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EDDD 7: Spectacular Bird of Prey on Beach


I think these photos speak for themselves. This is the best of my snow day tour today… I think my favorite is the last one when he’s looking over his shoulder at me.

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From writing challenge at Every Damn Day December

Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

19 thoughts on “EDDD 7: Spectacular Bird of Prey on Beach

  1. WOW!!! S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!! How magic to get so up close and personal with such magnificent creature, what a gift – thanks so much for sharing. Hugs, H xxx

    • Harula, My WP notification thingy is not working properly and so I am going back to old posts to see who I’ve missed. So sorry, I missed your comment.
      Thank you and I am so glad that you loved these images as much as I did. Yesterday, we saw about 6 Bald Eagles at the beach, but they always fly about the time we see them. I was glad that the young one stayed put long enough to get some fairly good shots, although not as sharp as I would like.
      Thank you for visiting and being a part of this. xo

  2. Big red winged hawk I think. They’re impressive — especially up close. We had one chowing down in our driveway a few weeks ago. Fortunately, when he left — rather huffily I think — he took his kill with him. I hate when they leave leftovers.

  3. Is that an osprey or a hawk? Just stunning, but he looks cold.

  4. My favorite is the winged one. Your ability to get interesting photos is amazing.

    • Thank you! I would have completely missed him, but my friend saw him and backed up so I could take photos. Same with the eagles on two posts that I’m putting up later. Need to get my eyes checked again!

  5. Love these!

  6. Beautiful photos. That bird keeps an eye on you. A totem. I have a type of falcon called a Kestrel–a smaller falcon. One sat on the bluebird houses in the spring and kept the swallows and bluebirds away. I chased it away finally. Too big for the door of the house and too mean to the little birds. It stayed at the edge of the forest, or one of its relatives.

    • Yes, and I hate thinking that the main meals for the big birds are smaller birds! Ah, life…
      I love kestrels and their big bird in a small body ways:>) I’m glad things have settled down for your mil, for now. It is fortunate that paid help is an option.
      Thank you for checking in.

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