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AEDDD 29: Word


29 days and counting. You have probably already noticed that I’m never out of words or topics. The trick is, mining my thoughts and finding words or topics, that will connect with others. So, that’s it for today: words.


See above, where I wrote the word “connect”? Well, we all know what word could, or should have gone there, but aren’t we getting tired of it? I am. It is a beautiful word that evokes images of music, of human connection on the deepest level. It goes back to that “you too!” moment that we’ve talked about in other posts here. However, we’ve been over-using the word so much that it has begun to grate. Have you guessed it yet?

You are right. Resonate: To evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief, or to correspond closely or harmoniously. (aside from other definitions) I hope that I haven’t offended anyone who just wrote and published a post using that word. Truly, it fits perfectly in YOUR post! :>)

If I were into numbering, as Marie and John do so very well every week, this next one would be the absolutely #1 most irritating word in slang usage today. This time I don’t really mind if I offend you. I’m that sick of the word. I see it in advertising, it’s all over Facebook and Twitter, my best friends use it, my kids use it, I’ve heard/or read it used by the very young and very old (even hippies and bankers use it). I replace it with the word, “stinks,” when my kids use it. They know the word I’m talking about. I’ve been on the case of replacing this word for probably 6 years. This has just gone on for far too long, I say!

Chain that pet peeve to a wall in the basement! It’s time to eliminate, or at least severely diminish, the use of “suck/s” as a cute slang term.



What are your pet peeve words? Have I used them in this post? Let’s hear about it, don’t be shy:>)

Pretty pictures to soothe anyone whose toes I stepped on, and just to enjoy, for everyone else:

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Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

17 thoughts on “AEDDD 29: Word

  1. I know what you mean. But I sometimes use resonate because it best conveys that feeling that one gets when reading a blog post and feeling Uh huh or aha or yup, I get that. So while I agree with you about the over-use of words like that (and sucks, too), sometimes it comes down to communicating more and being less careful in choosing words or communicating less and being very careful of each word. I don’t usually have pet peeves for words and things that are similar because I could never uphold my own standards (hahahahahaha), but if I did have one it might be diss.

  2. I have a whole list, and you know what? I can’t think of a single one at the moment. That really … annoys me! hehe

    Happy 29th, my dear.

  3. I am going to ditto Linda’s comment. I have quite a few and at this moment they escape me. I will say that they thesaurus is my best friend. I was proof reading my son’s essay a while back and I to him to take a gander. It would be worth his while. He agreed. 😉

  4. Charismatic. Please reserve for Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, or a few others we might name living or dead. Not a teen idol or the family cat.
    Party on.

  5. Special. This word has been so overused; even my book designer reminds me of this. I am so conscious now when I see the word special, I pull out my dictionary or thesaurus to see if there are any other words I can use in its place.

  6. Here’s one for you Patti………………Awesome!

  7. Double entendre, or 3rd-grade boys-club innuendos aside…I suppose that something that leaves a vacuum of negative emotion would in fact “suck”…as-well, something that disturbs one’s position or environment negatively, probably “blows” (blown-away)…

    I have many annoyances with our use of language, though what seems to create some of those irritations also seems to be what makes our language…’colorful’ in more positive ways too. I have considered crusading against slang terms myself…but, the best I can seem to do is to offer alternate words as an inquiry (not a correction).

    And, I often look for ways to see a less vulgar expression…try not assuming the worst possible meaning from such words. How it is perceived, or interpreted, is at least as important as how it is presented or delivered.

    Admittedly, I’m less patient with what may be thought of as so-called “Ebonics”, irrespective of any skin-tone the speaker may have…

    mis dos centavos…

  8. Well that sucks.. sorry I couldnt resist..I agree it is over used and and its a pretty lame expression. We can do better 🙂

  9. Whatever…..I think connect is a good word and important especially today. Thinking of connecting with family, new world, new life. Happy New Year to you Patti….loved yor pictures today.

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