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A Blog Schedule? Me?


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Ground mail. Rusty abandoned mail box.

Yep, I’m going to break down and try the blog schedule thing. I also added a mission statement and a link to my Facebook to the sidebar, and I updated my HOME page.

So here’s the plan:

MEMOIR MONDAY- Every other Monday (beginning May 12th) will be all about memoir—yours, mine and theirs. An excerpt, poem or story from my memoir-in-progress, and/or links, news and reviews relating to memoir reading or writing.

NEWS DAY TUESDAY- Every other Tuesday (beginning May 6th) will be my writer-reader news roundup. Whatever I come across that is newsworthy and of interest to writers and readers.

PROMPTLY WEDNESDAY- If I join in a photo or writing prompt, I’ll post my entry on Wednesdays.

PHOTO FRIDAY- Beginning May 9th, I’ll add photos from the current week and/or photos from my archives to my PHALL PHOTO blog. I’ll pick my favorite photo and post it here, with a link to the photos I added on my photo blog. If inspired, I’ll include a poem, short story, or a quote relating to the photo.

Later, I may add THOSE WHO CARE THURSDAY for care-giver news, fiction and non-fiction stories and information.

So, each week I will have a Monday OR Tuesday post and Friday photos. The rest are occasional.

As usual, I’ll probably include one of my photos to each post, whether it’s relevant to the post, or not 🙂 If you have a post (yours or someone else’s) that relates to anything I post, feel free to add a link to it in your comments.

I doubt that I will be able to completely curb my wide streak of spontaneity, but this schedule will hopefully make my busy life easier, AND allow you to follow posts that interest you.

I’m sure you will, but please let me know what you think about this blog schedule plan. Do you have a schedule or have you tried to implement one? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.


Author: Patti Singleton

Pursuits of happiness include gardening, walking the desert, reading, writing, photography, traveling and genealogy.

16 thoughts on “A Blog Schedule? Me?

  1. I like the idea of staying organized and presenting content on a schedule that others can follow, but my inspiration never strikes me when it’s supposed to.

  2. Looking forward to reading your posts Patti. Great idea. :o)

  3. I like the idea…at any rate, it’s worth giving a try 🙂 Hope you are finding time to rest in-between trips. **hugs**

    • Yes, thanks, Ellespeth, things are pretty laid back once I’m at the beach or at Kevin’s. It’s the 150 miles in between that gets me! The good thing is that my kids and little grands and other family and friends are right in between 🙂

  4. Your blog schedule is very ambitious, Patti. Because my writing is a collage of mini-essay and found artifacts I barely have the time to post twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays. And writing memoir too, mind-boggling! Maybe photography makes it a little easier to manage. (?)

    But having a schedule is a good thing – all the best as you work at plan, Patti!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting again, Marian. I am always grateful for your input! The Monday and Tuesday features are only every other week,and Photo Friday every week should be easy. Everything else is pretty open. If things go well, I will make the features weekly. I’m hoping for more room for completing and publishing some of my w-i-p’s.

  5. I won’t be able to keep up with four posts a week from you (or anyone), but it’s a great experiment. I’ll check in when I can. Maybe Mondays since I’m partial to memoir. I’ve kept to my blog schedule for two years: one blog post a week including photos. It’s plenty for me to write if I want to submit pieces elsewhere and work on promotion. I assume it’s plenty for people to read since they’re reading other blogs, too. I’ll be interested to see how your experiment works. Go, Patti.

    • I’ve learned that I didn’t make myself clear enough about my schedule. Monday & Tuesday posts are every other week. So, each week I will have Monday OR Tuesday post and every Friday is for photos. That’s only twice a week, with the other features posted occasionally.
      I’ll go back, and at least, highlight the details.
      Thanks for your feedback and your encouragement, Elaine!

  6. I read this yesterday, but couldn’t respond. I try to stick to Monday regular posts (usually stories, but not always) and Thursday memoir reviews. If I stick to a schedule it helps me. I’m a person who has to be organized or I will get nuttin done.

  7. I like your proposed schedule. It sounds like it should give you some flexibility as well as an easy routine to follow. I’ve done poorly with having a schedule. The only regular post I do is the Monday lists with John. Other than that … I’ve tried to come up with a schedule, but I haven’t felt very inspired lately. I actually haven’t even written anything other than comments in a long while. Right now, I’m just playing catch up 🙂

    • I’m catching up to your catching up! 🙂 I am so NOT good with schedules, but having this one has already eased some stress. I have it on my calendar and it really helps when I get busy. You’ll get back to writing. We all need some down time, and with luck, it will generate some new ideas!

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