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A-Z April Challenge; D is for Dance With Me!


Here’s David Bowie’s, “Let’s Dance,” to get you in the mood for my post today.

Dance Memories

* I don’t know if I danced when I was a toddler, but I do know that I was always in motion. Oh, man, the family stories I’ve heard about me rocking my crib against the door, and later, wearing out a rocking chair every year!

* Somewhere, I have a photo of my 17-year-old self dancing at my wedding with my dad. I was a little tipsy on champagne, wearing a floppy wide-rimmed hat, a long white dress and tennis shoes. Always stylish.

*  A few years later, I was living alone in Oklahoma City and I was a disco queen! (Stop laughing!) My dance partners wore those icky shiny shirts, unbuttoned half-way down, with thick gold chains around their necks. Think John Travolta. I wore flimsy little dresses that swirled when I moved and I usually kicked off my shoes by the third dance. I won dance contest money, dinners, drinks and various other awards for my fancy footwork. What a claim to fame, huh?

* I also danced in the western clubs in Ok City, Dallas and Ft Worth, Texas.  I have an old photo of my 21-year-old self decked out in a white cowboy hat, a white silk shirt, western-cut polyester pants and knee-hi cowboy boots with heart-shaped cut-outs at the top. Yee Haw! I had sun bleached hair and a deep tan from spending my days at my apartment pool. I wore my pants so tight, my girlfriend finally taught me a girl secret: how to lay down and use the hook of coat hanger to zip them up.

* Aside from my disco and western dance days, when male partners were assured, I’ve probably spent more time on the dance floor with girlfriends then men. Men often let their egos get in the way of having a good time dancing, while we women seem to shuck our egos and shake our bodies, no matter how silly we may look. Quit laughing!

* Fast forward, past years of infrequent dance opportunities. One of my favorite dance memories is from a normal domestic night at home, when my late husband unexpectedly grabbed me and slow danced me through the kitchen. It plays like a movie in my mind when I think of it.

* I pity the adult who hasn’t had the pure joy of seeing a toddler shaking their booty? You laugh and clap your hands to the music, and it is almost impossible not to get up and dance around with them. The best age is just after they learn to walk, and while their little egos are still sound asleep. After that age, you have to hold your breath and pretend to not look at them, or they will stop right in their tracks. I hold special memories, of my own children and my little grands happily dancing around, very close to my heart.

* My mom has a radio in her greenhouse and she often dances around while gardening. What a wonderful sight.

* My family has settled on a beautiful memory of the last day of my sister’s life. Mom dropped Michaela off at her condo, when a song they loved came on the radio, mom cranked it up and rolled down her window and Michaela danced all the way to her door. A family friend gave us a metal cut-out of a dancing girl for mom’s garden: everyone knew how much Michaela loved music and dancing. I painted the bouquet of flowers that the dancing girl held. I polished her finger and toe nails, gave her bright red lips and made some jewelry bling for her, then I wrote my sister’s name and a sentence about dancing on the dancing girl’s dress. This art therapy an element of my grieving.

* When mom and I went to Hawaii two years ago, we had an especially fun time dancing while on Maui. We were strolling through a little tourist town one night and heard music blaring from a second story, open air bar. The bar and the town were very festive, with little white lights strung everywhere. We climbed the stairs, ordered a drink and listened to the band play for awhile. Looking over the rail, I saw a little empty park below the balcony. Yep, we left the bar and danced in the park to the music playing in the bar. I’m so lucky to have such a fun mom.

* I used to hang out at my friend’s Deli and Pub in my little fishing/tourist town, especially on band nights. As a rule, fishermen don’t dance, so I spent many nights dancing with other women or couples. Most music nights, I would just go out by the fire pit and sway to the music. I love to dance!

* One night in Alaska last month, I went dancing with two of Michaela’s best friends. The sister closest to my age was there too. They all sang karaoke, but all I wanted to do was dance! And I did.

I hope my dance memories made you smile, and maybe even reminded you of some of your own dance memories. I’ll leave you with this bittersweet song that I love, by Luther Vandross, “Dance With My Father.”




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Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

30 thoughts on “A-Z April Challenge; D is for Dance With Me!

  1. Fortunately, and not… I don’t have any incriminating evidence from my dancing days. They were comparatively short, but I had much time to make up for not dancing sooner… I’ve opened and closed quite a few places in those days… I’d like to be able to do just a bit of it now even…

    I was one of those ‘enthusiastic’ dancers… I didn’t dance to the music… the music danced me!

    What great exercise for mind, body, and soul!

    Keep on dance’n!!

  2. Fantastic memories Patti. For me a reminder of what I could do, now I can’t/
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    • Thank you, David, and I still hope it brought some fond memories of what you did when you could. You’ve certainly found a dance that works for you, in doing the antique circuit! Hugs.

  3. Love the videos fore and aft with the memories in between. Nice theme – great execution (in a good way of course!)

  4. What wonderful memories you share with us. They bring back my own. I am not as graceful and poised as I once was, but I was all up in the disco think doing the hustle with my Greek Adonis for prize money. I tried country line dancing but didn’t have the coordination for it. I am lucky to get the moves down for Macharina. Now, I mostly dance when nobody is looking 🙂

  5. I love to dance, too, especially to the 60s and 70s stuff. Last week, our town celebrated getting main street back from the state. There was dancing in the rain in the middle of street. Yep, it was grand. I enjoyed your post immensely. 🙂
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  6. Great post! I take dance breaks to get the blood flowing when ever I have a long writing session. Bowie is a favorite.

    • Thank you, Sara, great idea about the dance breaks! I do admit to breaking out in dance in my little space sometimes. Sometimes, with the right song, you just can’t not dance!

  7. I am pushing 70…don’t care what, who or where I am still dancin! I danced to your beautiful post. I danced this morning whilst watering my garden. I danced whilst I was cooking lunch. Thank you so much for such an inspiring blog. I love what you have done and hope you are still dancing here there and everywhere 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you, Rose. Mom is almost 75 and she just updated me on her dancing ways. At physical therapy (for hip replacement) this week, she danced through all of her exercises while the therapist cheered her on!
      What a woman! She was sad to report that she can barely walk now, it was worth the thrill of dancing though.
      Thank you for your kind words and for adding your own dance story for our community here.
      Yes, I am still dancing…how could I not, with mom’s influence?

  8. Really enjoyed your memories, dancing is great.

  9. Great dancing memories, Patti. I confess most of mine are about having two left feet. 🙂 –Curt

  10. OMG … what memories you dug with the disco dancing!

  11. I remember my Mom and your Mom, both dancing (not together) at different times when we were kids. Mom still dances around and I love it! Sometimes I can’t help but dance when I hear a certain song, usually when I’m by myself.
    This was a fun challenge for ‘D’, great post Patti!

    • Yes, we sure have some dancing genes! I have been dancing between long writing sessions, since I wrote that. Maggie doesn’t exactly have a dance floor, but I manage in the few square feet I do have:)
      Thanks for stopping, enjoying and commenting, cousin! xo

  12. I bite this hook. Hope someday I’ll dance with you in person, but until then I’m glad for our virtual dance. Dancing is the best anti-depressant and joy-creator. Thanks for taking me along, Disco and Western Queen. And the sobering reminder of your sister’s last dance. I have to write about seeing Little Stevie Wonder bopping in Detroit. I was in high school, so he must have been 11 or 12. His helpers stood at the edge of the stage and nudged him backwards. He danced like there was no tomorrow.

    • Love that vision of Stevie! Another writer/blogger mentioned dancing between long writing sessions and ever since, I have had my radio on and dance in my tiny space. xo

  13. Love this post! I feel that dancing is an essential part of our happiness.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. I couldn’t agree more, it has a way of carrying away your troubles…cheers to dancing!
      Thank you for stopping by.

      • I actually thought your page was just the bio bit? So it took me awhile to find your actual blog.

        I haven’t found very many interesting blogs on the A-Z and yours was a delight, so it’s my pleasure!

      • Damn, I guess I need to reconfigure things, maybe add the menu down the side and at the top of each page…see what I can do. I agree about the A-Z and thrilled to meet another blogger friend!

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