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A-Z April Challenge; L is for What the L?!



Too many L words and not enough space to write about them all.

Lucky Lunar Love…or is it Lust?

Loner but not Lonely.

Luna, our sweet dog, who was hit by a speeding creep on our country road…in front of my young children and their cousin. I kept thinking how grateful I was that it wasn’t one of the children that he hit. Much of my crying that day was about that terrifying thought.

This was during one of the many years that my last name was Moon. Typically, we had moon madness. I had a huge moon collection. My favorite was a collection of antique music lyric sheets with the moon in the title or picture. Those were cool. My plan was to cover a wall in our bedroom with them as a surprise for Mr. Moon. Never happened, but I bet those things are still in a tote somewhere. I threw away much of the moon collection after the divorce. Tossing moons in the garbage was not as satisfying as one might think it would be.

Keep your eyes on the sky this month, for the lunar eclipse tonight and the meteor showers during the 16th through the 25th.

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Patti Hall 2014

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25 thoughts on “A-Z April Challenge; L is for What the L?!

  1. Love the photo! Just saw City Lights (Charlie Chaplain) and this looks quite a bit like it … or maybe it looks like many old B&W films. ;=)

    Love your “L” words: Lunar, Luna, Lust, etc.

    Visiting via A to Z from Pass the Sour Cream. Co-Author (with my sons) of The Secret of Kite Hill.

    • Thank you. I thought the same when I saw it on Printerest…Chaplin. I’m over at your place now and am having a wonderful visit. Will also look at your book site.
      Thanks for the visit here, Bradley.

  2. Lunar it will be, although it’s cloudy here. And a rare Grand Cross of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto on Apr. 21-23.

  3. Poor pup and poor kids. I witnessed the same with my favorite pug by my crazy, self absorbed, former sister-in-law. Tragic. I am very mystified by everything lunar. It is the spiritual embodiment of my femininity.

    • Yes, it was tragic for everyone, but especially for Luna and the kids.
      I’m a moon baby, born in June and mom weaned me off the bottle, according to the moon phase, on advice from a neighbor. I think that is why I like living at the beach, where the tides are also influenced by the moon.

  4. Somehow I missed the Luna story and even though I was at your place several times I don’t know if I met Luna. Those kinds of things are horrible parts of the reality of growing up. A woman hit our golden retriever right in front of Chad and drove off when we lived in Wyoming. He was about 5. It gave me a sick feeling in the pit of My stomach.
    Thanks for the heads up on the liner eclipse!

  5. Lunar is a great subject, hope you enjoy the eclipse and the meteor showers.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  6. What a lovely name for a dog, sad about the car though.

  7. It was too cloudy/rainy/stormy here to catch the eclipse last night. How sad that someone would be so cruel to hit the dog and not stop, and how fortunate that it wasn’t one of the children.

    AJ’s AtoZ wHooligan
    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

    • I ended up getting a pretty good view. He did stop, but not for long.We are sooo grateful none of the children were hit. Thanks for visiting, I’ll be over to visit your place shortly.

  8. I have a few thoughts about what I would like to do to the person who hit Luna, but best keep those to myself.
    For L, I’m partial to “Loner but not Lonely” 🙂

  9. In focusing on the moon in the heavens, I didn’t address Luna on the earth. I’m sorry for you and your kids, Patti. Sounds like it happened some time ago. Life flings hardballs at us and somehow we keep on going.

    • Thank you, Elaine. Luna was our new puppy for our new home in 1997. We moved in Christmas eve and a friend gave her to us that spring. She only lived about a year and it was a hard death for all of us.
      Thanks for coming back for Luna 🙂

  10. How scary and sad about your poor dog. La Luna, how apropos. L is also for Luanne, just so you know. hah

  11. L is for Like. BTW… Peggy’s Burning Man name is Luna. –Curt

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