to find Patti Singleton these days.

15 thoughts on “Flowers At Your Door—Happy May Day!

  1. I love to smell lilacs – it takes me to a happy place

  2. Happy may day and beautiful capture 🙂

  3. My lilac is finally bursting with blooms. It was a gift over 12 years ago. It didn’t bloom at all until the last 2 years, then only a couple. This year has lots and lots.

  4. I love lilacs. And I believe you saw the whole section on lilacs in my April 2014 “Purple Passages” post with quotes from T. S. Eliot and Walt Whitman –

    Perfect post for May Day!

    • I missed it, but ran over and enjoyed and left a comment. Hopefully some other flower, author & quote aficionados will make it over from here too.
      I have some pressed lilacs from when Jon (25) was still in my belly.

  5. Love lilacs, they bring back such great childhood memories for me. We had a big bush in our yard and would pick them for our Mom. Happy May Day. :o)

  6. Oh my goodness, don’t you know I’m going to take photos of my lilac today? 🙂

  7. When I was young, our neighbor had a huge lilac bush that grew up and over our property line. We would cut some and bring them into the house. Not long before the whole house smelled of lilacs 🙂

    • It is funny, how many little lilac stories, that we all have. I fell more in love with the white ones while I was traveling this last week or so. Now that I am back to the beach cave, I’ll cut some more for that delicious smell.

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