but here you’ve captured the pure essence of what it really is. Those images made me, literally made me want to reach into them and touch those frosty edges of those luscious green leaves. That is what touch is — a moving experience when you can’t actually touch! Probably makes no sense, but like I say later on my sanity may have left the building.

    • Maybe ours took a little walk together and they’ll be back soon? We can only hope. Nice to “see” Sherrey. Sorry we never got our visit, but hopefully I’ll be back there this summer. Going to spend winter in Alaska Jan 2nd.

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