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Patti’s News Day Tuesday



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Reading The News from “Ideal Home Life” 1909

Here’s a sampling of news items that I found interesting enough to pass onto our community. I hope you find some nuggets in this week’s writer-reader news roundup. Patti’s News Day Tuesday posts every other week.

From Media Shift, Latest E-book and Self Pub News:

From Media Bistro:

Self-published Bestsellers List this week and links for indie authors:

Patron Tried to Ban Dr. Seuss’ ‘Hop on Pop’ From Toronto Library

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day in North America

David Wolman Turns Journalistic Archive Into eBook

The Indie Author Manifesto: INFOGRAPHIC Mark Coker of Smashwords

George Saunders, Danielle Paige, & Christopher Moore Debut on the Indie Bestseller List

Q: How does self-publishing differ from working with a traditional publishing house?” Interview from Galleycat at

“Want to add music to your eBook?”

From I Want Media:

You may think that this is a strange link from someone who raised her children without TV, and currently lives without TV. I get I Want Media in my personal email, because I do like to keep up with the business and trends in media. The book section includes memoirs and other books, either outing or touting, the latest news media and makers. This site is one way that I keep up with what’s going on in the world of media. I’m also waiting for next month’s annual Future of Media forum. Here is a link to last year’s forum…very enlightening:

From Gigaom:

Visual storytelling site Storybird adds longform option for the school-age set

Gigaom is another site that comes in my email, although it is also on my WordPress reader. It offers technology news, Apple, cleantech, cloud, data, Europe, mobile, and video. It is pretty technical, but has gems like the story link above.

From here and there:

One author’s feelings about giving away her debut novel:

Author Tess Gerritson sues over Gravity movie:

“Amazon has just introduced a new feature that lets Twitter users add items to their Amazon carts by including a hashtag within a tweet.”


Where do you get your writer-reader news? Please share a link or two in the comments section.

Happy Newsy Things,



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8 thoughts on “Patti’s News Day Tuesday

  1. I am so bad at getting news that way. I keep wanting to spend less time on the computer hah so I’m not that motivated, I guess. And now I’m having trouble leaving a comment here.

    • It seems like writing, reading and publishing are changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up. I’m hoping this news roundup every other week will help me and our community keep up without being glued to our computers.
      Wonder what the problem is with WP now. I think you meant leaving a comment was WP glitch?
      Thanks for joining in again, Luanne!

  2. Now that is a mouthful and a stealth of information. Thanks Patti. 🙂

  3. Very interesting links, Patti! I found the one about Gerritson suing over the movie Gravity particularly interesting. You have to wonder why the studio chose not to include “based upon.” I mean, relatively speaking, her cut of the profits would be negligible to the studio’s cut. She may be a wealthy author already, but it does sounds like there is a principle here to defend, like giving a writer her due.

    • Glad you found something of interest. I realize that I offered way too much info, and I will trim it down next week. Yes, that was a though-provoking piece and I always wonder about the whole story. Seems sketchy that they would make that kind of a mistake, especially with a such well-known author. Thanks for joining in on this, Marie.

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