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EDDD 12; Daily Prompt: My Precious


Who is the person in your life who can do no wrong? Describe this person and tell us why you hold them in such high esteem. Photographers, artists, poets: show us PRECIOUS.

I hold several people in high esteem, yet I know better than to think any of us can do no wrong. It is the nature of we beastly humans to mess up. Along with the bad, that we already know about (from real life experience or the news media), the internet has opened us up to witness so much human goodness and kindness.

There is the TED talk forum and its clones, where people from all walks of life, stand alone on stage and give us their very best, in under 20 minutes. There is Upworthy (and others) that scours the news for life and love-affirming stories. There are the strangers in the blog world, who virtually hold up and hug, other strangers, merely with kind written words.

But when it comes down to choosing someone in my life as “My Precious,” there is no choice for me. That would be the innocent children; my little grands. I hold them in high esteem, because despite having so much in this world against them (by simply being on this planet at this time), they are the hope of the future. Their innocence, love, laughter, and optimism is the embodiment of hope for the rest of us.

Simmer 2013 Nola, Hunter, Cora

Simmer 2013 Nola, Hunter, Cora




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Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

9 thoughts on “EDDD 12; Daily Prompt: My Precious

  1. You are so very right…they are our hope, our future for a better community on our poor planet. Great choice, thanks for sharing!

  2. And you are your grandkids’ Precious 🙂 I have quite a few precious people in my life. You are one of them 🙂

  3. Ah, the grans. I have no equivalent and although I love Willow, she can’t take a lofty position (she eats rabbit and deer “pellets” after all. So far in this life of many spiritual and psychological teachers, a wonderful husband and sons, and loving supportive friends, I’ve learned that everyone has a dark side. I’ll bet the Dalai Lama is grumpy and impatient once in a while with those in his inner circle–then he forgives himself and moves on. Pema Chodron laughs at herself publicly–and I put her on a pedestal for doing that. So did my teacher Marion Woodman. She didn’t pretend to have all the answers, but she poured all of herself into her life and work. My goal is to hold myself in a more compassionate view. Accept that I’m not perfect. I’m doing the best I can and that’s all that is required.

    • I’m so imperfect I’m going to have to be around a long, long time to straighten myself out. I spent the day on the beach, mostly in truck, but that always helps. Wait until you see the photos!
      I so appreciate this friendship and always look forward to your loving and thoughtful comments.

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