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EDDD 6; Even My Frogs Froze!


Sheesh, people! I finally fell asleep earlier and then got on the phone with my sweet sis and here I am with a pocketful of excuses. How’s that? I don’t like to waste your time just so I can meet my Every Damn Day December deadline, but here we are.

How about a photo, I never do those:>) Hey, at least it will be only a few wasted minutes, instead of me dragging this out….029 072

We are covered in snow and I will try to get out tomorrow for photos. BTW I did do a post earlier and forgot to put EDDD on it!

Peace out,


From writing challenge at Every Damn Day December

Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

13 thoughts on “EDDD 6; Even My Frogs Froze!

  1. I must have missed what the “EDDD” is about…”Lucy, you got some ‘splainen’ to do!” LOL! 🙂

  2. I guess I won’t mention the 70-degree weather now in Florida. But I can’t brag about frozen frogs and crystalline designs on windows from cold wintry days. I remember such beauty growing up in PA though.

    • You can mention it, that gives me motivation to find a way out of this cold part of the country.
      I am attempting to make the best of something I really don’t care for: cold weather! And I sure get good feelings from the things I find to photograph out there in the cold:>)
      Enjoy that warm weather for me too.

  3. Patti, it’s definitely not that cold in Arizona, although last night we did cover the plants that hang over the wash as it was supposed to get to 34 and we thought that area might freeze as it’s lower and away from the house. Because we covered them, it didn’t freeze. hahaha

  4. Funny pic. He looks like he is barfing a salad. (I know, I have a weird humor.)

    If you decide to move to Florida, you are welcome to stay with us until you get a place. We have a guest suite with two bedrooms and a bath. I can’t promise warm weather all of the time though. Sometimes in Central Florida it drops into the thirties. We consider it a “hard freeze” if it stays under 32 for more than 9 hours, as all the tropicals will die. Sad, but it has happened before. Leaves the world an ugly shade of brown for a few months.

    • Sweet! Problem is, we have a lot of blog friends who would want to join us:>)
      I’m holding out for Hawaii and I have faith in the magic that flies around when I set my mind to something:>)
      This cold is about 15 degrees colder than normal.
      Enjoy that sun! :>)

  5. Did it snow in your town or are you back in Oregon ? I’ll be waiting to see if Hawaii becomes a reality.

  6. Did it snow in Westport ? Hawaii sounds good.

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