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A-Z April Challenge; W is For Waterfall


Even though it is not large or dramatic, this little waterfall and the peaceful setting was drama enough for me.

pond and ducks

Waterfall on a small pond with several friendly ducks.
South Bend, WA
Phall Photo 2014

In Loving Memory of my grandson, Tiven:

TCD Sand Dollar

My mother and I drew on these sand dollars for friends and family at Tiven’s service on May 6, 2013. Mom drew and colored the Forget-Me-Not, which has since faded…our love and heartache has not.


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6 thoughts on “A-Z April Challenge; W is For Waterfall

  1. A serene and beautiful place. God bless.

  2. The water place is lovely, but the place of pain is embedded with prickers and worse.

  3. I’m thinking about you, Jon and Sara. Peace, hope and hugs. I love you cousin….

  4. I do remember this time last year…thinking of you.

  5. Love and prayers to and for you and Sara and Jon and Hunter on this horrible anniversary. Tiven is okay. He waits for you there. Have you been emailing updates on Jon and Hunter?. I’ve changed my email address but haven’t seen any.

  6. Love to you and your family, Patti. This must be so hard.

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