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A-Z April Challenge; J is for Jaw


Jaw, as in, “Open wide!” Yep, a dentist day. You see why I couldn’t use Jump for Joy on this particular challenge letter day. I’m starting this post before I leave, in case I come back with nothing remotely nice to say. This morning I can at least bring out the fact that one of my best friends is part of the dentistry world.

Vickie went through dental assistant school while we were both raising our children, although hers are about 10 years older than mine. We were also music fans. We followed several bands between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. We went to a few concerts.

One of our most memorable nights was spent at a front row table, listening to a band crank out beautiful, fun tunes, while Vickie studied for a test. She had to memorize the names of various torture dental instruments. I think this was in Oregon and she had a test the next morning in Olympia, Washington. Cutting it close, but she made it and now makes her living as a dental assistant.

Well, I need to get ready for the my appointment, I will finish this later and add some kind of photo.

Back from dentist. Forget the photo, I’m not in the mood. Sorry. I’ll make up for it tomorrow. Cleaning and fillings appointments are really messing with my schedule to see friends, family and boyfriend. Damn. I’ll work hard to find something helpful or cheerful for K.


Patti Hall 2014

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10 thoughts on “A-Z April Challenge; J is for Jaw

  1. Not fun at all! But those pearly whites are important for sure!

  2. Thanks for the memories! I studied during the gigs we went to on numerous occasions. The time you are thinking of though was in Portland. I can’t recall the place but it was a very small place we never went to before or after. We were listening to The Loyd Jones Struggle. They came and sat at our table between sets and Lloyd himself mentioned he’d worked at a dental lab briefly at one time. I hope you didn’t have to have any thing really major and that you are flossing daily!

    • I knew if I supplied my touch of memory, you would fill in the rest, That seems to be my m.o
      I also knew you were gonna give us tooth wisdom! Nothing major, just cleanings, fillings, extractions and a partial. Could be worse, I suppose.
      Thanks for filling in the memories. xo

  3. Yikes. Well, you made it through the first appointment. Teeth are worth the pain it takes to tend them, and once you get back into the groove, it won’t be so bad. Dentists are not fun. J is for jabs in the gums. N is for novocaine.

  4. I have spent far too much time in a dentists chair so i have great empathy. At least now my dentist shows beautiful videos on his ceiling. He still asks questions when there is no possibility of me answering. And don’t forget to floss. 🙂 –Curt

    • Thanks for the empathy, Curt. Wow, what a dentist! I used to have one near Seattle, who had the torture chairs placed in front of big windows, with view of the lake. Yes, why do they ask those questions, when they do whatever they want anyway? And it takes only 12 hours for plaque to build up, so brush! 🙂

  5. I like how you slipped “boyfriend” in there at the end! I guess I have some catching up to do 🙂

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