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A-Z April Challenge; U is For Understory



forest stream

Forest stream.
Packwood, WA

Understory in forestry and ecology, refers to the plant life that grows under the forest canopy. Kevin and I saw many photo-worthy examples on our walks in the forest near Packwood, WA.

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Though I don’t lay the blame for my silliness at her feet, Michelle at  , inspired me to combine “U” words into sentences, as she has done for her A-Z Challenges.

“My ultimate ulterior motive is not to appeal to the ultra urbane members of society, but to uplift the unusual and underrated unique members, who unite in the understanding of the uppity nature of the ubiquitous and unctuous other.” P.Hall includes these and many other great words.

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Patti Hall

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14 thoughts on “A-Z April Challenge; U is For Understory

  1. I love the mossy green places. It looks so cool and inviting. A place where woodland elves, fairies, and pixies can take naps.

  2. Love the beautiful photos 🙂

  3. Very good use of the letter U, Patti

  4. That’s quite an unusual sentence, Patti! Love the photos!

  5. I know you live in the Pacific Northwest, and I have fond memories of visiting the Olympic National Forest years ago with my colleagues at Florida State College. It seemed to be a magical place with story-book qualities.

    • Yes, Marian, but I found these kinds of places in Hawaii where it is beautiful AND warm! 🙂 I have traveled the entire U.S. and the Pacific Northwest is the place for me…for now. And it IS magical. Thank you for the visit.

  6. I’m utterly, uplifted and ultametly pleased my your photos and posts.

  7. Gorgeous, moss covered fairy land! 🙂

    • Isn’t it? I got to go for another walk in it last weekend. I’m trying to create a corner in my garden for some pure shade for the fairies and gnomes and such. Glad you are enjoying your visit 🙂

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