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EDDD 18; Sail Boarder, Bogs, Beach and Birds (Oh MY!)


Played hooky from life today and spent six hours within 15 miles from my home, exploring and taking photos. Went with my friend and Gertrude, his dog, of course. What is nice, is since he is driving, I can shoot from my window or jump out to take closer shots.

Cranberry bogs & mossy bird feeder. PHALL PHOTO 2013

Cranberry bogs & mossy bird feeder.


He’s a good sport about being the photo shoot driver. We laughed ourselves silly when, on one deserted street near the cranberry bogs, I kept asking him to go forward, no back just a few feet, no up a little bit more. This is often our M.O. on the beach, but it was weird being on a public street doing the stop-start-reverse-forward thing. I also showed him some of the cool things I had found on my lone expeditions.









It was very cold on the beach, with frigid winds slapping us when we got out to grab agates.  The sun was just right (when it came out) and we found some great ones. I got some shots of a sail boarder in the same area by the jetty where I took the shots of the surfers last week.



Also, here’s a few other beach findings. Mama Plover and her 13 babies, weird orange brain fungus, jelly fish that looks like it is a landed space ship, a smaller one with an orange glow inside, sea grass with orange base–only a small section of grass looks like this. Seems to be a orange thing going on down here at the beach.

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TO BE CONTINUED…Part two in next post.

As soon as I can, I will put the whole series up at my photo site. For now, I hope you enjoy these samples.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) This week: “It’s understandable if you want to turn off your phone, lock your door and pull down the shades with this Gemini Full Moon in your 12th House of Secrets. Of course, you’re more likely to be swamped with activities that require your attention, but finding private time and space is a must. When you can get the quiet you seek, your mind will start popping with ideas that might even seem like miraculous answers to critical questions.” Jeff Jawer

Every Damn Day? Who’s idea was this anyway? The culprit can be found here: Every Damn Day December at

Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

9 thoughts on “EDDD 18; Sail Boarder, Bogs, Beach and Birds (Oh MY!)

  1. That neon fungus is radical. 🙂

  2. Patti, spending some time today just catching up with friends and decided to settle in here at the Write Place for some good reading. Trying to slow down for the rest of the year and take ‘er easy. Ya know what I mean, right? Loved this post because I’ve seen the cranberry bogs in your area and I love the brain fungus because it’s so bright and cheery and I’m always a sucker for the birds! Thanks for cheering up this somewhat depressed December time for me.

  3. Beautiful images: neon fungus, space ships, crazy windsurfers, sea foam and waves, birds, and driftwood. And the cranberry bogs are cranberry color. Who knew? I’m inspired by the layout. I put together my Tuesday blog of all photos and it was a struggle. I had the idea of a simple format (I thought), but ran into glitch after glitch so made it simpler still. Since I like simple and the photographs are some of my favorites, I gave on fancy layout. Other things need my attention (like my son and his wife), but you have the layout together. Is there a place you learned this or a good tutorial you know? You’re impressively dedicated in December. Thanks, Patti

    • I learned by trying it when I saw others doing it. Let me give it a shot: put your curser next to the first word in paragraph where you want photo, then hit the media thingy above. When you chose your photo, at the bottom (pane on right where you type description) make sure to chose Left Right or Center. Chose Left for this one. There ya go. Just try a few and delete when they don’t go where you want them.
      Wordpress support is great for their tutorials too.
      I know! I’ve almost made it through the month!
      Thanks for finding time, I hope you are having a great visit with the “kids”:>)

      • I know all the basics, Patti, but tried for hours to get a certain configuration and finally gave up. I’ve used as many as 10 photos in one blog and can place them around text in different sizes and arrangements, but there is no text in this weeks blog so maybe that made it tricker. Kept getting the share buttons in the middle of the blog in preview. Hadn’t seen that before. Got it laid out in the simplest way–twelve large photos, one after another and decided it was good enough. Don’t know how the large photos will look when shared on FB but will find out Tuesday. I usually use medium and sometimes thumbnails. I even know how to change the size, reducing or adding 10% at a time. But share links between the photos? I don’t think so. Love and thanks.

      • That’s a new one! If I had my brain turned on, I would have known that you know the basics! I’m shaking my head and laughing at myself.
        I believe I have a friend, Bradley, who may be able to help. I will see if I can do more to help, since it is for Tues.
        Love & Hugs!

      • Let it go, Patti. I had to post larger photos, and feel fine about it, even like it. It’s scheduled for Tuesday, and I’m moving on to other things. It has a calendar feel. All good. I send you the little song going through my head:
        “May the long time sun shine on you,
        All love surround you,
        And the pure light within you,
        Guide your way home.”

      • Love the song and that you thought of me:>)
        Do you write poetry?

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