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EDDD 10; Is Writing Your Business?


crabMy horoscope for today, written by me. Some planets appear to be nearing collision point, which has caused a sh**tstorm of emotions for you today, dear Cancer. You are a water sign, hence the tears and the feeling of sinking, even though you are swimming as fast as you can. You will be forced to make hard decisions relating to family, caves and plants. You will hide in your shell, enjoy uplifting friendships online, share amazing wonders and put decisions off to another day. After all, you are a crab.

Is Writing Your Business?

Yes? Then you’ve probably already run across these two dynamos; Kristine Kathryn Rusch at and her husband/business partner Dean Wesley Smith at

Kris and Dean are not only some of the most prolific writers that I have seen, but they also have the business end of writing down to a science. I have been enjoying Kris’s Free Fiction Friday and her business e-newsletter for many months. Dean is a proponent of indie authors not giving their work away, and he backs it up with examples. Both have sound author and freelance business advise.

That’s my gem for today, “see” you all tomorrow. I have officially blown this deadline. Computer crashed and I couldn’t get back on in time. I guess I should start hours ahead of midnight?




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Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

7 thoughts on “EDDD 10; Is Writing Your Business?

  1. Yeah. Take that how you like, Patti ;). As far as Kris and Dean go: do you know how to follow them or because they are websites you can’t follow? I was looking for at least twitter . . . .

  2. My horoscope today. People in your life will demand that you rise to your best self and not let anger and resentment get the best of you. You should spend more time outside so that you can remain calm and kind.

    Patti, I do not know the people you suggest. Dedicated to fiction or also appropriate for memoir? Writing is first my pleasure. Second, a clarifying healing blessing. Third, my business. Crab energy can be so emotional, but fortunately tears heal. You know that.

    • Elaine,
      Just found out my WP notification is not displaying all my new comments. I am going back and have found at least one comment in my last 3 posts that I missed! Pretty funny after my post on commenting. Point is, I missed this!
      I love your home made horoscope.
      Kris and Dean are more fiction focused, but have valid info on both.
      I do know that tears are supposed to heal, but I need to let that happen. I have a kind of panic reaction to crying…almost like it feels like it will kill me to let go. weird. Need to work on that, I know. These days, I am pretty good about just letting them flow as I read, write, drive. When I look at the sad thing head-on, that’s when it gets hard to let go with the tears.
      Here I am back to the “Dear Diary” mode, but I don’t think I’m going to worry about that right now:>)

  3. From one crab to another: Sorry that your computer crashed but maybe you needed a break. *Hugs*

    • Another one! I have many female crabs in my world. Computer is driving me crazy (not a long drive at all). I keep trying out different solutions until I can pay the computer piper to fix it. Hugs back!

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