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EDDD 9; Do You Have Any Comments on Commenting?


Here’s my own horoscope for today, written by me. You will continue to sleep sporadically, which allows you to have active friendships online with people all over the world. You will add to some (FB & blog) conversations, dropping helpful links, opinions, ideas and names as you can. You will take away helpful links, names, ideas and be grateful for your growing circle of creative business and personal friendships. You WILL get those dishes done (yep). You will write and edit one story (1/2 yep). Don’t forget Every Damn Day December before midnight:>)

Sunset begins at Brady's Oysters and the Elk River Bridge outside of Westport, Wa. PHALL PHOTO 2013

Sunset begins at Brady’s Oysters and the Elk River Bridge, outside of Westport, Wa.


After reading a well written, verrrry long article in an online journal earlier today, I began to wonder if others do as I do when reading online. I read the article or post, and form my opinions and thoughts about it as I go along. Next, I read about the author, and then I start in on the comments.

Sometimes, I learn more from the comments than I did from the article/post. I learn about making assumptions and jumping to conclusions. Those comments often help me think differently. Sometimes the comments sway my initial opinion, but usually they help me make a more thoughtful comment of my own, and give me a fuller understanding of the topic. And sometimes I get an “ah ha” moment, when a point is brought up that I never even considered.

It is obvious from reading the comments, that not everyone reads the previously written comments before posting their own. When several people ask the same question, it can get irritating. I scroll past those that are written from a soap box. Unless it gets out of hand and becomes a personal attack, I usually enjoy a good back and forth discussion/argument.

My biggest pet peeve is when I see that all the comments are floating in the ether, because the author of the article/post is not responding at all. Even that can turn out okay if the readers interact with each other, but that doesn’t often happen. If the author is too busy to respond to their readers/audience, how about just turning off the comment option?

What do you think about comments? Do you have a “system” for reading and commenting? Do you think authors should reply to the comments that their writing generates? We’d love to know what you think.



From writing challenge at Every Damn Day December

And sunset ends at Bonge Beach, Westport, Wa. PHALL PHOTO 2013

And sunset ends at Bonge Beach, Westport, Wa.

Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

33 thoughts on “EDDD 9; Do You Have Any Comments on Commenting?

  1. Hi, Patti. I usually only read the comments on other blogs if I’m going to leave a comment. Don”t want to duplicate what someone else says. As far as comments on my blog, I decided early on that it’s rude not to acknowledge people who take the time to comment. I don’t get that many comments, though. If I got a lot of comments, I would probably only reply to specific questions.

  2. It’s nice when someone takes the time to comment and only polite for me to comment back. Sometimes this has led to lots of fun and I’ve made many firm friends from there.

  3. not so much a system as a routine that’s become a habit – like you, I first read the post, then the author if I’m not already familiar with them, but not the other comments, so I may be one of those guilty of repeating what others have said – as to comments left on my posts, I try very hard to respond to every one and express my gratitude – they are almost always the highlight of my day

    • Yes, “system” seems a little stuffy, but you have the idea. When reflecting on my ways of reading and commenting, I laughed at my routine:>)
      My comments from this community, always brighten my day.
      I wonder if you are still on my reader, or I’ve missed you or you have been quiet lately? Hmmm.
      I’ll go for a visit now:>)
      Thanks for stopping by again.

  4. I respond to any post where I actually have something to say, which is not every post. I follow an awful lot of blogs. I either have to follow fewer — or I can’t comment on everyting, especially when all I have to say is Yeah, right on! For that, there is “Like.” I do try to respond to all comments people make to me. Sometimes, one slips through the cracks … but I’m pretty diligent.

  5. I appreciate your asking the question in the first place, a valid one indeed. Though I love my online connections, I find I can get distracted reading and commenting on really, really great blogs which eats into my own writing time.

    About commenting on my own blog: Each post ends with something along these lines: Your comment welcome I will always reply–and I try to do just that!

    • You are another one who is good at reply to your blog, as a matter of fact, I think everyone in this little community is. But when I am out and about, I see many others who just don’t.
      And, yes it is easy to eat up too many precious hours visiting other blogs. Maybe when the novelty wears off, I will do better at getting down to business:>)
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting:>)

  6. When I am simply giving an opinion on something, or have been asked a question, I usually don’t read all of the comments, but if it is about an interesting subject to me or witty banter and humor, I will read all the comments. I am curious and love to learn, I also love to laugh!

  7. Love the horoscope! 🙂 It all depends on time if I read others’ comments on another blog, and how many there are. I do usually read About pages because that answers my own questions about the authors, but I’ve noticed (from my own blog and reading other blogs’ comments) that many don’t do that. On my own, I usually reply, except occasionally for the general comments, like “nice post”.
    I think a lot of it has to do with the amount of time people have. I am busy with multiple things, but I don’t have a 9-5 and kids, but it amazes me how much those who do, do!
    p.s. I did not read all the above comments because I am watching my mom right now and too much distraction. 🙂

    • Hi, nice to “see” you. Yes, time, that tough taskmaster! I too, am amazed at the amount of things 9-5’ers and parents with kids at home get done.
      Loved you p.s.. Hope all is well.

  8. I think people should chat up a storm. That’s what comments are for. I think authors of the sites should respond and not leave a person in limbo. I understand if life throws a curve that gets in the way of the best laid intentions. I think comments should be thoughtful, fun, supportive – you know, as positive as possible. We don’t have to agree, I love a good debate but a lot of times commenters want to be right and it blows up on you. I don’t mind your opinion but we should be able to disagree and still get along. Isn’t that a perk of a growing relationship, business or casual, even on a small scale?

    With Facebook I don’t think you can always see the comments until after you post a comment. They’re weird.

    I have to say I think it’s awful when you try to join a conversation and are ignored. It’s happened to me. It’s heartbreaking.

    My system for commenting is contingent upon my grandson.

    Amen. 🙂

    • Yes, you do have a big consideration (in a little package). I hope never to break your heart here:>) Sometimes my comments or replies are short, because I want to acknowledge someone, but my thoughts are scattered…at least I do try! Hope all is well with you and your little family. Hugs.

      • Thanks Patti. We’re all good. My daughter’s got “This Means War’ on the tube – I’ve seen it so I ran back in here to read one last post and then I’ll be heading back.

        The other thing I do if I don’t have time to respond is click ‘like’. No one knows one way or the other but it’s my way of saying hello and I’m diggin’ the posts.

        I know we all do the best we can.

      • That is the bottom line. 99% of my distractions are self made…to many thoughts, ideas, plans running through my head:>)
        Thanks again for hanging out, or popping in.

  9. Much better horoscope. Now you can hang out an astrologer’s shingle and go into business. Agree with and read comments above. All for love, laughter, and curiosity. At my site, I respond to every comment and do it promptly (just like you), but if I had hundreds of comments, I don’t know if I could do that. So far a joyful, but not impossible task, and I love getting to know those who read my blog. Other blogs, if there aren’t zillions of comments, I read them, but sometimes I want to make a comment somewhere like NY Times and there are hundreds of comments. I don’t read all of them. And I also do not like making a comment and being ignored–although in some cases I see there are so many responses that the person has to give a general response. That’s understandable.

    • Glad you like the new horoscope. Shingle hung, let the fun begin. My comment behavior does adjust according to FB, blogs, fav blogs and name brand sites.
      I too, love these little micro-communities that we are building and blending.
      Glad you made it to 9:>)

  10. I absolutely love comments and I agree with you regarding those writers who should perhaps turn off their comments if they are in broadcast mode (output only). Getting to know people and engaging with readers and other bloggers is what has kept me writing and learning and growing. It is such a disappointing feeling when you take the time to write a thoughtful and encouraging comment and it is never responded to, especially when all the other comments before and after yours get a response – I tend to take that one personally – much as I’d rather just laugh it off. In the early days of my blog I had no idea what to do and I was sad that I missed out on replying to a few people, primarily because I just didn’t know my way around WordPress and the blogging world, so if it’s a newbie, I usually give them another try.

    • I like that, “broadcast mode.” That’s exactly what some bloggers seem to be up to. Fortunately, both of us seemed to have found some folks willing to relate in a much friendlier way.
      My computer crashed last night when I was still reading and exploring your place, but I will be back:>)
      Thanks for your input and for stopping by again.

  11. I read online like you do, Patti, except for one thing: when there are a ton of comments I do not read them. I might read a smattering, but not all of them. You’ve made me think about that, but sometimes people have so many, like when they area Freshly Pressed or just have oodles of reader/commenters.

  12. Patti I love this!!!!!!!!!1 So true! Some people just post without looking to see if their question was asked and it also bothers me when I read posts that have no interaction from the creator, social sites or otherwise. Thanks for putting it out there my friend! xo

  13. When commenting on someone else’s blog (as I am doing now), I usually read the other comments if there are only a few before posting my own. When there’s more than, say, ten comments, I scan through them rather quickly (time is of the essence). Thirty or more and I just leave my comment, without reading the other comments, and that’s if I feel a strong need to express myself. If a blogger is getting a ton of comments with every post, I doubt that she will miss me if I don’t comment, but only Like the post.

    I do wonder what is the point of encouraging people to leave comments if the blogger isn’t going to respond. For now, I respond to all comments on my blog, although sometimes that means I only say “Thank you for reading and commenting” because I’m too brain dead to write anything more intelligent. I figure I’m at least acknowledging the person who commented. That’s one reason why I’ve cut back on publishing original posts to my blog. I don’t like being in the situation of still having to respond to the comments of one post when the next post pops up. But there are some bloggers I have follow that have tens of thousand of followers and nearly as many comments per post. I don’t blame those bloggers if they don’t respond to each and every comment: it must be too overwhelming. But they should at least respond to a few, maybe a random few.

    Hope you are well. I feel like I’m working backwards on your blog 🙂

    • Don’t worry, I’m so behind on my blogging friends, all I can do is all I can do:>)
      I’m learning a lot from this posting every damn day challenge. Mostly, that it is too much for our busy community!
      You summed up my feelings about commenting very well.
      I am fighting the holiday blues, but I’m pretty sure I’m winning! Hope all is well with you and yours. Hugs.

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