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EDDD 16; Shoulding On Myself Every Damn Day


White clouds reflected in Wynoochee River, from moldy bridge. PHALL PHOTO 2013

REFLECTIONS: White clouds reflected in Wynoochee River, from rusty, moldy bridge.

Scattered Shoulds

The issue with blogging every damn day is that I am very scattered right now.

I have a thousand stories to tell,

a million poems at the tip of my imagination machine.

I have hundreds of “shout-out” candidates that are due their

name in big shiny letters, scrolled across the sky.

My fingers have surfed along the keyboard,

finding waves of information to share with one and all,

important bits for writers and grievers and technology buffs.

Rose Carter warned us years ago,

that we’ll all eventually be caregivers or carereceivers,

for the boomers and their folks,

so, much that I choose to share, is along the lines of care.

There are thousands of photos that you all must see!

I’m in and out researching what ails my laptop,

I try one thing then another, but still the damn thing fails.

And family history calls from the over flowing 3-ring binder,

voices of my ancestors hollering to be known.

Oh yes, and craft projects seep from several totes,

“Pick me! Pick me!” I hear it all the time.

The “shoulds” attack me left and right;

go see dear friends, the kids, the little grands, and the cousins too.

It’s clear to see how many things I can write about and do,

instead I sink into my chair and write this post to you:>)


Enjoy the day or night, and don’t be shoulding on yourselves:>)



Every Damn Day? Who’s idea was this anyway?

From writing challenge Every Damn Day December at

Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

21 thoughts on “EDDD 16; Shoulding On Myself Every Damn Day

  1. Hi Patti

    I love this:-) Those darn ‘shoulds’ are a plain old nuisance, but to tell the truth, the overriding feeling of this post for me is enthusiasm and abundance – so much aliveness, creativity and imagination, so much wanting to be channeled through and around you. Think about the seeds of trees my friend – the oak sheds a lot of acorns, and if all of them turned into trees – so it’s ok to be discerning and prioritize, it doesn’t matter that every single idea and inspiration isn’t given birth to – but the ones that are will be the ones with staying power:-)

    Here’s the beginning of a poem I wrote a while back called should cricket! Blessings my friend! H xxx


    are like cricket balls –



    and meant to be hit


    straight back to where they came from.

  2. I’m relieved to know that we aren’t tormenting any undeserved (male) insects… (cricket balls)


    From the “nut” that I am…and to paraphrase Judee…don’t give me any of your should…oh wait…that was “don’t should on me”…that’d be an interesting flag (compare to “don’t tread on me”)…

    Please tell me that I’m not the only one laughing now… I’m just going to run with this…

    When the ‘should’ hits the fan… “scattered shoulds”

    …okay, I can’t be helped…you just do the best you can for each moment…how long will it take? As long as it takes…

    Personally, I can only take a story and a couple of poems at a time…thousands and millions…no…Let’s start with one each…after you get your confounded computer(s) up to par…

    waiting patiently,

  3. Yep, I know the shoulds. And the coulds and the woulds. They three little buggers that drive a person ‘batty’ or in my mind nuts. And they love biting me in the backside. 😉

  4. What a great first post to read this morning! I woke up shoulding on myself 😉 You saved the best shoulds for last: “go see dear friends, the kids, the little grands, and the cousins too.” But maybe instead of thinking we should do this or should do that, we think of what we would like to do and leave it at that.

    • Glad to start the day off right! :>)
      My shoulds are ALL what I would like to do. Notice household chores are not on here, nor is cleaning out my truck from traipsing back and forth to Portland.
      I could live to be 1000 and never do all the things that I would love to do. Mine is a bucket book:>)
      Hope you let up on the shoulds and have a great day:>)

      • Good point! I didn’t see that cleaning wasn’t on your list. Of course, it’s not on mine either 🙂

      • I live in such a small place cleaning is part of walking from my office to the bathroom, which couldn’t happen if I did clean up after myself immediately.
        I have a growing pile of cardboard recycling that seems like it is taking over!

      • I used to live in a studio apartment. Took only 30 minutes to fully clean the place (dusting included). But I also lived alone without pets. Now with a 3-bed, 2-bath, 4-cat, 1-husband house, I even procrastinate about hiring someone to clean 😉

      • Do it! I think it would be a big weight off to have help once a week or so. I went from about 3,500 sf to less than 300. I’m still adjusting and I’ve been living in Maggie for 4 years in Feb.

  5. I really don’t understand bored people when there are so many shoulds to get working on! I’m like you–feeling a bit scattered lately–should be learning how to market a book, but then there’s the next book to edit and what about the brand new stuff that’s waiting restlessly to get on paper? Or the reading or the sewing or this morning bringing our goat in the back of a frigid pick-up to get bred (a flop)! It’s good to know that others have the should bug and a sense of humor about it 🙂

  6. I always have things to do…but I don’t have the discipline or motivation to get them all done!

  7. Ah the shoulds that take the fun out of “doing”, so true! I feel so much better reading I am not alone having too many things to choose from and they keep whining…”you forgot me again…pick me, already!!” I just love your photos, Patti! such a pleasure visiting your blog…okay…now I gotta get dressed to catch the bus or I’ll be late (again), Oliana xx

  8. I’ve got so many shoulds piled up I could shoulda, woulda, coulda all day long if I wanted to, but I’m not going there. I’m doing today what make me joyous and happy no matter the shouldas. After all, they’ll still be there when I wake up tomorrow. 🙂

  9. I’m with Harula–abundance, curiosity, possibility, new life. But adding more and more can keep me up at night (like right now when I should be snoring). Compulsive shoulding is another version of that modern disease “more and faster.” Vic always said they would put on my tombstone: “She tried REALLY hard.” That part of me hasn’t changed.

    • Harula is a wise woman too, I do try to surround myself with the type…like you:>)
      I feel like my shoulding is about having way too many things that interest me. I get a smidgen done with most, but I want to know about everything:>) If someone mentions something I don’t know about, I almost always research it. Before computers, it was the library.
      Thanks for stopping in again, Elaine.

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