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Sara of 27 Springs



Sweet Peas for my Sweet Pea! Grandma's  flowers and photo.

Sweet Peas for my Sweet Pea! Grandma Rae’s flowers and photo.

Today my daughter turned 27. There are so many reasons that spring was the perfect season for the birth of my Sara. Spring is fresh, cheery and full of energy. Most of all, with spring comes hope. Sara brought so much hope to my life!

The year before Sara was born, a young military couple who I was close to got pregnant. They were so young and in love and mutually glowing, that you’d have to be made of stone not to feel it. I was almost 30 and not thinking about settling down to domestic life with babies, although I was married. In a few months I realized that I was pregnant. Then I realized the glow was not automatic. My husband was not feeling it. Our company relocated us to Yakima, where we didn’t know a single soul.

Where was that damn glow? It was a rough pregnancy and the pothole filled streets of our new town didn’t help. Yakima was colder than anywhere I had ever lived. Maybe if I could get that illusive glow it would warm me up!? No such luck. I focused my energies on crafts and genealogy. I met a few neighbors, but had no real friends. Pitiful!

At some point, my focus turned onto the bundle of joy curled up inside me. Yep, I know, duh. I had scary pregnant-mother dreams and I had day dreams about the wonderful life we would have. As spring moved closer, my heart thawed even more and I began having long conversations with that little person in my tummy. I sang songs and read books to the tiny future that was tumbling and turning within the mound at my center.

Waiting for Sara’s birth was very much like waiting for spring. After a long (9 months!) winter, with no color or warmth, I yearned for the bright hope and cheer of my baby. I remember counting and recounting the days until the baby was due. I remember the doctor appointment that day. “Any time now.” My mother-in-law (RIP, Katie) was over for the great event; the birth of her first grandchild from her only child.

I will always remember pacing that small duplex, while dad-to-be and his mom slept peacefully unaware of the drama taking place. I loved those hours anticipating the birth, and cherished the strange communication we had in the wee hours that night. I almost didn’t want the baby to leave my body. I felt it would sever something special between us. So I waited until I couldn’t wait any longer; I was dilated 8, of 10 centimeters by the time I finally woke the household and moved to the birthing center at the hospital.

Sara was the light and hope of spring 27 years ago, and she continues to be my light and hope.

Funny, Sara came after I moved to Yakima, and my son Jon joined us a month after I left Yakima…

So full of love for my daughter on her special day,


Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

27 thoughts on “Sara of 27 Springs

  1. Have a great celebration with her

  2. Nice tale with a good ending. Happy birthday to Sara. โ€“Curt

  3. I’m sure Sara’s celebrations will be all the better for having her Mum around. Sounds like you gave birth to the perfect Spring baby Patti.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  4. Happy birthday to you… Happy Bornday to Sara! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. You title says it all–focus on SPRING. The vase of sweet peas remind me I have sweet peas staked and growing in a planter for spring bloom. I love the tangle of the stems, reminding me of my mother’s long ago.

  6. This is beautiful, what a moving tribute to your daughter – congratulations on her birthday. That must take quite some courage to hold of until you’re already dilated to 8cm – wow! I love how you describe the way you almost didn’t want her to leave your body. Enjoy celebrating! Love and hugs, Harula xxxx

    • It was a monumental night, of course. I think we all like to hear memories of our birth and childhood, so I used my words as a gift to her. An, yes, it was very hard to let her go! xoxox

  7. that is so sweet!!

  8. How fortunate you are to have Sara and all the 9 months of stepping stones leading to her birth. I never experienced motherhood – not its joys or its sorrows. Happy birthday, Sara! Happy Birth Mom Day, Patti!
    I love the photo! Purple is one of my favorite colors.

    • Hi Ellespeth, thanks for the visit. I’m excited to go see Sara and her 3 children today…heading out soon. Glad you enjoyed your visit. I often say purple is my fave, but I really just LOVE colors! xo

  9. Very lovely, Patti. I imagine Sara is as lovely and kind spirited as yourself. I bet she didn’t really want to leave your womb either ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy (belated) birthday to her!

  10. Happy birthday to Sara and happy labor day to you ;). xo

  11. Happy birthday to your daughter Patti. A lovely share, with lovely memories. xo

  12. ๐Ÿ™‚ My friend…I am happy to be a part of your life! I remember when I first met Sara. She was about 6 maybe? Jon was quite small. She was so enthusiastic with everything she did. Happy every day to you both! Hugs…

  13. Happy birthday a little late, Sara, Beautiful title, Patti, and beautiful love letter to your daughter. I was fairly miserable during my second pregnancy. When my son appeared in a dream and told me his name was Anthony, I was 6 months or so pregnant with him and feeling sorry for myself. The dream was a magic potion. He was the easiest baby ever and we named him as instructed. Such a mystery, these strangers who sneak into our bodies and steal our hearts.

    • Thanks from Sara and me too! That title was inspired after I wrote the “love letter”. I’m glad you caught the spirit of this post, Elaine. I think it is so perfect that they remain mysteries, no matter how many springs we spend with them in our lives. Sara’s still surprises me.

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