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A-Z April Challenge; K is Five Points!



K is not the highest score, like the 10 points earned for Q and Z, or the 8 points for J and X, but way better than all the 1-point letters. K is the only 5-point letter and there is only one in the game. Of course, that is only in the English version. The game is made in 42 other languages and the tiles are valued differently in each, according to frequency of use. In the Czech version, K is only worth one point, like the other frequently used letters in their alphabet.

Did you guess what that weird title meant? Good for you! Tomorrow is Scrabble Day and since it’s one of my favorite games, I thought it fitting for the A-Z April Challenge today. Scrabble was invented by American architect, Alfred Mosher Butts in 1938. The scoop on Scrabble can be found at

I took a few minutes and went to the beach to make you this beach sand alphabet photo. Such a sacrifice!

Patti Hall 2014

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16 thoughts on “A-Z April Challenge; K is Five Points!

  1. Yes, I did guess Scrabble. English teachers are usually wordsmiths of a sort though I don’t play Scrabble very often. I love your blending of serious and serendipitous. I can’t think of a better excuse to go to the beach and dabble in the sand. Great idea, Patti!

  2. First I was going to call you ‘cheater pants’ for writing about a letter but then well, cool. works for K. Scrabble day follows grilled cheese day…

  3. I love my Scrabble too and not too long ago started the game with KAZOO on the double word score for 46 points as I started the K on a double letter. I wish every game were as good.
    xxx Massive Hugs Patti xxx

  4. Scrabble’s good, the kids have Scrabble Trickster too, now that does give some new twists to the game, I always end up loosing to them.

  5. I play ‘words with friends’ on my ipad…does that count as scrabble? Thank you for your effort of going to the beach to write in the sand for us….:)

  6. Hi Patti.
    I haven’t played scrabble in ages… and I wasn’t aware that the game exists in 42 other languages. So thanks for the education.
    Visiting via the A to Z challenge. Nice to meet you.
    Writer In Transit

  7. Love the beach sand art 🙂

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