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One Year on Word Press. Thanks!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Yes, it has been a year since I began blogging. Even though it was very lonely the first few months, you eventually found me and have kept me going with your support and encouragement ever since. The secret to bringing folks to your blog is so simple: Get out and visit, comment and “like” other blogs. That’s it. Go forth and make friends :>)



Here’s how the first 6 months went for me. I didn’t know one blogger and had no idea how to blog. After a couple months of loneliness, I started searching for info about memoir and children’s writing and publishing. During my quest for info I started visiting other blogs, I made some friends. Adding photos to my posts seemed to bring more people to this little community. Popping in on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, really brought some new faces to The Write Place.

I hope to add some highlights of the second half of my first year in the next few days, but for now, here is what I was up to my first six months…



Six entries in March 2013, including things like:

I posted a quote that seemed to fit my state of mind as I began this new endeavor of public blogging, writing and (hopefully) publishing. “Do not hurry, do not rest,” by Goethe. As fast as I wanted to get started, I knew that I also wanted to take my time and not make a bunch of (public) mistakes.

I was unsure of what/how to begin, but decided to use my long dormant maiden name for my writing. I posted a poem inspired by my mother, who instilled the love of reading and humor in me. Another poem that I posted that first month reflected the pain of the sudden and unexpected loss of one of my sisters the year before.

Sunrise at Westhaven Beach 3

Sunrise at Westhaven Beach, WA w/Coast Guard Tower. Phall Photo 2013  

The post, Keeper Book Synopsis, tells the genesis story of the handcrafted “Keepers” that my friend (Leslee) and I created years ago. My hopes are to publish the stories that I wrote for each one. I also finished typing a 2500 word story that I wrote for my children in 1996.

The last entry of March 2013 says, in part, “I woke up this morning, well, it was really almost 11. Anyway, I was looking around and my eye caught on some star wands that I need to give my granddaughters, from a mutual friend. Soon I had a story rumbling in my head and I was off. I have been writing and editing all damn day long, and half the night! I made some coffee, finally ate a snack, packed some things for my move [home relocation] tomorrow and wrote like crazy. I completed a children’s story 10 words shy of 4000 words. Crazy. It just came out. Does it happen like that for you? And, hey, I have no illusions that this would not get whittled in half by a real editor, but I’m good with that. It is the process that is so…gripping, so addictive.”

April- 12 entries. This was my third month going to the local writer group that I joined, and I posted,  “Have been checking out and “following” several other writer blogs. Have been “invited” to join a writer site that allows us to give and receive feed-back. I am learning about the current trends in writing and publishing…” Another entry, Good Grief, A Widow Writes A Memoir, explains some of the things I was learning about memoir writing and how painful it can be to write about Paul’s illness and death. Still is.

Breakfast for fawn. Across from my driveway. PHALL PHOTO 2013

Breakfast for fawn. Across from my driveway.

I posted about a writer retreat and a writer conference in Homer, Alaska, which is also home to one of my sisters and her husband. I began taking a writing class taught by a local writer, and I met several other writers there. I posted a poem that I wrote for Paul’s 60th birthday in 2007. I made an ambitious attempt at a blogging schedule. Hilarious, if you really know me; the “s” word and me are not close.

I signed onto several more social media venues and shared some sites with helpful information for writers. I touched on some newsy information in one post, about the way technology is taking away our privacy. I wrote a poem about the deaths and injuries in the Boston marathon bombing and the explosion in Texas. I posted a short story about a child molester/monster.

Kites down on beach. PHALL PHOTO 2013

Kites down on beach.

I moved Maggie (my trailer/cave/home) from the bay outside of Westport, into Westport proper and closer to the beach. The worst shock and heartache of my life happened on the 26th, when my grandson died. Still dealing with the other recent losses in my life, I stopped blogging for awhile.

May- 13 entries. I lost my mind a bit, but returned to blogging late in the month, with 2 poems on grief and loss. Lady In The Cave and Treasured Souls  were followed by a post complaining about the new parameters for the medical definition of grief. I wrote a few other poems/essays and shared some of the writing/publishing information that I was learning. Still very few visitors or followers on my blog, but I kept on. This was my first poetry/photo combo post: Beach Bird Bliss and it made me realize how much readers enjoy photos along with the words.

Fresh seed pod on tree. PHALL PHOTO 2013 Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS19

Fresh seed pod on tree.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS19

June- 22 entries. This was a very busy writing month and I had some fun with the essay, Things That Go Rrrrr, Crash, and Drip In The Night I also got better at working with photos and started posting photos for Word Press Daily Prompts and Weekly Photo Challenges. I posted quite a bit under Writing Journal as I learned about and organized for successful memoir writing. The post, New! Dedicated Memoir Page and Sneak Peek of Prologue tells the story of how I got from the house that Paul and I shared, to living at the beach. What I Would Tell You Now is a letter to my late husband, written long after he was gone. I also started writing and submitting book reviews this month.

Butterfly on Flower in my friend's garden. Phall Photo 2013

Butterfly on Flower in my friend’s garden.
Phall Photo 2013

These are busy days, but I will try to post the summary of July-December 2013, in the next few days… Still not smoking and happy about it, over 2 months later!!!!!!!! Was thrilled to know that one of my sisters quit smoking 4 days ago too. So cool.

Happy Almost Spring!


Thistles PHALL PHOTO 2013



Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

25 thoughts on “One Year on Word Press. Thanks!

  1. Happy B’Day! It was great remembering those entries with you!
    Hope you had a good trip!

  2. Happy, happy blogaversary! You and I have both found success popping in on other blog postings–sharing the love. That’s the secret, I agree. I often use photos scanned from scrapbooks or culled from online image gallery. Lately, I have used home video from the 1950s–frozen stills and some footage transferred to Mp4 files.

    You have the sensational ability to see through your amazing camera lens. Thanks for giving us a review of photos I missed before I subscribed to your posts. Congratulations, Patti, on a successful year 1.

    • Thank you so much for being here and always adding a kind comment or two. I admire your clever ways with the video transfers…maybe I will leap that way one day. Thanks again, Marian!

  3. It has been a learning and growing year. It was a painful year and a healing year. I am so happy about this beautiful bloom I am be holding. Breaking in to this writing world, giving up old habits, now opening to a new/old relationship. Talk about renewal. Love you. Happy anniversary and thanks for the recap!

  4. Happy Blogaversary Patti. A year soon goes by doesn’t it. I think it takes us all time to settle into a rhythm but with all the sad losses you suffered it’s no surprise you had gaps. Since then you’ve gone from strength to strength. You’re quite right that the way forward is always to visit and comment on other’s blogs, to follow those you like and generally the follow will come back.
    You’ve had an amazing almost ten thousand hits and you have almost 1200 followers now. Next target 2000? Keep on giving us great blog posts as you have and you’ll soon be there.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    • Thank you, David. More than the numbers, I’m amazed at the quality of friends that I have found,,,including you! Thank you again for being here for kind and thoughtful comments. Your own blogs have kept me entertained and laughing! You inspire others to forge ahead, despite deep losses. Hugsback :>)

  5. Patti, you have a fabulous Blog and the photography is outstanding. Happy one year fellow blogger and may you find the sticking plasters, as I did, through writing. It began as a blog and culminated in a degree. Who’d have thunk it?

  6. happy anniversary – a memorable milestone

  7. Far out, Patti! I didn’t know you during much of this time, so it’s amazing what you did in six months. You created a whole new life.

  8. Hey, girl, Happy Anniversary! Your photos are SO awesome! I could stare at them for hours. Thank you for taking us on a journey through your first six months. My experience with blogging was much the same as yours, very lonely until I started visiting, liking and commenting on other blogs. It’s all about community 🙂 *Hugz*

  9. Congrats Patti! You have built a wonderful circle. xo

  10. Congratulations, my friend. You have built something living and lovely here. Your photos are stunning, and your story keeps evolving, as you do yourself. Your blog is an inspiration for others as you have taken all the s#*t life throws and created beauty out of it. xoxo

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