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My Peeps Are Romance Junkies!



My Peeps Are Romance Junkies, except Elaine, but she did tell me I was a “love story tease.” And yes, Leslee, it’s the pizza guy:>) I’m taking dear Harula’s advice and beginning this post with the romance, so there’s to be no mutiny on this ship! :>)

Just to recap; Kevin and I had our first date at age 15, Kevin’s brother and my sister married a few years later (still happily married), Kevin’s mother was against any of her sons hanging out with my family, Kevin tried to catch my airplane before I left Alaska, he missed by 15 minutes, we never saw each other again–for 38 years, we spent this New Year’s Eve together in his Washington home, I left for Alaska 1 day later, Kevin and I have both recently added “In a relationship” to our Facebook profile.

Over the years, Kevin’s mother had a change of heart towards my family, and my sis in particular. They are now very close, which is why sis sent me to help her mother-in-law (Kevin’s mother & my Mrs. M) break out of the physical rehab center. When I returned home, following my second week of staying with Mrs. M, I got a private message from her youngest son, Kevin. He wanted to know how things went with his mom.

At least that’s how he began the conversation. I’m pretty sure he was more curious about the girl he took out on his first date. No matter the pretense (or not) of that first PM conversation, it has continued (every single day), since that first day. We’ve stayed connected by phone, email, private FB message, and that short 24-hours in person. Yes, we’re 15 again, but what do we have to lose?

It’s amazing how romantic a guy can be when courting from 2,369 miles away. We “talk” on and off every day on FB private messages, in between the life we are leading in person in Alaska and Washington. He calls me every evening at the same time, and we usually talk until one or both of us goes to bed.

Every morning I log onto Facebook and start my day with a sweet message and a link to a romantic Youtube song from Kevin. He recently started taking walks with his camera almost every day. That means I also get a private photologue of his walks, along with his cool and funny narrative about what he is seeing. Yep, 15, for sure and loving it.

2,369 miles apart, and we are planning a vegetable garden, composting and there’s even talk of raising chickens together. Ahhhh. We are both working on our health; eating better, walking more and I quit smoking (in case you forgot). Kevin leans towards logic (logically romantic) and that’s how he came up with us calling ourselves boyfriend/girlfriend.  Either way, we are 54 going on 15, maybe 16 at the most.

My return ticket is for May. How in the world will we make it 4 more months? Will we? Or will my mom think our romance is more important than my help in her garden? She’s so engrossed in this, that she is ready to send me home, now that she can get around better with her walker. We still don’t know if I will be needed if my brother has surgery…

Did you happen to notice that I’ve written a lot about what everyone else is thinking and doing, however I haven’t said much about my own thinking or doing? I just noticed. To remedy this slip, I guess I have to tell on myself. Damn. It’s so much easier and funner to tell on everyone else.

So, yes, I was curious about Kevin. And although, the details are foggy, I’ve always felt a little flutter when Kevin’s name was brought up by my sis or my brother-in-law.

And yes, I did tell Mrs. M. that I would come see her, and that I’d probably go see Kevin when I came back in May. Okay, so I couldn’t wait until May! The more we private-messaged, the more I wanted to meet him. He made me laugh and smile so much that I even made it through the dreaded holidays. I loved his humor, his vocabulary and the way that he could laugh at himself. Yes, I said vocabulary.

You all know me, so you know that I’ve also stressed about coming out of my cave and everything that goes along with that. As a friend pointed out, what about my solitude that I so enjoy? Hmmm. I think the tides are turning and solitude may have to take a lesser role for now. It seems that being with others is the main meal and solitude will be the dessert.

A million more doubts fill my mind (more about me, than Kevin) but I am trying to set them aside as we get to know each other over the internet and phone. I’m just going to put on the cruise control and enjoy being 15 again, like I never did back then:>)





Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

28 thoughts on “My Peeps Are Romance Junkies!

  1. The nice thing about your story Patti is that Kevin has obviously accepted being 15 again too and is ready to pick up where he left off. Obviously his heart did a little flutter when his brother or sister-in-law mentioned your name too. There must have been something a little special there for it to have survived the interval.
    I wish the two of you much happiness and many laughs.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Thank you for stopping by and adding your kind words, David. Yes, Kevin is all for being 15 with me.
      Thanks too, for the wishes, we’ll be happy to accept them:>)
      Hugs back!

  2. That is sweet. How wonderful that you two meet after so long and feel as if you are 15 again. Make the best of this time and it is true that solitude has to take the backseat sometimes. I wish you all the very best. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much Patti for taking my advice and giving in to us romance junkies! This is one of the sweetest posts I’ve EVER read and it makes me so happy to read of your joy and playfulness, to the extent that solitude might have to become dessert!?! I love that analogy actually, because solitude is delicious, but I’m not so sure it’s a healthy diet full time, even for me, and I LOVE being alone. Soooooooo happy for you! That’s love, right, takes forty years off instantly! Happy hugs, Harula xxxxx

  4. I love this: “Yes, we’re 15 again, but what do we have to lose?” It sounds like you have lots to gain, and that should be your focus 🙂 Like with quitting smoking, just take one day at a time. Savor the moment.

  5. It sounds like everything’s coming up roses for you. Yes, as other commenters have mentioned, “Savor the moments!”

  6. Awe….54 is the new 15 – love reading you Cuz, its amazing how much growth it takes to learn to enjoy the moments of life. Solitude can be good as long as we dont let it consume us…love you tons looking forward to seeing you and meeting the new breath in your life. Hugs E

  7. I like the “cruise control” …not to be confused with ‘sleeping’ through any of it…but, perhaps staying out of your own way as it where.

    I’m not making a big deal over any of it for you…that shouldn’t be misconstrued as any lack of deference, or any sort of indifference, as for me it is quite the opposite.

    I’m not about to claim to being a romance junkie myself…I just believe that I am seeing good-great things…it just looks ‘right’ for you now…

    …in the spirit for which I intended here *HUGS*

  8. Patti, I love the turn this post makes when you catch yourself not talking about your own feelings. So happy that you’re getting your feet wet . . . .

  9. Now who told you I don’t like romance? They lie. My book is more romance than grief, and it’s called ‘Leaning Into Love.’ I lived romance and think romantic love is one of life’s greatest gift. I don’t see how people can have a marriage without that spark–especially needed when conflicts happen (inevitable) or the road gets rough. One of my dearest friends found the guy she had loved when she was 19 on FB. They’d each had two marriages and many years and experiences in-between, but the magic was there and couldn’t be denied. First it was Skype dates, then off she went from NY to CA, and a few years later they are joyfully married. When I met him (and I’ve known all the other men in her life), I thought, of course, he’s the one she is meant to be with. He’s the one.

    So, no matter what happens next, life makes it impossible to speed into this, so I hope you enjoy the flutters and the ride. Cheering for romance, Elaine

    • Love this story of your friend, Elaine, and everything you have written about Vic has been infused with the best kind of romance. Thanks for cheering for romance, and specifically for mine.
      Hugs, Patti

  10. Patti in her modesty neglected a small part of the narrative. Over the years memories tend to fade, unimportant details slowly disappear from our minds and what we are left with are the more relevant pieces of our past. I forget the circumstances of our first meeting but not the impression. Patti Hall to my fifteen year old brain was an incredible sight, tall and thin, “beautiful”. Quiet and reserved she looked every bit the part of a runway model and I was truly awestruck. She ask me recently if I had made a pass at her on our first date and I simply replied,” no”, the thought of being rejected to my young mind was unthinkable.

  11. Patti, are those pictures for real???? Please tell me they are. I want so badly to believe that a sky can take to color like that. I’ve only dreamed about skies that color but never believed they existed in the real world. My father used to brag on Florida Sunsets. Said they we’re the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Well, I do believe daddy had it wrong. If this picture is in deed authentic. Then you’ve managed to capture the entrance to Heaven or quite possibly Narnia or Oz!! Now, about the romantic history of you & Kevin. Hmmmm~ooh la la (she gasps)….It’s all I can muster up right now. So many times we feel as though love has left us when we get older. We imagine those days of our youth when a look; a gentle brush against the hand; a flirtatious remark made our stomachs flutter like butterflies and sent heat streaming down our spine as the thoughts of first love struck us like lightening. Never would I have guessed that this passionate era could revisit us in our older years. So to you my dear I say one thing. Grab hold of it & don’t let go!!! Your post has inspired me to light some candles, turn on some Al Green “Let’s Stay Together” & see if the hubs can muster up some old sparks. Loved this post & sharing it now to inspire thoughts of romance during the most Romantic month of the year~ 😉

    • Hey, Mathair, they are very real. Every day brings fantastic light shows. The whole side of the sky was pastel pink and blue, which blended to look purple in some areas. The other one is the opposite side and the sunset was more orangish through the birch trees.
      Love the music choice and I’m sure the “hubs” will help ignite the atmosphere with you:>)
      I’m giddy as a teen and thanks for pointing out the connection to the month of love. Duh, how did I miss that?
      Also, thank you sooooo much for sharing my place on FB! xoxo

  12. Oh my gawd! All sorts of things happened while I was sick…I’m so very happy for you, Patti. I could think of worse things to be than a romance jumkie 😛 *waves to Kevin* ****Hugs, Patti****

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