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March Mountains; Alaska to Washington, It’s Time



Chugiak, Alaska PHALL PHOTO 2014

My one year bloggiversary is coming up on the 17th, and I will write a summary of my first blogging year on that day, but today’s post is about a completely different summary and adventure.

As most of you know, I’ve been living near the beach in Washington State for over four years, and I’ve been a widow almost five years. They have been some hard years, with too many losses of family, friends and pets. Among those losses (after my late husband’s death), I lost my sister, my little grandson, and my aunt. Just as I picked myself up off the floor from one loss, another death flattened me.

Yet I’ve also had some real joys these last few years; I reunited with a dear girlfriend and several family members. I have a new grandson. Both my nephews, and several other family members, have had babies. I’ve reveled in the healing atmosphere of my wild west coast beach, while I gained energy, balance and perspective in my solitary world (with the help of family and friends).

One thing I haven’t done, is make room (in my heart and head) for the possibility of becoming part of a couple again. Since you’ve been trailing along on my blog journey, you know that I’ve finally done that recently. Kevin and I were reunited on New Year’s Eve, about 38 years after our first and only date. He is my sister’s brother-in-law and the son of Mrs. M, who I broke out of the nursing home in Oregon this past November.

You may also recall that Kevin tried to catch me at the airport, before I left Alaska, all those years ago. He missed by 15 minutes. Now I’m ready to leave Alaska again (after caring for my folks for a couple of months) and Kevin will be waiting at the airport for me in Washington. He has been faithfully courting me long distance, with a romantic Youtube song every morning, and an hours-long phone call every evening. Do you really think there is any chance that we’ll miss our connection this time? Me neither.


 Eagle River, Alaska PHALL PHOTO 2014

Every time I come to Alaska, I fall in love with the mountains. You’ve seen the photos. Of course, you’ve also seen my camera-love of the beach too. I can’t give up either, but tomorrow I will be moving from my parent’s home below the surrounding mountain ranges of Eagle River, Alaska, to Kevin’s home, nestled between Mount Rainier National Park to the north and Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument to the south, with the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in all directions.

Eagle River, Alaska PHALL PHOTO 2014

Eagle River, Alaska PHALL PHOTO 2014

My next post will be on my one year bloggiversary. I’ll also give you an update on the new views of mountains and maybe a few other things…

Happy March!


Eagle River, Alaska  PHALL PHOTO 2014

Eagle River, Alaska



Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

30 thoughts on “March Mountains; Alaska to Washington, It’s Time

  1. Yay! Have a great trip back to Washington!

  2. Happy Blogoversary, Patti. I’m so glad to be your blogging friend. I love how you share your life.

  3. I love both the beach – Gulf-of-Mexico, FL – and the mountains – Sangre de Cristos, NM – too, Patti. Best of luck in your new relationship. You deserve some happiness and lots of love to heal the grief. Hugs, Jenna xxoo

  4. So happy for you Patti:)

  5. Crazy! You didn’t mention your gym membership or your moritorium on smoking. I’m hoping that hasn’t changed. I also hope to meet kevin soon. What is going to happen to your beach trailer? I forgot her name. Sorry. While I’m writing this I’m watching Jackson Browne. We have a Chanel called AXS. I never noticed before. As I was serfing I saw Jackson Browne I’ll Do Anything. It had been on 15 min. Wonder what I missed. He has a young girl playing fiddle with him wow! And then your blog post came up on my email. What a great evening. Your mountain pictures, your new love and change of scenery, dogs snoring at my feet, Jackson’s music. Yep. Thanks friend. Love ya

    • Two months no smoking Tues the 11th. No gym in Kevin’s town, but have some plans on walking and inside exercise routine. Maggie is staying put for now. That way we do have the mountains and the beach 🙂 Love ya too and it sounds like a perfect evening for you…awww that was a good concert. I was just telling mom & Laura about sleeping in my big bed with both Mastiffs and Jack Russell Terrier AND you and I. hahaha xoxoxo

  6. Tomorrow? Yikes! I’m so happy for you! ***hugs***

  7. I think…therefore you are… that you going other than Maggie, and the troubles that seem imbued to our area…at least the history, and the drama…is the best hope for outcome…in your happiness, and your health…including the quitted smoking… as much as I’d like to have you more conveniently located… what ever any of us has or has not done…including you…must not be in vain… (G#d*#&n), it’s been a long time due for you!!! My eyes well a bit in this contemplation… I so much rather you living and loving outside of my convenience to you, than have you close in my proximity dieing in anguish!! Your kids are grown…it’s really quite up to them now for them alone…lead only by example now…don’t enable them, or us…and don’t disable you any further or again…please! It’s perhaps not fair to out this here…but, I contemplate your new found health and love…away from this…and I see that it is a good thing!

    As far as I can tell, this is your only life…no matter how you share….keep it yours please! (You notice I’m begging you!?)

    I’m not much use now….but, do know…however, whenever, and wherever… I shall continue to be your friend, the best that I can!


    • All is well, M. Got it covered. Hope you get some peace and happiness right around the corner 🙂 xo

      • Good to hear it from you! and thank you! Don’t believe that I haven’t got some great hope and inspiration from you too! I’d settle for a bit more sleep about now…but, peace and happiness…I’ll visualize that for now… naturally, you’ll ‘have’ to keep blogging this wonderful, and amazing turn of yours, so that we may keep the images fresh in our minds 😉 The pictures of the mountains are pretty terrific too though…
        :hugs: and xo’s back at ya!

  8. You’re heading for a new period in your life full of intense happiness and it couldn’t happen to a nicer person.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  9. Happiness prevails in your life now, and one reason for it begins with a capital K for Kevin. Your love story sounds like a memoir in the making. The losses and gains could be entwined around it. I know I’d read it. Again, the photos are grand and glorious.

  10. Beautiful photos. And you’re moving in! Go Patti and Kevin. We all love a love story. I’m with Marian. A memoir in the making. Congratulations and much love on your new journey. I look forward to more stories–and wherever you are, I’ll be there, thanks to the joys (and sorrows) of the internet.

    • I am so in love with the mountains…every day they give me a new view or angle or shade of color. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I’m getting the tour of this little town and getting reacquainted with coupleness. So far, so good. To be continued…:>)

  11. Happy everything Patti! For your courage, your new beginnings and the strength to plow on! So happy to know you. Remember we always meet people for reasons, reasons which may not be apparent initially, nonetheless, reasons! xo

  12. My husband, the love of my life (we met when we were 14), died almost 3 years ago, our son died before that and I could continue but you know what I’m saying. It’s too much and it seems as if it never ends. Our beloved animals, friends,family…one after the other. I’m so happy for you. I hope that you find love and happiness again. Really, I send all good wishes to you and truly hope that you regain your equilibrium and enjoy life to its fullest.

    • Thank you and I wish the same for you. Equilibrium is the challenge. Balance. How to keep standing when life keeps tossing in death…I can at least say that I am trying now. My heart goes out to you and hope to find that we have more in common than our losses. Thank you for visiting and leaving me this message.

  13. Congratulations on your new journey. Seems it more than time for a change to something on the absolutely fabulous side of things!!

  14. My heart ached for all you losses, Patti.
    I’m so happy for the new “mountains, from which come joy” and the journey you have now.
    Wishing you every happiness and much love.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Marilyn. So many of my friends here are suffering as much or more, and I love that we can link together in this blogging world. Not many write about it as much as I do, but we eventually find each other and try to shine some light on the darker sides of this thing called living.

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